Steemit Social Network | Steem Dollars Cryptocurrency Investment Review

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    Introduction to STeem DOllars!
    Hello guys, i want to quickly introduce you to this Investment opportunity called cryptocurrency in a coin called Steem Dollars. It's not a very popular one which gives yu the advantage of being one of those that will enjoy
    it's climb up!

    What does Steem dollars stand for?
    Steem is a blockchain-based social media platform where anyone can earn rewards.

    Official website is:
    Steem - blockchain-based social media platform

    What Steem Really does
    Collectively, user-generated content has created billions of dollars worth of value for the shareholders of social media companies, such as Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. Steem supports social media and online communities by returning much of its value to the people who provide contributions by rewarding them with virtual currency.

    So, basically, they want to create a facebook-like social network where you earn for what you post which sounds like a really good idea. But will it really work?
    That's a question that i cannot answer but i think they are making good progress.

    The social network that pays you -
    This is the link
    and i think that what you get for what you post is made publicly available too!

    Earning from SteemIt
    Have a look at this picture

    steemit earnings.PNG-Steemit Social Network | Steem Dollars Cryptocurrency Investment Review

    It shows that this pal has earned about $10 for making this article on this platform.

    Will Facebook react to this and Will SteemIT really succeed?
    If one can really earn some money here, then i think that SteemIt has an opportunity of changing the way communities like Facebook work!

    I think we eqaully have similar things here in nigeria like Crediboo, a social netork that pays in naira but i don't think it's gained so much traction lately.

    Actually, it is a very difficult question indeed.
    I don't think that SOME people will really enjoy the idea of being paid to post. Honestly. It kinda makes it look less like a social network, yeah, less social.
    Honestly, it can be difficult to see this the way it is but it's just one of those things but for the most part, i think SteemIt has a chance of contesting against Facebook and Twitter and others same way Belacoin can compete well with Instagram.

    Investing in STeemIT nd Steem DOllars!

    I have already invested some money here and i think that this is one of the best investments anyhone can make now. The network is definitely growing and has a lot of potentials, in the same way, your money can grow alongside and that's a great thing indeed!

    Have a look at the chart from coinmarketcap
    Steem dollars.PNG-Steemit Social Network | Steem Dollars Cryptocurrency Investment Review

    Steem Dollars is actually on the rise.
    You should key in now as it's going to rise(the way i see it!)

    So, that's it for steem dollars guys.
    @Chime @Benedict pepple you guys should come and have a close look at this please

    Here's for you my dear Reader!

    Am glad you have made it this far in this lecture:) and ...
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    I have taken a closer look at this one. It makes sense, this one. How much is the minimum one can invest.
    Also, how do we translate the dollar into real naira into our Bank account.
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    I guess you have found answers to this question bro
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    This is for Steemians

    According to byteball, they've studied the Steem blockchain well and they love what they saw, so they decided to airdrop some byteballs to us. Yes, everyone of us. This is what I literally call free money.

    You can check byteball out, it isn't just any coin. It's listed in most exchanges already.

    The airdrop will be done based on the steemian's reputation score. A reputation above 40 gets a $20 reward, reputation above 50 gets a $40 reward, above 60 gets $80 while a reputation above 70 gets $160 reward.

    Your reputation score comes in handy here. And if you have a lower score, don't bother about that yet, you can earn more via referring.

    How to go about it.

    Download the byteball wallet

    Setting referrer cookie

    it's just 7mb and it's available for all devices.
    After installing, click on "Chat" on the homepage and click the "Bot store" icon.

    Scroll down and choose "Steem attestation bot".

    Then, you begin your chats with the bot. You will be welcomed with a long message asking for your address, click on the blue icon at the bottom left of your screen and click on "Insert wallet". Your wallet will be dropped.

    Then, the bot will ask if you want your username stored publicly or privately. To enable funds being send to your Steemit username too, you should choose Public.

    You will be asked to verify your steemit account. You will be redirected to Steemconnect where you can log in your keys. It's safe in there.

    Once your account gets verified, you proceed to payment. You will need to send 49000bytes to claim your reward.

    I'll be sending 60,000 bytes to each user that hasn't registered. Download the wallet through this link

    Setting referrer cookie

    and follow all the steps mentioned here. Let me know when u get to the payment so I can send you the bytes.

    Contact me on Whatsapp to get the free byte token to use for your registration
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