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    Mysurecash is a community of people
    providing each other financial help
    on the principle of gratuitousness,
    reciprocity and benevolence.
    In Mysurecash you don’t have to
    make contracts or pledge your
    property. In Mysurecash there are no
    lenders and no debtors. Everything is
    very simple: one participant asks for
    help — another one helps.
    The only thing that Mysurecash
    demands from its participants is to
    be honest and kind to each other.
    You ask for financial help when you
    need it, you give financial help when
    you are able to do it Also, you will
    receive additional bonus of
    *$30 USD for donations of ~N~20000
    and above, $60 USD for ~N~200000
    and above, $90 USD for donations of
    ~N~500000 and above, and $120 USD
    for donations of ~N~1M and
    above...* *How does it work?*
    ```You declare the willingness to
    give help (click in your Personal
    Office "DONATE CASH"), after which
    your account will be rewarded with
    *MSC* (internal “currency”/scores of
    the System). MSC will start growing
    from the moment of offering the
    contribution at the rate of 50% per
    _This sum in Mavro shows how much
    you can request for yourself._
    Say you have announced
    to assist with #20,000 . You will be
    rewarded in your PO with #20,000
    MSC . And they will immediately
    start growing! 28 DAYS later, these
    #20,000 will become #30,000 MSC .
    Accordingly, you will be able to
    request assistance for #30,000 .
    Therefore, in the example above, if
    you DONATE CASH of #20,000 ,what
    you will receive at the end of 28 days
    will be
    *(50% of 20000) + 20000 + $30
    (10,500) = #40,500*
    Recieve sure 50% of your total
    donations after 28 days of making
    donation. Also you may decide to
    withdraw your cash when you wish
    to after making donation.
    Sure sum of 15% of your referals
    donations when they are registered
    by your email as referals and make
    You only get more when you
    appreciate the little that was given to
    you. Recieve sure 7% of your total
    withdrawal when you upload your
    video of appreciation.
    To register Go to
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  3. Richest25

    Richest25 Upcoming

    We are making cool money monthly without delay in payment... 50% in 28days.. Wooow
  4. Richest25

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    STEP 1: Visit http://www.mysurecash.com/?msc_referred_by=emeko2010@yahoo.com get registered as a (MSC) member.

    STEP 2: Log into your Personnal Office (PO)

    STEP 3: Click on the big blue button (DONATE CASH) and enter the specified amount.

    STEP 4: Wait patiently for 14 days to get matched

    STEP 5: Proceed with donating cash to your matched pair

    STEP 6: You can now click on the big orange button (RECIEVE CASH) to get your sure cash after 28 days.

    STEP 7: Go withdraw your recieved cash from your registered bank with us tell others about it and have fun. Thank You
  5. Israel Olufemide

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    Is it real?
  6. Richest25

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    Yes... Give it a try.. you will see it by your self.