ICO Parsec Frontiers: Next Generation Blockchain Gaming Token

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    IMG_20180429_100615_724.JPG-Parsec Frontiers: Next Generation Blockchain Gaming Token

    Parsec Frontiers is a deep and feature-rich space MMO experience built from the ground up with blockchain in mind, where players are free to explore and conquer the whole galaxy. Built with the players - owned by the players, changing the way computer games are funded and developed.


    IMG_20180429_100236_939.JPG-Parsec Frontiers: Next Generation Blockchain Gaming Token
    Parsec Frontiers is an online game about humanity’s colonization of the stars and planets in the Milky Way. Starting from Earth, the actions of the players will shape the future of the galaxy, as well as forge their own destiny.

    With a persistent game universe and time line the race is on to explore, expand and exploit the riches to be found in other star systems.

    A fully player driven economy, backed by blockchain technology, will allow players to mine and refine rare elements, build advanced starships and defense systems and buy and trade resources at a profit on the planetary exchanges.

    IMG_20180429_100236_939.JPG-Parsec Frontiers: Next Generation Blockchain Gaming Token

    Everything is tradeable, anything is possible!

    Parsec Frontiers is a massive multiplayer online persistent world with a virtual economy blockchain. Players can explore the Milky Way galaxy, extract and trade resources, freight goods, attack others at their own peril, manufacture new and more advanced objects, research technology, create or join alliances and utilize ownership of space stations and resource extraction rights to ultimately expand their empire and wealth. All in-game items and resources are stored on a blockchain.

    Parsec Frontiers' economy is open and player controlled. The currency for facilitation of trade and measure of wealth are Parsec Credits - an ERC20 token shortened to PRSC. It is used for transactions on trading exchanges throughout the galaxy, for transactions between the participants and for transactions with the back-end system.

    Parsec Credits will be traded on secondary markets against major coins like BTC and ETH as well as fiat currencies.


    IMG_20180429_100326_591.JPG-Parsec Frontiers: Next Generation Blockchain Gaming Token

    Allowing players to discover the Milky
    Way in beautiful 3D


    Giving the community the tools to populate habitable planets throughout the initially undeveloped galaxy, creating outposts, jump gates, nations and interstellar alliances


    Algorithmically generated resources scattered across planets and asteroids can be extracted, refined and used for all kinds of crafting, creating a flourishing
    interstellar economy based on supply and demand


    Tactical battles where decisions matter,and where
    careful planning can give an edge even when the captain is outgunned

    Freedom and open markets

    Goods are transported and traded between systems, with smart contracts letting players write their own job offers, trade agreements, and terms of use for their properties

    Real economy

    Players can exchange Parsec tokens from Ether and back again, making the in-game profits translate to real world profits.

    The Parsec Credit token

    IMG_20180429_100307_090.JPG-Parsec Frontiers: Next Generation Blockchain Gaming Token

    The foundation for Parsec Frontiers is the Parsec Credit token. All in-game trading will use this, making it the core of the economy. It can also be exchanged for Ethereum. And as the players accumulate wealth in-game, they also accumulate real world money. We aim to get Parsec tokens on as many cryptocurrency
    exchanges as possible and make it a liquid currency not just in the game, but also in the real world.

    New players will buy into the game at a minimum price which gives them an allotment of Parsecs. These are then used to invest in ships, equipment, plots or
    resources which are needed to play the game.

    If the player is successful in her hunt for riches, her surplus of items can be sold on in-game exchanges for Parsecs. And Parsecs not needed for new in-game items can either be cashed out on an external currency exchange, or continuously held in the game account as an investment.


    IMG_20180429_100416_342.JPG-Parsec Frontiers: Next Generation Blockchain Gaming Token

    For Parsec Frontiers to succeed and thrive, it needs a successful business which funds continuous operations of the game world.

    This chapter provides more details on how Parsec Frontiers will operate successfully from a business perspective.

    Financing through crowd sale

    The game development and launch will be secured by conducting a crowd sale where all contributors receive Parsec Credits to be used in the game. The currency will be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.


    The Parsec Frontiers project has several objectives:
    ● Create a lasting, immersive game world experience
    ● Provide crowd sale participants with unique service access
    ● Maintain user acquisition to the game through marketing
    ● Contributing to continuing increased economic activity
    ● Ensure continued in-game operations


    To incentivize holders of Parsec Credits, a deflationary mechanism relating to all in-game value transactions will reduce the money supply in the economy.

    Every item sold on an in-game exchange will be subject to a small transaction fee. This fee serves a dual purpose with a portion of it going to the Parsec Foundation to pay for continuous development, market the game, or by other means benefit it. The rest of the fee will be burnt.

    Additionally, the foundation will offer a set of premium services to draw PRSC out of the economy and
    continuously fund the game.

    These include the pre-release ship auctions, post-release auctions for exclusive space stations, and the sale of templates whenever new technology is released. There will also be a few in-game services provided such as registration fees for claiming newly discovered planets, a Parsec cost for high end construction projects like jump gates, and an option to buy item insurance.

    IMG_20180429_100146_517.JPG-Parsec Frontiers: Next Generation Blockchain Gaming Token

    IMG_20180429_100054_557.JPG-Parsec Frontiers: Next Generation Blockchain Gaming Token

    IMG_20180429_100123_175.JPG-Parsec Frontiers: Next Generation Blockchain Gaming Token

    IMG_20180429_100714_207.JPG-Parsec Frontiers: Next Generation Blockchain Gaming Token


    IMG_20180429_101826_176.JPG-Parsec Frontiers: Next Generation Blockchain Gaming Token


    Website Parsec Frontiers - a Virtual Galaxy MMO Blockchain

    Twitter Parsec Frontiers (@parsecfrontiers) | Twitter

    Discord Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers

    Telegram Parsec Frontiers

    Whitepaper https://wp.parsecfrontiers.com/whitepaper.pdf
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