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Crypto News Polybuis Token Development Updates

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrency News (HAPPENING!)' started by gbolahan, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. gbolahan

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    In thread i will keep you update about polybuis latest news in order to make your own investment decisions and learn too. Before we get started let look at what this coin is all about


    Polybuis are group of finance and tech professionals convinced that you deserve a banking experience, not a banking headache. That is why They are building a currency-agnostic ecosystem allowing you to control, manage and optimize your finances regardless of who you are and what financial instruments you are used to. Just as it should be -- easy, transparent and quick.

    Smart technologies
    Polybius will combine features of modern banking, IoT, Big Data and Blockchain-based technologies while also meeting the highest security and UX requirements

    The Digital Pass
    The Digital Pass technology will serve as an automation and digitalization solution giving the user full control over their digital identity and serving as a trusted agent for KYC processes. Our goal is to integrate entire industries enabling full portability of data with ease, but never outside of the data owner’s sight.

    Polybius financial services will be fully interconnected with international systems to respond to the transaction needs of our customers. We are pioneering our solution in Belgium, then broader EU and then taking it worldwide!

    Polybuis token is own by hasflare mining company,watch the interview with the CEO about the polybuis project
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    It's OK. I still have the coins on the original website where I bought it. I hope it's safe there bro
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    Perfectly safe....hodl still 2019
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    Yea...According to the roadmap as you can see below



    • Belgian company registration
    • Core team onboarded
    • DigiPass Beta
    • Financial audit
    • New website and product design
    • Brussels HQ establishment
    • Platform development
    • Ongoing recruiting
    • Application for financial license
    • Polybius platform closed testing



    • Licensing completion
    • Launch of platform open testing
    • Platform live
  7. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Joint venture between San Marino Innovation and Polybius places the Republic at the forefront of blockchain innovation

    {filename}-Polybuis Token Development Updates
    Ambitious plans were unveiled today that will enable San Marino to become one of the leading blockchain (decentralized ledger technology) hubs in the world.

    San Marino Innovation, the Republic of San Marino Innovation Institute, has confirmed the creation of a joint venture with Estonian-based Polybius, which provides for the incorporation of a new company under San Marino law aimed at developing a first of its kind blockchain ecosystem. Olympus Advisors, led by Samir Mastaki, played an instrumental role in harnessing this partnership.

    Work will begin immediately on the drafting of an all-encompassing legislative framework for the blockchain industry, capitalizing on the unique intent of the Republic to become a reliable and proactive legislative partner for the industry.

    The joint venture will also enable San Marino to harness Polybius’ Digital ID technology to create new and world leading identity mechanisms for authentication and verification. A move driven by ongoing European personal and private data management initiatives.

    World leading blockchain ecosystem
    “We are the world’s oldest Republic and we are proud to begin a transformation lead by technology. We believe this partnership will have a significant impact on the economy, growing the innovation sector which is at the core of our development strategy” said Andrea Zafferani, Secretary of State for Economic Development. “The Republic will also acquire a state of art set of regulations to become a world-leading blockchain hub.”

    “San Marino is ideally placed to become an innovator with this type of technology” said Sergio Mottola, Executive Chairman of San Marino Innovation. “We are not interested in short term or opportunistic policies to take advantage of the speculation surrounding today’s cryptocurrency world. Rather, we are intrigued by the revolution implicit in the underlying technology: the “blockchain”, which we expect to bring an impact on the global economy greater than what the Internet has”.

    “The Government of the Republic is willing to take the lead on this transformation and is superbly placed to promote digital innovation through the constitution of a forward-looking legislation and jurisdiction to favour the growing blockchain infrastructure.”

    “We are also activating a direct dialogue with innovators worldwide, offering them an environment in which digital economy based businesses can thrive.”

    Anton Altement, CEO & co-founder of Polybius added “we are thrilled to announce this exclusive partnership with San Marino and are hugely excited about the potential of the project. We look forward to working alongside the relevant institutions of the Republic and San Marino Innovation in particular.”

