Review: Noizchain, The Networks That Re-engineered With Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain

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    IMG_20180615_114403_226.JPG-Review: Noizchain, The Networks That  Re-engineered With Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain

    NOIZChain is a decentralized ad network that aims at giving control of advertising back to the community, while eliminating fraud, driving engagement and including social impact organizations. NOIZ can be classified into the following parts:

    Cognitive Banners for Better Engagement
    An AI enabled banner ad, known as Nikola, generates more engagement among consumers and gives advertisers direct access to this engagement. Ad interactions are recorded over the blockchain for transparency.

    P2P Ad Exchange
    Advertisers and publishers can connect directly and buy / sell ad inventory over the platform. The NOIZ community sets the standards for quality content by voting against advertisers with bad business ethics, or publishers involved in plagiarism or fake news.


    IMG_20180615_114847_611.JPG-Review: Noizchain, The Networks That  Re-engineered With Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain IMG_20180615_114907_024.JPG-Review: Noizchain, The Networks That  Re-engineered With Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain

    NOIZChain believes in a transparent advertising space that gives control back to consumers and is free from the influence of advertisers,
    publishers and centralized ad exchange networks that seek to use consumer personal information in a malignant way.

    NOIZChain intends to evolve the ecosystem even further by including social impact organizations into the token flow between advertisers, publishers, and consumers. With social impact becoming a major concern of companies around the world due to the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development
    Goals (SDGs)3, the NOIZ network will help drive the success of social responsibility campaigns.

    @NOIZ knows how to address these digital ad issues thanks to a strong team of many advertising veterans, coming from top ad agencies like Dentsu and Ogilvy, with decades of experience in the industry.

    It is the belief of @NOIZChain that a
    decentralized ad server, which allows the community to be the driving force behind the advertising ecosystem, will be the only way to build a robust advertising model for true
    engagement now and in the long-term.


    IMG_20180615_114907_024.JPG-Review: Noizchain, The Networks That  Re-engineered With Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain

    Advertiser Perspective
    Digital media was estimated to take in 237 billion USD annually, 40% of the global ad spend. This figure is expected to grow4 to 291 billion USD or 50% in 2020. Yet, in a 2017 survey5, the vast majority of chief marketing officers responding said they could not demonstrate return on investment (ROI) for online advertising

    This is due to programmed bots, not real people, inflating the number of views, clicks and even
    impressions that determine the costs and effectiveness of digital advertising. Big brands demanded data transparency in 2017 from ad networks like Google and Facebook. P&G Chief

    Marketing Officer
    Marc Pritchard spearheaded this demand6 in January of 2017.

    To make things worse for the digital ad industry, a study conducted by Adloox7 and
    commissioned by WPP and The&Partnership estimated that advertisers wasted 16.4 billion USD in 2017 as a result of ad fraud traffic.

    IMG_20180615_114751_555.JPG-Review: Noizchain, The Networks That  Re-engineered With Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain

    Additionally, a Juniper Research report8 has predicted that ad fraud will consume 19 billion
    USD in 2018 and 22 billion USD in 2020.
    Centralized ad platforms are also notorious for double standards in regards to the ads and advertisers they wish to support or ban. Certain advertisers may be left high and dry depending on the industries in which they operate. The cryptocurrency and ICO industries are one such example as Facebook and Google have banned such advertisements on their platforms9.

    Furthermore, centralized ad platforms like Google and Facebook have been inefficient at keeping a check on malicious publishers (those that publish fake news, plagiarized content or even extremist content thereby, potentially harming the brand and reputation of advertisers.


    NOIZ is an AI-enabled, decentralized cognitive advertising exchange network using blockchain to:

    1. Fight back against click fraud (for advertisers)

    Incentive principle: NOIZ uses two methods for increasing customer engagement. First is to create a dynamic conversation dialogue for the customers to directly engage with advertisers. Second, is to offer incentives to customers in order to drive direct conversions or sales.

    2. Bring transparency to digital advertising (for advertisers and publishers)

    IMG_20180615_114615_889.JPG-Review: Noizchain, The Networks That  Re-engineered With Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain

    NOIZ facilitates a peer to peer ad network where advertisers and publishers know who they’re
    dealing with. They know their past advertising / publishing performance and the level of fraud
    present throughout transactions. All information is recorded over an immutable blockchain.
    3. Prevent data leakage (for consumers and publishers)

    NOIZ allows advertisers and publishers to accurately and honestly collect and share consumer data via a permission based blockchain while providing consumers the opportunity to control which personal information they share with advertisers and publishers.

    4. Empower community and add accountability to advertising model (for consumers)

    NOIZ platform will let consumers form consensus for or against advertisers, publishers and social impact organizations that they [consumers] like or dislike; thus, preventing low ranking advertisers,publishers and social impact organizations from using the NOIZ network further.

