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Smile2charity Pays! No Need For Referrals

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by mvphenryeto, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. mvphenryeto

    mvphenryeto Member

    Register on Smile2Charity - P2P global donation platform - Truly, it pays to give!
    You dont need to *REFER ANYBODY, NO REFERRAL links*

    You just register, the system is automated, no need for referrals.

    *Level 1* - Once registered, the system pairs u to donate *N5,400* to a member.
    After ur payment has bin made and confirmed by the recipient. The system pairs you with *5 members* to pay you *N5,400* each making *N27,000* in 2-7 days just on level one.

    *level 2* - You pay *N10,800* to an upline in which you will be confirmed and the system will provide *25 members* to pay u *N10,800* each, thats *N270,000*

    *Level 3* - You pay *N15,000* to an upline in which you will be confirmed and the system will provide *125 members* to pay you *N15,000* each, thats *N1,875,000*.

    D earlier ur registered, d earlier u get paired and move up to the next levels.
    *Neva mind about downlines*, everyone is treated equally.

    *The system paires you automatically, no referrals and no links*,
    So be fast and make millions.

    No links , just visit the site Smile2Charity - P2P global donation platform - Truly, it pays to give!

    Compliments of the season

    Whatsapp me for more info 08064569287
    Orewems likes this.
  2. chimdi

    chimdi Rookie!!!

    Hmmmmm,how sure are you about this platform?
  3. sango ilorin

    sango ilorin Well Known Bot!

    Michael Oga Sunday likes this.
  4. When did you registered, and what level are you now?
  5. Raz_

    Raz_ Upcoming

    I just registered and paid today too. Have friends on lvl3
  6. Raz_

    Raz_ Upcoming

    An additional perk is that u don't have to wait till uve received all payments on a certain lvl before upgrading. And u'll still get paid on all those levels
  7. Stephnora

    Stephnora Member

    Just got on board, hope to be paired soonest.
  8. Taichino

    Taichino Member

    I registered n paid on 26th, it was confirmed but uptill now I've not gotten any downline, what's happening?
  9. Stuffor

    Stuffor Member

    this is nt icharity ooo, no need of downlines just auto pair
  10. Raz_

    Raz_ Upcoming

    It's clearly stated 2-7 days
  11. Babangida

    Babangida Rookie!!!

    i am very interested but i need full evidence
    shellcom and mariqueen like this.
  12. sango ilorin

    sango ilorin Well Known Bot!

  13. Taichino

    Taichino Member

    26th n not 26k
    26th of December
    Achemu Emmanuel likes this.
  14. Taichino

    Taichino Member

    Yeah I know but someone said she registered on Wednesday and got downline on Thursday and Friday
  15. mariqueen

    mariqueen Rookie!!!

    I am also interested but I need concrete evidence
  16. Taichino

    Taichino Member

    It pays, though I haven't gotten mine so its better to join now AS E DEY HOT
  17. Ay04z

    Ay04z Member

    all d spillover talk dey tire me .. i reg in crowdrisning.net for d past one month no single downline.
  18. This isn't a referral or spillover thing. U get paired automatically
  19. shellcom

    shellcom Member

    issokay! when MMM resumes i can join this one
  20. Orewems

    Orewems Member

    I have enough evidence.. How to upload it is my concern... It pays big time..
  21. Babangida

    Babangida Rookie!!!

    bt you can send it to us
  22. Kingsley 23

    Kingsley 23 Member

    [1:28AM, 12/27/2016] freeguy: u can register using this link
    My Sure Cash (MSC) Earn 50% of your extra cash
    [1:36AM, 12/27/2016] freeguy: How #MySureCash Works
    STEP 1: Visit www.mysurecash.com to get registered as a (MSC) member.

    STEP 2: Log into your Personnal Office (PO) using your email and password gotten after your registration with us.

    STEP 3: Click on the big blue button (DONATE CASH) and enter the specified amount.

    STEP 4: Wait patiently for 14 days to get matched

    STEP 5: Proceed with donating cash to your matched pair

    STEP 6: You can now click on the big orange button (RECIEVE CASH) to get your sure cash of 50% extra plus registration bonus of over 30 MSD-USD and probably your referal bonus up to your 3rd level after 28 days.

    STEP 7: Go withdraw your recieved cash from your registered bank with MSC tell others about it to increase your referal bonus and have more fun.
    [1:37AM, 12/27/2016] freeguy: MYSURECASH 50%+ 30$
    Babangida likes this.
  23. Wiseniggy

    Wiseniggy Member

    checking this out soon
  24. Danco

    Danco Member

    i registered on friday and pay
    on saturday someone pay me

    Attached Files:

  25. sango ilorin

    sango ilorin Well Known Bot!

  26. Raz_

    Raz_ Upcoming

    Registered on Friday too. Got paired with one person, 4ppl left
  27. Raz_

    Raz_ Upcoming

    The one person has paid. At least I've gotten my money back already in 2 days
  28. KingEric

    KingEric Member

    It's pays. ..join Now
  29. Danco

    Danco Member

    just got the second alert...
    guys this is working
  30. How muuc exactly?.. And how may has paid to u??

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