    “We were a pioneer of distributed ledger technologies through our HashCoins OÜ company. Now we are able to bring that expertise and experience to bear on a project that will position San Marino as a hub for innovation and deliver a strong incentive for the Government to continue growing the industry in the long run,” said Ivan Turygin, co-founder of Polybius.

    “Our broad experience includes development of practical solutions on multiple blockchains, most notably Emercoin. In the past, we have developed and implemented solutions ranging across password-free authorization, data storage and notary services,” stressed Sergei Potapenko, co-founder of Polybius
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    they should keep it up!
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    April Update: partnership with San Marino, incorporation in Brussels and roadmap details

    {filename}-Polybuis Token Development Updates
    It’s the end of the month, which means it’s time to list the recent updates for April, so here is the latest news on the development of the Polybius project.

    Partnership with San Marino
    As you already know, in April, we wrapped up half a year of negotiations between Polybius and the San Marino Innovation institute focused on building a cutting-edge blockchain ecosystem in San Marino.

    Development of a comprehensive regulatory framework started immediately, since San Marino intends to become a reliable partner of the growing blockchain industry. This joint initiative will allow San Marino to use the Digital ID technology developed by Polybius to create new authentication and verification mechanisms. Olympus Advisorsheaded by Samir Mastaki played a key role in setting up the partnership.

    Read more about the details of the partnership and comments by representatives of San Marino Innovation and the СЕО and co-founders of Polybius in the press release.

    Incorporation in Brussels
    Last week we signed an agreement to set up an office in Brussels. Polybius will initially be located in one of the private offices of the tech hub DigitYser.

    We believe that at the current work stage, locating our office in the tech hub is the best and most flexible solution, allowing us to manage cash flow more effectively by maximizing delivery at minimum cost. More importantly, this is potentially a very effective way to expand our contact and partner base. A private office will enable us to maintain the required level of confidentiality and guard against even the slightest probability of data leaks.

    Along with this, we are now seriously considering the option of locating our IT department in Estonia, so there is a possibility that we will open a second office in the very near future.

    We are also continuing to incorporate Polybius in Belgium, which means we not only have to deal with the finer points of Belgian tax law but also build a corporate strategy. We estimate that a final solution to all accompanying issues will take no more than a month, and that the company will be incorporated by mid-May.

    New team member

    {filename}-Polybuis Token Development Updates
    Today we’d like to welcome Mathieu Hardy — our Chief Product Officer — who officially joined Polybius in May after working at Solvay. His key tasks in this position will be to develop a product strategy and develop and manage the product line. We’re very excited about the opportunity to work with Mathieu, and in the near future, we plan to record a separate video interview to introduce our new team member.

    For your information, we’ve added Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Korean and Japanese subtitles to the interview with Anton Altement. Don’t forget to like and share the video with your friends.

    Roadmap details
    We would also like to highlight our updated roadmap and give a more detailed description of the items presented in it.

    1. In Q1 2018, we completed an MVP (minimum viable product) for Digital Pass. We’re referring to the technology of the final product that we will use as the basis for planning and developing new functions and services.
    2. From now until Q2 2018, we will be involved in final assembly of the key members of the project team. Right now, we’re conducting a series of multi-level interviews with the most promising candidates. A list of current vacancies is publicly available for viewing on our website. We’re always open to offers and will be happy to have enthusiastic specialists on our team. If you believe your skills and experience would be useful to us, please send your CV to Each Polybius employee will be offered equity in the project; however, bear in mind that upon joining you will likely have to move to Brussels to work.
    3. By the end of Q2 2018, we will have completed registration of the company in Belgium and the audit of the proceeds from the ICO. The audit is required to prove the transparency of the ICO and full correspondence of the issued tokens with the funds received to the authorities.
    4. Then we plan to start working on the beta version of the Digital Pass technology. In contrast to the MVP, the beta version will be complete in terms of technology and design. This means we will most likely present the beta version to our partners for familiarization and testing.
    5. You’ve probably already seen our updated website design, but of course, this update still isn’t complete. Right now, we’re holding a tender among several large marketing agencies to prepare a future product design that will include both branding and the identity change.
    6. Along with these processes, we’re planning to carry out the first bank integrations under the PSD2 directive. Some of them have already published their APIs; however, some “blind spots” will most likely remain until the end of the year.
    7. We will apply for a license at the end of 2018 — we’re already making preparations for this, although it’s still too soon to go into detail. We’ll come back to this question without fail after full incorporation in Brussels. In conjunction with this, we will start closed tests of the entire platform, because we believe the platform should be fully ready and tested by the time we receive the license.
    8. We expect to receive the license by Q1 2019. After that, we will be able to perform open tests of the platform elements, such as registration, KYC procedures and initial integrations. This involves testing the full application ready for downloading, during which we will collect information on possible errors, improvements and corrections.
    9. As soon as the last functions are implemented on the Polybius platform, which we expect in the first half of 2019, we will be pleased to accept the first users on our platform.
    Remember, that all these dates are approximate times that may be spent on a particular feature of the work. Obviously, some stages may progress faster, while others might need more time.