    5. Bring accountability to Corporate Social Responsibility activities (for advertisers and

    NOIZ will also empower advertisers to automatically engage with CSR activities and donate a portion of their advertising budgets to CSR campaigns, while the consumer community holds the beneficiaries—social impact organizations—accountable for powering those CSR activities(explained in later sections)


    IMG_20180615_114813_736.JPG-Review: Noizchain, The Networks That  Re-engineered With Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain

    i. Peer to Peer Advertising Marketplace
    NOIZ intends to be a peer to peer ad marketplace where advertisers and publishers can directly connect with one another through the NOIZ platform and make an advertising agreement powered by a smart contract. Advertisers will be able to enlist their ads, which publishers can opt to pick up, or they
    [advertisers] can directly approach publishers and apply for the enlisted rates of banner advertising on the publisher’s media network.

    ii. Peer to Peer Consumer Data Marketplace
    Advertisers can collect consumers’ shared data that match specific criteria by launching a campaign(powered by a smart contract).

    Consumers will be able to decide what data they wish to share and with whom. Consumers will be rewarded with NOIZ tokens for sharing their data with the advertisers and

    iii. Coupons via Ads and Redemption
    Consumers are airdropped NOIZ tokens that work like coupons on advertiser websites. A smart contract,set by the advertiser, determines the necessary requirements a consumer must meet in order to redeem the tokens for the product or service that is offered in the coupon.

    iv. Consensus-based Advertiser / Ads Approval
    Ads and advertisers, who are otherwise approved by default, can be moderated by consumer consensus,keeping malicious advertisements out of the network. This will help NOIZ remove ads engaged in malicious activities or even wrongful business practices.

    v. Consensus-based Publisher / Content Approval
    Just like how the consensus would decide if the advertiser and its CSR activities are truly beneficial to the community, the same consensus mechanism may decide if the content of a publisher is appropriate and
    does not promote fake news or malicious software.

    vi. Consensus Powered Social Impact Funds Release
    With each coupon redemption (as described in
    (iii) NOIZ tokens will be donated to social impact projects using smart contracts. Different social impact projects can be registered as the beneficiaries of the tokens. Users of NOIZ tokens will have an option to not only donate to these causes but also vote on which social impact projects should receive the monthly charity tokens along with how many.

    A traditional ad exchange is a centralized digital marketplace that enables advertisers and publishers to buy and sell advertising space, often through a real-time bidding (RTB) algorithm. They are most often used to sell display, video and mobile ad inventory.

    NOIZ ad exchange allows advertisers to directly buy ad inventories from a variety of publishers.
    Advertisers will set up their auction ad campaign from the advertiser dashboard by selecting their targeting criteria and ad preferences. All ad campaign requests will be sent to the publisher dashboard,where they will await authorization by the publisher.

    Unlike current ad exchange networks, which place publishers and advertisers in silos and limit access to consumer data, the NOIZ ad exchange platform grants transparency to all parties, providing them with greater control over data.


    IMG_20180615_114631_649.JPG-Review: Noizchain, The Networks That  Re-engineered With Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain

    Each new party in the NOIZ platform gets a NOIZ ERC20 wallet, or they can register using a current ERC20 compatible wallet, which would double down as identify verification of the actor on the NOIZ platform. The wallet ID is how actors within the NOIZ ecosystem (advertisers, publishers, consumers, and social impact organizations) will be recognized and tracked. So, while all the NOIZ tokens can flow freely,
    only registered ERC20 wallets will be able to conduct transactions (i.e. creating new ad campaigns) on the NOIZ network, allowing NOIZ to verify the actor that is participating in the ecosystem.

    Any wallet ID can play multiple roles in the NOIZ ecosystem. Advertisers can use their wallet with NOIZ tokens to login to the portal and create new advertisements or data collection campaigns. Publishers can use the wallet to accept advertising requests or invite advertisers to their publishing platform. Consumers
    can use the wallet to login and accept data requests from advertisers and publishers in exchange for tokens along with vote for or against advertisers, publishers and social impact organizations.

    IMG_20180615_114739_996.JPG-Review: Noizchain, The Networks That  Re-engineered With Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain


    IMG_20180615_114723_446.JPG-Review: Noizchain, The Networks That  Re-engineered With Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain


    Website NOIZ Ad Network | The Future of Advertising

    Telegram Noizchain English

    Whitepaper NOIZ_Whitepaper_20180608_v1.1.pdf

    Medium NOIZ – Medium

    Twitter NOIZ (@NOIZchain) | Twitter

    Reddit NOIZ (u/NOIZchain) - Reddit


    Facebook NOIZ

    YouTube NOIZ
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