Smartweb.com.ng Is Another Top Reliabile Nigerian Web Host

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    Here's another web host In Nigeria you might wanna check out. It's definitely among the very best hosting providers in the country and it's SmartWeb Online Solutions!

    I recently reviews globalhosting247.com and you can check it out here Globalhosting247.com Is A Cheap Nigerian Web Host With Promise!

    A little about SMartWeb Online Solutions Web Hosting Services

    SmartWeb Online Solutions is often a fast growing Web hosting company gaining in reputation by the day since its launch in 2004. SmartWeb offers from 10GB to unlimited storage according to your web hosting subscription package.

    Monthly traffic limit ranges between 30GB to unlimited traffic, again with regards to the web hosting plan you choose with price starting from N2,500 to N30,000 yearly. You are able to pay in Naira on your Smart Web Internet hosting plan.

    SmartWeb Overview

    Actually, I have never used their services before but I did some research on them and came up with something really encouraging and disappointing at the same time!.

    For example, they have a very serious-looking team but they are not yet so popular... Makes me wonder what's missing.

    Here's what I found about them too


    • One of the cheapest choices with an abundance of included features
    • Offers the best value for hosting a website
    • Uses Cpanel, a simple and easy-to-use control panel
    • Ideal for anyone on a budget looking for web hosting
    • Customer support 24/7 via telephone, live chat, & email
    • Advanced Vsat installations and Dedicated hosting plans for future growth
    • Easy integration of Google Apps for Work
    • Highly Trained staffs
    • They can fly in staffs for you


    • Navigating the website to purchase the plans you want is a bit tricky
    • Limited storage and bandwidth
    • No monthly payment, but fees are too cheap for monthly payments
    Not so much more apart from the fact that they don't have monthly plans and sorts.

    Another interesting thing here is that they also offer Dedicated hosting and am sure the are one of the very few Nigerian web hosts that does that.

    As they offer Dedicated hosting services, they should equally offer VPS Hosting to Nigerian customers which makes them all the more cute!
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  3. Prezzy

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  4. Prezzy

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    One thing that I forgot to mention... I don't think SmartWeb has cheap plans.

    Their least package starts from 2,500 naira and that's on the high side of it.

    However, am expecting nothing less than premium service from them
  5. ikechukwuapeh

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    this same SMartWeb scammed me my 2 years domain registration... I bought a .com.ng domain for my blogger and they said I can't use it until I buy a hosting plan from them..... I tried all I could but they denied me access to any setting options for the domain. smartweb_is_a_scam
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  6. Prezzy

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    It doesn't make any sense. you are supposed to be able to change the DNS and use any host you like.

    wait.. there is no option to View or change DNS in SmartWebHost?
    That's gonna be the weirdest thing i have ever heard concerning web hosts:p
  7. Prezzy

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    Perhaps they have changed now... you should make enquiries:rolleyes:
  8. ikechukwuapeh

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    I've done that for like 10 times but got the same answer.. that I cannot access the DNS of my .com.ng domain till I buy a hosting plan. the domain will expire August next year... I've left it for them