ICO Suponic - Converting Impossible To Possible!

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    {filename}-Suponic - Converting Impossible To Possible!

    The name Suponic doesn’t ring any bells yet. But it will now, as it is here to do what most might consider “IMPOSSIBLE”. Whether it is making Cryptocurrency transactions instant for daily use or other aspects. Suponic is HERE to convert the Impossible into “POSSIBLE”.

    What exactly is IMPOSSIBLE referred to? Is the problem that comes with Exchanges and getting the ICO listed? Yes and No. Yes, it is a problem but with higher funds, it can be done! No, because there are bigger issues like the slow transactions, fees and not having options to make the option mainstream.

    {filename}-Suponic - Converting Impossible To Possible!

    With such issues clouding the thoughts, there seems almost no solution and most people have given up with thoughts that it is “IMPOSSIBLE” to change this! Here is what we are talking about the “POSSIBLE” part!

    With Suponic "Possible" theory, it will focus on making Instant transactions, being able to use in mainstream payment services like online eCommerce and all such stuff with option like the Debit Cards available. Suponic proposes to provide its OWN unique Cryptocurrency Coin, E-Wallet, Mobile App, and Cryptocurrency exchange platform, which makes it all-in-1 stop shop for users! All customers are provided with: Suponic account (Suponic Coins), Fiat currency account (USD) and Other Cryptocurrency accounts.

    {filename}-Suponic - Converting Impossible To Possible!

    Suponic also proposes to tie directly with third-party financial institutions to provide SUPONIC Coins to be widely spent using an international debit card.

    Suponic aims only for one thing and that’s to simplify things with easy to access Cryptocurrency through Unique Cryptocurrency Exchange. The initial supporting options will be Suponic Coins, BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Ethereum). There will be more options added such as Ripple, Litecoin and others in the future!

    {filename}-Suponic - Converting Impossible To Possible!

    What makes Suponic the ideal solution is the system that they have put in place, which includes international-standard KYC processes to comply with AML and counter-terrorism laws. But all this is extremely user-friendly to ensure the highest level of ease and comfort with having 24/7 online customer service available to assist and help regarding anything and everything.

    The customer service specialists can be reached via the Suponic website and mobile app as well. The ultimate goal is to provide complete support and guide to every individual anywhere and anytime in the world!

    {filename}-Suponic - Converting Impossible To Possible!

    Suponic will also launch its very own Mobile App, which will allow users to have easy access to their accounts, receive up to date information and also able to trade on the Suponic Exchange from anywhere in the world at any time!

    We simply aim towards mainstreaming Cryptocurrency, with allowing users to spend Cryptocurrencies in Coffe shops, Airports, or anywhere else whether online or offline without any restrictions through the Mobile App!

    {filename}-Suponic - Converting Impossible To Possible!

    Suponic plans to run on a very simple route to ensure the stability of the Token and to ensure all users/investors are always able to get the comfort and rewards they desire and aim for.

    Suponic Tokens are designed to be an asset-backed Cryptocurrency. It will diversify its assets and portfolio by investing into key industries that counts from Minning to Education and much more!

    {filename}-Suponic - Converting Impossible To Possible!

    Suponic is currently seeking participants/customers to purchase Suponic Tokens to provide Suponic capital to launch the various Suponic platform and services. This process has already started from 14 April 2018 and ends on 14 May 2018. On 20 May 2018, the SUPONIC Exchange will open for public trading.

    The maximum Hard-cap is 1 Billion Suponic Tokens/Coins that will be issued with Soft-cap of a minimum set of 5 Million Suponic Tokens/Coin. The Suponic Tokens are sold at $2 per Token.

    {filename}-Suponic - Converting Impossible To Possible!

    So, come be part of this project, which involves a lot of heart and passion with vision to make a positive change to the world to add to the easiness of people!

    You can check further info below:

    {filename}-Suponic - Converting Impossible To Possible!

    Official Website:

    - Suponic | Doing the impossible


    - https://www.suponic.com/assets/whitepaper.pdf