Scam? Why I Won't Invest In Giga-watt Token And Mining Facility

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    Good evening Cryptic Jackobians. I know we are Still in the high spirit of Timmy's testimony from yesterday but permit me to chip in this new findings of mine about gigawatt mining before someone falls prey of ignorance.

    Quickly, what is Giga-watt?

    This is simply a platform that enables you to rent a managed space and install your cryptocurrency miners. They will take care of your miners for you and send the profits to you daily / hourly.
    Also, gigawatt allows you to rent out mining space to people and earn money by doing so with the use of their Tokens.

    Gigawatt came on board at an exciting time in the crypto world - 2017. I have always scouted the company's operation and watched the price of the gigawatt token on different exchanges waiting for the right time to buy.

    Right now is almost like a perfect time to buy gigawatt tokens given that the token has taken a dip alongside other cryptos in the present bearish market of cryptos but wait .

    Is Giga-watt a Scam?

    No it's not but from my findings, the company lacks good management and it's really affecting the Profitability of their business.
    Sure, I know first hand that managing a business is not an easy task but gigawatt management has done very poorly given the sensitivity normally possessed by crypto investors.

    Please see this video review of gigawatt:

    And also take a look at these comments that trolled the video:
    Screenshot_2018-08-03-19-07-19.png-Scam? Why I Won't Invest In Giga-watt Token And Mining Facility

    And this .. Screenshot_20180803-190705.png-Scam? Why I Won't Invest In Giga-watt Token And Mining Facility

    They are not friendly at all.
    Those that have invested in giga-watt mining system aren't happy and I gave decided to hold off AT LEAST FOR NOW.

    Why I think Gigawatt is Doing Poorly and what they Could Do

    One of the top managers of the company happens to be a public figure in the Bitcoin mining industry in USA as I learned
    Why then are they performing poorly?

    I think this has to do with their manner of launching. And here's what I mean.

    Most mining platforms launch with 1 crypto and eventually expand to others as they master the process better.

    For example as big as it is mines only Bitcoin for now and they are considering Ethereum mining.

    Genesis-mining, the biggest mining company out there is mining a lot of coins and presently considering to enlist EOS mining as well.

    Even hashflare, an equally successful mining company mines just a few coins

    But giga-watt on the other hand is mining nearly everything from Bitcoin to LTC to DASH.

    Actually I think their Bitcoin mining operations are going well but Dash Mining is not and it's enough reason to scare away investors as the YouTuber that made the video above suggested that he could not suggest gigawatt to a family member because of the bad experience he's had with the company.

    My Final Verdicts.?

    The plan at gigawatt mining is an excellent one and I would have loved to put some money there but from my research, this is not a good time for that!
    They have a lot to sort out and I hope they do so soon for the sake of those that have invested already and those of us who wants to invest as well!

    God bless crypto and God help fellow hustlers in Africa!
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    Thank you my Oga, God bless Sir
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    You're welcome Bro
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    You are right, this is not the time to invest, this is the development phase as they are just building their farm
    and mining is not profitable at this moment. Like you said earlier, they lack good management hopefully, next year they will start rebranding.

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