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Please I Need Clarification On (

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by Ajah Chinomso Joshua, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Greetings everyone
    i'm a new member please is there anyone who knws abt ( pls do tell me abt it cos d profits ar jst too good to be true with jst 3k. Thanks
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  3. Enny1

    Enny1 Jackobian

    You haven't said anything yet. Wat happened so dat we can help u asap
  4. I just want to knw if the site is genuine if truly they keep their promises. Cos they said if u pay 3k to upgrade u will be given a free ebook and Already made website and lots more.
  5. John Joseph

    John Joseph Jackobian

    Yes they are genuine and they keep to their promise. It is not Already made website as you said. They setup a blog for you free of charge but on your own domain and web hosting server (they don't provide domain and hosting). More about the program can be found on:
    Make N300,000 Naira into your local bank account in Nigeria - Online business Nigeria
    Nigeria Make Money Online - Benefits of starting your own Online Business in Nigeria with naira4all
    I am a beneficiary of the program. All you need is to follow the instructions on the premium account platform.
    Earning proofs can be found on their facebook page Naira4all | Facebook
  6. John Joseph

    John Joseph Jackobian

    Do u know that ₦6,600 can be your ticket to earn a passive and residual income, a brand new laptop, a tear rubber car?

    Do you know you can make million online in Nigeria within 3 months with just N6,600?

    Have you heard of Helping Hands International (H2I) before? Stop asking if it is real and

    Just join our group/team and let us work with you as referring is not compulsory. Together we grow as a team and make good money and equally help the poor and needy. With a paltry sum of 6,600 one time payment with no stress on your own side, we can achieve this gold. People are keying into this wonderful opportunity and joining the team on daily basis.

    The hassle of looking for downlines is eradicated is we do the recruiting and hard work for you...It's first come first serve....People that register later are placed under those that register before.

    Join our whatsapp group by clicking on: Helping Hands Int'l

    Our website is
    Team H21Nigeria
  7. Nathaniel Great

    Nathaniel Great Upcoming

    So is naira4all really paying and all they wrote about d site is true
  8. Nathaniel Great

    Nathaniel Great Upcoming

    So is naira4all really paying and is all they wrote about d site true
  9. Nathaniel Great

    Nathaniel Great Upcoming

    is naira4all really paying and did all what they say about d site true
  10. John Joseph

    John Joseph Jackobian

  11. John Joseph

    John Joseph Jackobian

    Yes they are really paying and all information written about the site is true.
    Visit their facebook page for payment proofs Naira4all
    You can also watch live testimony on their youtube channel
  12. Nathaniel Great

    Nathaniel Great Upcoming

  13. Knetpro

    Knetpro Rookie!!!

    Good things are happening in Nigeria nowadays.

    Long gone are the days that making money online in Nigeria is only through "419" or scam.

    There are so many legitimate online businesses out there on the internet.

    Check out over 10 latest money making opportunities on the following web page ===>>> How To Make Money Online in Nigeria Without Spending A Dime |
  14. Noel Nelz Asap

    Noel Nelz Asap Well Known Bot!

    I just came across the site. am going to try it

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