Pigzbe: The Piggy-wallet For Children

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    IMG_20180520_100510_838.JPG-Pigzbe: The Piggy-wallet For Children

    From https://pigzbe.com/pdf/pigzbe_whitepaper.pdf Pigzbe is a part physical, part digital connected piggy-wallet for children aged 6 and up, powered by Wollo, a family-friendly cryptocurrency.

    Pigzbe helps teach children the principles of 21st
    century finance while enabling families as micro-financing networks to operate globally.

    Wollo is the utility cryptocurrency for the next
    generation, and the future of digital piggy banking, financial education and inclusion for anyone,anywhere.


    IMG_20180520_100214_991.JPG-Pigzbe: The Piggy-wallet For Children

    Our goal is to help children and their families learn the
    principles of 21st century finance through
    cryptocurrency savings and hands-on play.


    IMG_20180520_100730_050.JPG-Pigzbe: The Piggy-wallet For Children

    The traditional piggy-bank served us well. It taught us, and our parents before us,important financial values like earning and saving, but the model is outdated.
    A stored physical unit of money offers few additional educational benefits beyond the moment of “storage”, and, furthermore, physical money is on its way out, with a new token economy on its way in.

    A seemingly good alternative to physical piggy-banks are digital piggy-banks,offered by traditional financial institutions and start-ups, but even these services
    have huge limitations:

    1. High transfer fees that hinder the true microfinancing nature of piggy-banking and financial education in early years.

    2. Services limited to specific geographies that don’t cater to modern, distributed, globalised families.

    3. Poor executions that only portray and reimagine piggy-banks as toys with little use beyond the earliest years.


    IMG_20180520_100842_678.JPG-Pigzbe: The Piggy-wallet For Children

    The solution is Pigzbe, a connected physical and digital piggy-wallet, supported by Wollo, a decentralised cryptocurrency for families and children aged 6 and up.
    Enabled by Wollo, the Pigzbe experience (Token + App + Hardware) is designed to replace physical money normally stored in a traditional piggy-bank with a digital alternative that caters to modern globalised families, while maintaining all of the important kinesthetic benefits of learning through hands-on play.
    We’re reinventing the piggy-bank by transforming it into a piggy-wallet. Think of pigzbe as a tool to support parents in teaching children the principles of earning,
    saving and managing money in an exciting and non-threatening way, while providing them with an entry point into the world of cryptocurrencies.


    IMG_20180520_100237_269.JPG-Pigzbe: The Piggy-wallet For Children

    Piggy-banks should be interactive, useful and safe - which is why we made a piggy-wallet instead of just another “digital piggy-bank”. We built a product for
    families who believe money should be transferred easily amongst their members,even across borders, which can’t currently be done via existing banking systems.


    We teach our children about finance, earning, saving, modelling and spending, a few cents and dollars at a time , something normally done with physical money and pocket change. Our ambition is to establish a new standard in financial education for children, and a system designed not only to survive the demise of physical money,but also to embrace the realities of a rising token economy, thus future-proofing the
    piggy-bank by combining the best in blockchain technology, digital banking and IoTt technology.


    IMG_20180520_101231_005.JPG-Pigzbe: The Piggy-wallet For Children

    There are approximately 2.2 billion children (aged 0-18) living in the world today.

    Their fiancial decisions carry the power to dictate the future of world economies. Barriers to entry for youth looking for economic inclusion are high, leaving an entire generation of global children underbanked and unable to take part.

    To combat this trend, parents overwhelmingly provide regular allowances for children, which have been shown to positively impact “children's performance, level of engagement in school, and a higher level of confidence in achieving educational goals”. In parallel, the edutainment and game-based learning market is
    experiencing incredible growth at 26% CAGR, and is estimated to reach $23 billion by 2021. Furthermore, the financial world is dramatically changing, with the crypto-economy growing at a phenomenal rate. It is estimated that by 2020 it will exceed $3 trillion,
    and that it will represent 10% of the world’s GDP by 2025. By the end of 2017, there were an estimated 21 million cryptocurrency users, and cryptocurrency use has been growing at 102% CAGR. A key benefit of blockchain solutions is that they support the
    increasingly global nature of people and families. An estimated $575 billion was remitted by migrants
    back to their home countries in 2016. However, this process is currently slow and very expensive, costing on average 7.2% of the transaction amount.


    Wollo is the Pigzbe network’s native token, and it enables the saving and playing experience within our application.A specific community can be built around Wollo,connecting children with family and loved ones.


    IMG_20180520_100310_997.JPG-Pigzbe: The Piggy-wallet For Children

    Token rationale

    The token supply has been designed to distribute and release 70.3% of tokens directly to active users of the Pigzbe DApp, first through the Pigzbe ICO, then through an 'Active User Incentive’ distribution scheme, and finally through a ‘Network Growth’scheme, direct to the first 1,000,000 Pigzbe devices purchased. Of the remaining 29.7% of tokens, 1.9% of tokens will be held in a pool dedicated to strategic M&A acquisitions for the acceleration of the Pigzbe roadmap and vision, and 14.8% of tokens will be distributed amongst founders, team members and service providers.

    Non-public tokens will be distributed under a lock-up scheme to incentivise long-term commitment, and tokens that remain unsold at ICO will be moved into the
    Network Growth Pool so as to still benefit our

    Network Growth Pool

    Each of the first 1,000,000 units sold to the public, post-ICO, will entitle each of their owners to receive and earn a total of 200 Wollo tokens per unit. 60 Wollo will be release to each unit upon device activation. An additional 60 tokens will be earned over the course of two months via active use of the device and app. The remaining 80 tokens are earned and released by:

    a) inviting family members to join the family network; and

    b) referring new Pigzbe customers using discount codes that ship with each unit. These tokens will serve the purpose of building the community by stimulating growth and network effects that attract new individuals to enter our ecosystem, as well as by device sales, which in turn perpetuate the stimulating exercise.

    Active User Incentive Pool

    The 100,000,000 tokens in the Active User Incentive Pool will be split into 500 smaller pools of 200,000 tokens per pool. For the 500 weeks that follow delivery of our ICO
    units, every active child account will receive a weekly payout of Wollo tokens from one of the 500 pools. Active accounts will build up a weekly score based on Wollo
    earned by task completion as well as by other activities.

    The number of weekly tokens received will be in proportion to the Wollo earned against the entire
    community of active accounts. Scores will be reset weekly. Early adopters and savers will benefit from a larger share of the rewards. This is somewhat analogous to mining rewards gained from proof-of-work tokens.

    M&A Pool

    The 12,500,000 tokens in the M&A Pool will be held by Pigzbe for specific M&A activity.Pigzbe may engage in M&A activities within the family-tech and ed-tech space that will help accelerate the development, production, distribution and adoption of Pigzbe and Wollo.

    Following a strict due diligence process, our M&A focus and prioritisation criteria will be aimed at companies with the necessary cultural, technological and financial fit that will accelerate aspects of our strategic growth plans. Access may refer, but not be limited, to technology acquisitions, talent acquisitions (MBO),
    infrastructure acquisitions and distribution network acquisition.


    Website: https://pigzbe.com

    Telegram: Pigzbe ICO

    Twitter Pigzbe (@Pigzbe) | Twitter

    Facebook: Pigzbe

    Medium: pigzbe – Medium


    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pigzbe/
    Reddit: Pigzbe • r/pigzbe
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