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ICO Review On Vertex Ico( First Of It Kind )

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by zedzed, Sep 1, 2018.

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    Blockchain has shown its originality and potentiality through an uncountable ICOs which aim to change people's lives in one way or another.

    Nevertheless, there are plenty of ICO out there which are not legit and also a lot of scam ones which are ready to rip off investors through initial coin offerings.

    However, blockchain is offering a new solution to differentiate between legit and scam Initial Coin Offering. This is the main idea behind Vertex.


    Vertex is a crypto that is aiming to provide an ecosystem to replace the space or gap created by the ICO rush. Unlike cryptocurrency exchange, Vertex is a market for ICO Token where users can invest in projects that is more profitable and potential and have meet due diligence.It's a platform that has it base from Ethereum smart contract with an acceptable and powerful innovation that bring solution to the problems of ICO investors.Vertex is an Aftermarket OTC platform which will distribute or offer tokens to individuals immediately after ICO before they are listed on exchanges. Click
    Website and Whitepaper for more information on Vertex

    The objective of this project is to help investors to take part in ICO and generate profits in return.


    Vertex platform consist of Vertex
    ecosystem since it allow from consumers to investors in the extremely sigh for ICOs from analyzed Ventures at a determined cost. The advantages of Vertex Platform or Ecosystem are:

    1. The platform is build for ICO listing

    2. It is also built for ICOs rating and give chance for ICOs to be audited by experts from Vertex group.

    3. It will assist in determining ICOs that are free of scam

    4. It offer an oppirtunity for Investors to create own ICOs.

    5. It will also give opportunity to determine potential ICOs.

    6. Vertex dream and promise to buy different type of token for investor's benefit

    7. It will enable investors to participate in ICO project easily.

    8. With Vertex, investors can can invest in any project that suit them most and further more,it has a security system that will enable them to identity fraudulent activities.


    With Vertex platform, all ICO token investment will be done through the traditional currency that is, Vertex Token.All successful ICOs that pass through Vertex will also have to incorporate the VTEX tokens as part of their purchases means.

    So far, VTEX assist in undermining the whole ICO ecosystem and also assist in connecting ICOs a and the investors directly with ease.Investors will need Vertex token in order to buy ICO tokens on the platform.VTEX Token will serve as as a currency linking other ICO and investors or users through Vertex vetting principle so that every one can benefit from the system.

    The Token VTEX is an ERC20 token and is based on Ethereum Blockchain.The total supply of VTEX was 300,000,000 with a hardcap of 44,700,000 US Dollars.The softcap was 3,000,000 US Dollars.If the project fails,investors will be refunded without transaction fees.The minimum contribution is 50 Dollars with no maximum contribution and unsold token will be burned after ICO.

    For more information, visit...






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