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ICO Review: The Sylo Ecosystem

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by zedzed, Oct 12, 2018.

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    The emergence of cryptocurrency and the occurrence of the blockchain task has been characterized as one of the means that can be use to section things together in the universe.


    IMG_20181012_203028_496.JPG-Review: The Sylo Ecosystem

    Sylo is an operational protocol that arrived to reserve digitalized operations into the communication protocol with the aim to bring complete аѕѕurаnсе and friendly соnnесtion between users or individuаlѕ and thеir аррliсаtiоnѕ.Sylo has bring about a tech that will make individuals to take full control of their data. Click
    Sylo and for more info

    The end goal of Sylo system is that of initiating per to per communication application for the utilization of video calls,voice calls and calls.The system functioned as a confidential networking layer for the App and therefore providing an effective way for users to exchange data and communicate quietly and privately over the network.Built and supported by by blockchain and decentralized tech,Sylo Protocol will serve as the networking layer for Sylo DApp and a connected third party apps and also providing options for particular interactions and service on the network.

    IMG_20181012_202935_447.JPG-Review: The Sylo Ecosystem

    The DApp will be utilized as the decentralized calling and interacting or communication app built on the network which is currently available on Playstore and Apple App Store and the Alpha will be release to public in Q4 of this year.

    The Sylo DApp will serve as a single app in which users can securely discuss on business, interact with one another safely and have access to other decentralized apps connected within the Sylo Ecosystem thereby saving individual data and hindering connected apps from having access to user's data.It will provide a means in which user's can manage their pofile information,choosing which app should have permission to their information, accessibility to settings and among others.

    The Sylo Ecosystem.

    The Sylo Signaling: This is provided to offer a peer-peer relationship or connection on the system in such a way that the messages can be sent keeping in mind that there is connectivity requests to empower reliable communication.

    The Sylo Storage: The Sylo Storage will serve as a digitalized framework benefit that will provide stockpiling assets that will locate articulation via the applications that has been connected or integrated in exchange for Sylo. By using Sylo Storage device, every activity will be available to access by user's at any time whenever it's required.

    The Sylo App: The Sylo App will assist in communication and the in calling of applications that are based on Sylo system. This application will remain the first among all applications that is based on the system and it's available application stores such as Playstore and the rest of it's kind.

    Features of Sylo Ecosystem

    IMG_20181012_203005_158.JPG-Review: The Sylo Ecosystem

    Profile total data control: This feature will enable or empower clients to acquire a composite or an aggregate command over their profile which can be located on the setting tab.

    Connected Apps: User's have the ability or chance to access digitalized apps built on the network.
    Additionally, clients will also be given the chance to expand their collectable application through app stores anywhere at any time.

    Token Wallet: User's will be given chance to access the decentralized wallet built on the system with the end goal to send, receive and navigate through the the wallet as it's user friendly.

    For more on Sylo, visit...

    Website: Sylo


    Telegram: Sylo Official

    Facebook: Sylo

    Twitter: Sylo (@sylo) | Twitter

    Medium: Sylo – Medium

    ANN: [ANN][TGE][AIRDROP] Sylo - decentralised communication network and ecosystem

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