    Please note that we cannot include some items on the roadmap in a public list due to signed non-disclosure agreements.

    We need your support
    As a reminder, the vote on listing PLBT on CoinPulse is continuing. We’d like to thank everyone for their help, and we’re asking you once again to support the token with your votes. Click on the link above and vote daily — we will do even better together.

    Please note! Due to the existing spam protection on CoinPulse, a maximum of 50 likes per day can be posted; however, you can vote for PLBT every day.

    See you in May!
    This month the Polybius team will visit the startup and tech conference Latitude59, which will take place on May 24–25 in Tallinn.

    Come join the conference and don’t miss your chance to meet the team personally. We will be happy to see you there!

    Stay tuned for more updates!
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    {filename}-Polybuis Token Development Updates

    Restarting Private Banking
    Jul 6
    June Update: partnership with San Marino, interviewing CPO, meeting token holders

    {filename}-Polybuis Token Development Updates
    The highlights for Polybius in June were a meeting between Anton Altement and representatives of San Marino Innovation in San Marino and welcoming a Chief Legal Officer (CLO) to our team.

    We published news about the partnership between Polybius and San Marino Innovation back in April. Two months later, Polybius took part in a scheduled meeting in June to determine the next steps in building the partnership and setting up a joint venture, and to agree on the key priorities of cooperation.

    More specifically, these steps include connecting with a number of companies active in the crypto and blockchain industry: during the meeting, we discussed projects that will be among the first to be invited to join the San Marino blockchain ecosystem.

    You can see the interview with Anton Altement for San Marino RTV (in Italian) that he gave during his visit to the republic here.

    As is becoming the tradition, our Chief Product Officer (CPO) Mathieu Hardy got himself into our second video interview, where he talks about himself and his concept of project development. As usual, we’re putting it to our YouTube channel — make sure to check it out as we are adding English, Russian, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles to our videos!

    We’re pleased to announce that following the meetings held over the past two months, Polybius has been officially included as a B-Hivemember. B-Hive is an innovative European fintech platform headquartered in Brussels that brings together banks, insurance companies and large market infrastructure players. One of the platform’s key missions is qualitative transformation of the financial services industry using cutting-edge technologies, and Polybius is eagerly waiting for the opportunity to make its contribution to this objective. Watch the video (in English) and learn more about B-Hive here.

    As we reported earlier, Anton and Mathieu took part in two themed events in June: CB Insight during The Future of Fintech June 19–21 in New York and WEBIT.Festival June 25–27 in Sofia.

    Since Bulgaria is head of the Council of the EU until July 2018, the conference in Sofia was a great opportunity to meet with regulators who are active in the fintech industry and determine how Polybius can and will build future relations with them.

    During a week in New York, the Polybius team took part in events with key representatives of the US fintech ecosystem, including JosephLubin, the co-founder of ConsenSys, who is a firm believer in expanding the use of blockchain technology in the gaming industry; Andy Rachleff, who used his past experience to found WealthFront, which offers automated financial planning; and Sallie Krawcheck, the founder of Ellevest, an amazing product with a grand vision on a market that most people didn’t believe existed.

