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Review On Datum

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by zedzed, Sep 15, 2018.

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    Hi to Cryptics of Jackobian Platform, am Zainab and below is a review on Datum Network.


    Datum is a network that's motivating and mobilizing another decentralized network that allow individuals to keep or store their information on a transparent and safe system that's on blockchain, functioning and utilizing savvy contracts.
    Visit Datum - Blockchain Data Storage and Monetization and for clear detail.

    Datum aims to give users the freedom and ability to control their information instead of offering to an organizations who inturn benefit from it. With Datum, clients decides whether an organization should use their informations,then offer it themselves and evacuate middlemen or negotiators.
    The Datum network enable users to store structured data safely in a decentralized manner on a smart contract based on blockchain technology.

    The token DAT provide unrestricted offering and purchasing of put away data whilst supporting data use controls as agreed by the data possessor.Bunch of this data is built or made by people perusing the internet, mutual or social organizations, transffering individuals records, regulating gadgets and purchasing in the web.This data will be collected and put away by the private associations in colossal data storehouses where it's vulnerable to beneficiaries, adjustment, eradication and other damage,manhandle, misuse and abuse.

    Datum presents a network or system that keep operating on a luminous secure blockchain smart contract which allow most of it's customers or users to have control of their data in addition with data from (IoT) gadgets that they control.

    Datum aim to enable user's to gain or benefit from information by themselves by offering it explicitly to organizations on the brand new decentralized stage.The user's then earn or obtain an offer for the purchase of their information, the precise detail of the purchaser will be shown.

    Datum purpose is to transform the existing market data where the data developers are hardly paid for the data and the mint happened through the middle men who do not add a single value.

    If it occur that a particular individual accept the offer,then they will get paid with DAT tokens.The decoding key will then at this point sent to the buyer. Datum organized an arrangement to assist activities that aim to structure control of data by their sources.This enables user's to have an idea on how their data is been utilized and sheared.

    As we are living in a determine economy where data is a crucial and vital resource that allow organizations to obtain and hold on their aggressive edge.The evaluation and estimation of crude data differs from a thousands penneies to more than a few hundred dollars for every individual.

    The further it is accessed, pressured, dilapidated and exploit for particular uses,the more it's esteem increments.The main player in the chain will end up not getting paid as the data accumulator will happens to be the beneficiary of the gathered data.Organizations such as Facebook, Google and the rest collect your personal data and inturn enables other organizations to purchase advertisements with them while you in return get nothing. This is the opportunity to take control of your data and decide if, when and whom you want to shear or sell it in a secure and decentralized alternative.


    Datum Token ( DAT ) Total supply was 3,000,000,000

    The Tokens which is accessible and available to be bought or purchased is 1,530,000,000

    Monetary Forms was ETH as it was.


    Website: Datum - Blockchain Data Storage and Monetization


    Telegram: Official Datum Network (EN)

    Twitter: Datum (@datumnetwork) | Twitter

    Facebook: Datum

    Bounty0x Username: zedzed2

    Thanks for Reading

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