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    Great, I Just came across this Trading company and they are great.
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    Palvotrex – Best Bitcoin Trading Platform

    Palvotrex is a Top Notch Cryptocurrency Forex trading company registered in USA, Having coverage across the globe with teams of technically advanced trade and signal Analysts, sophisticated and specialized Gadgets for effective trading and risk management.

    Palvotrex bears the risk by trading for all its clients via the team of traders and pay certain percentage of the accruing profits (depending on the trade plan chosen) to our clients weekly for 90 days.

    Mode of payment:
    We accept deposits in Bitcoin and Ethereum and pays back returns via the cryptocurrency used in deposit.

    Deposit and Withdrawal:
    Our minimum deposit amount is $50 and there is no maximum deposit amount (infiniti). Minimum withdrawal amount is $10

    Accrued Profits can be reinvested. Reinvest is once weekly and minimum reinvest amount is 1000$

    Trading Plans (Packages):
    Return: 10% Weekly
    Amount: $50 - $2,999
    Duration - 90 days

    Return: 15% Weekly
    Amount: $3,000 - $9,999
    Duration - 90 days

    Return: 25% Weekly
    Amount: $10,000 - $49,999
    Duration - 90 days

    Return: 30% Weekly
    Amount: $50,000- $99,999
    Duration - 90 days

    Return: 40% Weekly
    Amount: $100,000 - Infiniti
    Duration - 90 days

    Return Calculation:

    For instance, A Client that invests $5000 using the Standard package, will earn 15% of the deposit which is $750 weekly for 13weeks (90 days), after which you must have earned a total of $9750 (195% of $5000 after 13weeks) with capital inclusive which are all withdrawable.

    Clients with deposits of $10,000 and above is provided with a Personal Account Manager and Analyst for proper guidance and profit maximization.

    Join us by Creating account at