    There was another meeting in June about completing the audit. The end of the process is just around the corner, so we’ll be able to publish more detailed information in the July report.

    Expanding the team

    {filename}-Polybuis Token Development Updates
    Last month we reached an agreement with a candidate for the role of Chief Legal Officer (CLO), and we would like to welcome Jerome Dickinson in our team. Before Polybius, he was dealing with financial regulatory matters at MoneyGram, and prior to that worked for a number of reputable global law firms. In Polybius, he will be working around such topics as PSD2, AML and GDPR along with other legal activities of the company.

    His official introduction will happen in the next video interview that is due to be released in August. It will be the same as the video with CTO from last month.

    We’re already making preparations for shooting video interviews with both new team members, and we’d be happy to ask them about the hottest topics of concern to our community. If you have questions you’d like to ask the new Polybius team members, please leave them in the comments, and there’s a good chance we’ll ask them during our conversations with the CTO and CLO.

    One of the CTO’s top priorities in June was to finalize the project roadmap together with Mathieu Hardy. His second priority was to continue expanding the team of developers, and we’re now in the process of hiring the first specialists to work in our Tallinn office. Along with technical positions, we currently have the open vacancies in Brussels that you can find here.

    We will be happy to have enthusiastic specialists on our team. If you believe your skills and experience would be useful to us, please send your CV to Each Polybius employee will be offered equity in the project; however, bear in mind that if successful, you will likely have to move to Estonia or Belgium to work.

    Polybius meets with token holders!
    We started preparations in June for a private meeting with Belgian Polybius token holders, which will take place in early September. Organizing this kind of event is part of our marketing strategy, and is important both for networking with the community of project supporters and owners of Polybius wallets, as well as for market research and product testing.

    Nearly 300 people will be invited to the event at the company’s office in Brussels, where they will be able to meet with the project team and have a look at the product prototype(s).

    Since Belgium is the first market where we plan to launch our product, we chose Belgian PLBT holders as the most likely future Polybius users in order to get initial feedback. However, we’d be happy to meet with token holders from other countries, so if you think you’d be able to attend the meeting, please complete the form.

    Please note that you are responsible for all travel and accommodation expenses in Belgium!

    The number of places for participants from other countries is limited. If we approve your attendance at the event, an invitation will be sent by email to your registered address.

    Important! Beware of scammers — in our letters we will not ask for either your personal information or any other data about your wallets. The mailing will only include information on the place and time of the event.

    Listing PLBT
    We’re continuing to work on future listings and are currently negotiating with key exchanges about listing PLBT. We hope we’ll be able to share the initial results this autumn, when the current list of exchanges will undergo major changes.

    Important! Once again, we would like to remind you of the current problems with transactions on the YoBit exchange. We’re continuing our efforts to contact exchange representatives to get an answer and a solution to this problem from them. Since the current situation on the exchange is beyond our control, we strongly discourage our users from trading on YoBit, especially from depositing or withdrawing PLBT tokens.

    Stay tuned for more updates!
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    July update: CTO announcement, audit news, Bancor Network, and collecting analytical data

    {filename}-Polybuis Token Development Updates
    For the last month, the Polybius team’s efforts have been focused on solving various legal points, including some related to the audit. In addition, we’re ready to introduce our new CTO.

    New team member

    {filename}-Polybuis Token Development Updates
    Today we’re pleased to officially present our latest addition to the team: Vadim Gerassimov, who agreed to join as our CTO (Chief Technology Officer) back in May. Before joining Polybius Vadim worked for the Estonian company Pipedrive, where he built a team from scratch to develop solutions for partner programs and the integration of major sales platforms. Vadim also spent several years at Codeborne, where he developed online banking software primarily for the Russian market.

    A few words from Vadim: I’m very pleased to be joining the project, although, to be honest, it was a difficult decision to make. I carefully weighed the risks, the difficulty of my responsibilities, and my own abilities, but in the end, I believe that I made the right decision. Despite the challenges that I’ll probably encounter — we’re going to have to simultaneously develop the product and build a team to “take care of” it — I’m confident that I’m up to the challenge. As the saying goes, “everything will be good — that’s what the world is built on.”

