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    Tune Company is a software development and management company primarily focused on creating blockchain based technology, smart contract design and digital tokenized applications. Tune’s primary mission is to solve digital songwriter rights and royalty transparency issues for the music industry. Furthermore, the establishment of our tokenized products will enable applications the ability to offer user tipping and user/community incentivized rewards thru the sharing, creation and engagement of content as well as other features. Tune is proud to announce a licensing agreement with the TechCrunch Disrupt Cup award winning RecordGram application.


    It is estimated that any given point, there is $2.5B in uncollected music royalties. This astronomical number manifests in two ways: 1.The historic and perpetual lack of transparency in the music industry 2.The lack of an international database for songwriter rightsFurthermore,we believethere are millions of people around the world that have a burning desire to pursue a career in music. Unfortunately, they either don’t have access to quality music producersor they can’t afford to pursue a career in music.Recording studios are expensive and traditional professional recording software is complicated, taking years to learn. Most people can’t afford studio equipment or spend the time to attain the skillsnecessary to record themselves.We believe that society has created social media monopolies. We freely give our information and share content from these platforms in order to have access. These platforms than benefit from network effects created from our actions while at the same time selling our data back to us. We believe there’s a better, decentralized way to give power back to the stakeholders.


    The underlining technology behind the Tune token is to create a database of songwriter rights from original music created on music platforms with RecordGram being at the forefront of redefining the music industry.Once there is an international songwriter database, thenpaying the rights holders becomes a transparent process which can be primarily automated thru smart contract design using the Ethereum blockchain protocol.Tune’s potential licensing arrangement with RecordGram could providefuture content creators including music producers, artists and songwriters a user friendly, convenient and affordable platform for collaborating on original music creations.

    RecordGram is an all in one mobile production marketplace (producers can lease/sell their beats), a recording studio (amateur artists can record songs and shoot videos using their phone) and a social network (artists can turn their friends into fans).RecordGram has the potential to breakdown cultural and economic barriers so that anyone with a phone regardless of where they live or how much money they have can awaken their inner musician.


    The Award Winning Mobile Application
    RecordGram looks to become the next disrupting force in the music industry. RecordGram’s vision is to establish itself as a decentralized mobile application that truly democratizes music collaboration and talent discovery. At the same time, it looks to provide those users who generate value on the platform, with an opportunity to get compensated for their involvement. All this is to be done by tapping into the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies


    Production Marketplace

    We plan to allow music producers the ability toearn and use the Tune Token to upload their beats/instrumentals into the app where amateur artists/users can discover them and unlock the beats using the Tune Token. The unlocking feature gives the users the ability to utilize the mobile recording studio.

    Mobile Recording/VideoStudio

    Users can record their vocals over an instrumental using their phones built in microphone thatis integrated thru RecordGram’s functionality.

    Once the user downloads the beat, the app offers the option of either singing on it or shooting a video. Pressing the “sing on beat” option will load the beat into a studio, where lyrics can be written and then sung over. Additionally, the appoffers a multi-track recorder with volume controlenabling artists to record up to 4 tracks in a single
    song.Once done, the artist can name the song; keep it private or make it public; tag artists and producers; add descriptions and hashtags; or even join a contest. In addition to original song audio creation, users can instantly create a video to their song. The video shooting option has fast-motion recording, slow-motion recording, video FX and plenty of filters.All of these features are core to our mission ofdemocratizing music creation and collaboration.


    Use CasesTune Tokens are envisioned to empower all functionalities and capabilities offered by the platform thatcould include the following functions:

    1. In App/Off Platform Transactions-Producers would use Tune to upload their beats. Artists/Users would use Tune to unlock these beats giving them the ability to createoriginal songs

    2. Artist Tipping-Alreadybig in Asian markets, users and music fans can discover talent and tip the artist of a song they like with Tune just like you would tip a waiter for good food delivery service. Artist tipping will be further enhanced thru the Live Play feature that’s part of our future development roadmap.

    3. Community Incentives-Major social networks and streaming platforms use the data that we provide to them and than sell that data back to us in the form of advertising. Bottom line-we build social platforms thru our engagement, time spent in the platform and the sharing and engagement of content. Very little of the revenue generated gets paid back to the members of the social network. With Tune, we envision that everyone who contributes to the network either thru the creation, sharing or engagement with the content will be rewarded thus incentivizing the entire ecosystem.

    4. Royalty payments-Artist and producers may have the potential to earn Tunefrom the music they createand share across the network.

    5. Brand/Advertising-We envision brands payingfor access via the Tune Token.

    6. SynchronizationLibrary-Music supervisors, advertisers etc couldpotentially use the Tune Token to license original music created from our library catalog.


    CampaignWe plan on rewarding our early RecordGram adopters, users, creators and downloaders by putting TUNE in wallets and allowing them to claim their wallet. We will do a screen capture of our users up to the start of the public sale (still not determined if public sale will occur). Our current users will have up to 30 days after the end of our public sale to claim their wallets. Any unclaimed wallets will be redistributed back in the Community Rewards allocation


    RecordGram on the App Store


    Website TUNE TOKEN

    Twitter Tune Token / RecordGram (@TuneBlockchain) | Twitter

    Facebook Tune Token

    Telegram Tune TGE powers RecordGram

    Reddit reddit

    Whitepaper Tune Token


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