Srbminer Cryptonight Amd Gpu Miner V1.6.4

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    SRBMiner Cryptonight AMD GPU Miner

    Windows only

    Download V1.6.4:

    Mega : Download SRB_Miner MEGA

    If you have a Vega, and want to mine V7 algos, use Adrenaline 18.6.1 drivers, if you want to mine Heavy algos, use Adrenaline 18.3.4

    From V1.4.0 the miner uses a separate pools.txt file, where you define your pools, wallet, etc.
    Config from older versions that includes pool related data, won’t be used!

    Supported algos:

    Cryptonight [normal]
    Cryptonight Lite [lite]
    Cryptonight V7 [normalv7]
    Cryptonight Lite V7 [litev7]
    Cryptonight Heavy [heavy]
    Cryptonight Haven [haven]
    Cryptonight Fast [fast]
    Cryptonight BitTubeV2 [bittubev2]
    Cryptonight StelliteV4 [stellitev4]
    Cryptonight ArtoCash [artocash]
    Cryptonight Alloy [alloy]
    Cryptonight B2N [b2n]
    Cryptonight MarketCash [marketcash]
    Cryptonight Italo [italo]
    Supports Nicehash, Nicehash V7 & SSL/TLS encrypted connections


    Low DevFee (0.85%) ; every ~2 hours 1 minute mining for the dev
    Non-agressive DevFee mining ; if miner can’t connect to DevFee pool, no problem, switching back to user pool ASAP


    Only one parameter you have to play with : intensity (0 - 300)
    Leave intensity on 0, and miner will try to set a minimum start intensity automatically
    To get even better results, there is an option to use double threads


    Watchdog that monitors your GPU threads, if they stop hashing for a few minutes, miner restarts itself
    Hash monitor, if 5 minute average hash falls under the value you define, miner restarts itself
    Set system shutdown temperature, to protect your GPU’s from overheating
    Restart (disable/enable) Vega gpu’s with devcon before mining
    API for rig monitoring


    If you leave intensity on 0 it will play safe, so in many cases you can increase that value to get better results
    For better results set double_threads to true, and leave intensity on 0
    If you get an error that says it can’t create scratchpad buffer, you have to lower intensity
    Largest intensity setting won’t always give you the best hashrate. Experiment and find the best setting for your GPU.
    Here’s a (not complete) list of supported coins, and which algo has to be used














    +ItaloCoin (from block 55.000)

    Update infos :

    Don’t copy newer version of miner over old one, or if you do make sure you delete .srb files before running it!


    Added possibility/support to set GPU’S with cmd parameters directly in start.bat
    Added parameter --sendallstales , which enables sending of every stale share
    Minor bug fixes


    More speed on Vega56 cards on every algo (probably on Vega64 and VegaFE too, i don’t have them to test)
    Added parameter --enableduplicategpuid (used in start.bat), that enables to use the same gpu id in gpu_conf multiple times
    Removed useless kernels 3 and 4
    Removed useless CPU opencl support


    Added support for Italocoin new algo (from block 55.000)
    Auto intensity for Vega cards improved, also managed to increase hashing speed on Vega cards for about ~1-1.5% (mainly on heavy algos)
    If user uses non existing GPU id in gpu_conf, it will be ignored, no error will be thrown
    Fixed miner crash when using a non AES capable CPU on some algos
    Added Windows version and build in log
    Added video driver version in log
    Added info about CPU AES support in log
    Statistics now shows number of stale shares that were accepted by pool
    Added parameter ‘min_rig_speed_duration’ that can set period for ‘min_rig_speed’ parameter (minimum is 30 sec), default is 5 min


    Changed IPBC/Bittube old algo to new BitTubeV2 algo (from block 110000)
    Max difficulty reconnecting mechanism is now triggering instantly
    Added ‘worksize’ option in config.txt, that is applied to every GPU (only if not set in gpu_conf)
    Hopefuly fixed a bug with job timeout reconnecting
    Hashrate watchdog now triggers even when user not connected to pool
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