    We believe that Vadim’s expertise and experience, which combines an understanding of how product-focused companies and banking systems work, will make an invaluable contribution to the project’s development. Vadim’s primary responsibilities at Polybius will be to form and excellently manage a technical team while setting the overall path for the technical development and infrastructure growth of our products.

    We’re going to film a video with Vadim soon to present it to you in the fall, meaning you still have time to let us know what you would like to hear from him. Please share your thoughts, ideas, and questions with us in the comments — it’s possible that we will bring them up during our interview.

    The interview with Polybius CLO Jerome Dickinson that we mentioned last month is now in post-production and will be published later in August.

    Note that we are still filling key team positions. You can find a list of openings on our LinkedIn profile.

    We’re eager to see enthusiastic specialists join our team, so if you think that your skills, knowledge, and experience would be useful to us, send your CV to Every Polybius employee will be offered a stake in the project, but keep in mind that if you get the job, you will probably have to move to Brussels or Tallinn.

    Since cryptocurrency is a new part of the economy, to get the audit done, we needed to provide additional information which we shared with the regular last week. The draft, along with our comments, is being circulated with the auditor and should be finalised soon. This is the final stage during which the data is being checked before confirming the document and approving Polybius’ financial status.

    The final version of the auditor’s review is expected within the next two weeks, after which it will become public and will be available on the website of the Estonian financial registry, where any interested party can familiarize themselves with it.

    As soon as we receive confirmation we will surely notify you about it via our official Telegram channel, our Twitter and our Facebook page without waiting for the next monthly report.

    Bancor Network and PLBT Listing
    In May we asked for the community’s opinion about listing PLBT on the Bancor Network platform, which would allow us to transform tokens on the basis of smart contracts. Most of the feedback was positive, but before making a decision we performed a legal analysis of the platform’s operational activity that showed that the current standards for performing KYC procedures and the need to comply with AML regulations will not allow us to release PLBT on the platform at this time. We are continuing to study the situation with Bancor Network and hope that we can find a compromise that will let us release the token on this platform without creating any additional regulatory risks.

    We would also like to let you know that it will not be possible to list PLBT on the CoinPulse exchange in the nearest future. Despite the successful initiation of the listing procedure and the negotiations that were held with the exchange over the last month, CoinPulse representatives refused to sign an NDA with us. We were compelled to stop the listing process because of this, but we would like to thank the members of our community for their support and the invaluable contribution made by every person who voted for the listing.

    Collecting analytical data and meeting the team
    We pay close attention to studying the market, as well as the financial habits and needs of our future customers. We don’t want to waste time developing a product that won’t meet anyone’s needs, so we’ve asked some PLBT holders to hold a short interview with Anais.Digital that helps us with analytics.

    Our goal was to collect appropriate data to make sure that our product will be a good fit for the market and user needs.

    Despite it being too early to make final conclusions, we will continue the research to make the perfect product. We would like to thank all the tokenholders that participated in the interview and shared valuable information with us.

    Last month we announced that we were getting ready for a private meeting with Belgian Polybius token holders that will take place in the evening of September 13th. During this event, participants will be invited to the company’s office in Brussels, where they can meet the project team in person and get acquainted with a product prototype. This is also part of the research into meeting your needs, so make sure to come and say hi!

    Today we’re announcing that over the course of August all token holders who were selected to participate in the event will receive an invitation at the email address they used when registering for the project. Make sure to check your email during August to find it!

    N.B.! Watch out for scammers. We will never ask you for personal information or any information about your e-wallets in our emails. The emails will only contain information about the time and location of the event as well as a form to confirm whether or not you’ll be joining us.

    At the end of September, the team will participate in a major event that will unite all big financial and tech players — B-HIVE Digital Week 2018in Brussels. You will have a chance to meet Anton, Mathieu and Jerome at our official Polybius stand or even in a more informal environment. Be sure to get your tickets in time if you want to take part in the event.

    Don’t miss the chance to drop by and have a chat, see you there!

    Stay tuned for more updates!
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    I wish them speedy development please. They came on board with a lot of hope for investors
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