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Opinion: Between Mtn, 9mobile, Glo And Airtel Which Is The Best Network?

Discussion in 'Networks' started by charlhxe, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. charlhxe

    charlhxe Well Known Mod

    {filename}-Opinion: Between Mtn, 9mobile, Glo And Airtel Which Is The Best Network?

    It is said that "you don't judge a dispute by listening to only one partner."

    Yes! a lot of people have their own reasons why various networks are better options to them - just as am about to give mine.

    Apparently, all networks in Nigeria have one problem or the other. This has made people to opt to networks that suit their demand. You can't say this network is better than the other unless it is nearly as good as what you are using it for.

    {filename}-Opinion: Between Mtn, 9mobile, Glo And Airtel Which Is The Best Network?

    This is what I have to say on the four giant networks in Nigeria; MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile:


    They seem to be a better option in rural areas as a result of their wide range of network reach just as their slogan goes, "Everywhere you go." This has been the only promise MTN as a network has been able to keep. Asides this, MTN is worst to me in terms of bonuses and data plans - I'll better use 'stingy'. They can't just gift you free bonus or data despite being a regular subscriber. Most of their bonuses are limited to their tariff plans such as BETATALK, unless you subscribe to it, you will never inherit the kingdom of bonus. The bonus sef no dey last, just 2 mins somtin e yaff finish mtcheew! I regreted ever opting to that shitty tariff plan.

    Also, MTN to me is best in terms of network strength. I reside in the Imo State and I know it will be a different view in other states depending on how open and commercialized such place might be. Taking Imo State as an example, MTN 2G and 3G Networks are better options to me. Am not even talking about their 4G Network, that one is a Pro. Despite their poor data gifting, they are undoubtedly the best to me in terms of network strength. One thing is to subscribe and another thing is enjoy your subscription. So I term them quality in that area.

    Another Problem with MTN is their method of sending messages. Very annoying! Imagine since 3 weeks I removed my MTN line from my phone, they are still sending me subscription and configuration messages anytime I off and on my phone - Pathetic! Also, calling their customer care line is the same as wasting your precious time, just bear the consequences and begin to look for solutions or better still browse out the needed solutions online.


    The first time I used this network, I fell in love with them until after some weeks later 'things began to fall apart'. Nobody told me to remove the shitty network from my phone. Using Glo in Imo State is very frustrating. Though people from other states have testified to its good network - this is not the case in south eastern states. It is even hard to purchase a Glo recharge card in my locality.

    Glo is undoubtedly the best when it comes to data gifting. They can gift data for Africa. You can use small amount to get huge data. But this is not the case, how about using those data? or even making calls? Nah! Glo is never a network in those areas. You cannot subscribe with Glo and have peace of mind or even sit at a place to enjoy it. Apart from their 4G LTE every other Glo network is not a network.

    When it comes to adverts, Glo is the best. To confirm this just tune to any television news network like AIT, NTA, etc. They'll just be making noise about their data, you self will now fall in-love with them.

    Using Glo to make calls will leave you in tears, especially when you need them most. My dear you never jam!. The worst part is that they won't give you any remark like "Not available" or "Switched off," they will kuku off it for you. Since that experience eehn! Glo has never been an option for me. Let them go with their data, since I cannot use it in peace.


    They gained more popularity when they heard the cry of Nigerians and started gifting us bonuses and data. They came with so many goodies and then after stealing the heart of Nigerians like MMM, they started what we call Wayo!

    Airtel got tutorials from MTN in terms of unnecessary messages and stealing. Their own is now in an advanced format; with the use of calls. You will be expecting an important call, and then one number like that will call you, only for you to hear Davido singing Banana fall on you! The worst of it all is that the number comes with a real call number format like 081222**** which will prompt you to pick it unlike MTN.

    Airtel is just average in terms of network strength. They aren't stable in that area. Using their 2G Network is just frustrating. The only available network is their 3G and recently launched 4G LTE Networks respectively.

    To enjoy Airtel in terms of calling, just don't subscribe to their AWUFF bonuses or face its related problems. Just use your 100 naira in peace without problem unlike their 1000 naira bonus or 8* bonus that will yield you nothing in return. Though they are mouth watering and some people will ignore my warning.

    I can't say much about Airtel, though it is the current network am using together with MTN and 9mobile. They are really improving and with time hope to see them in their best form if only they won't be corrupt like MTN.


    After changing their name from Etisalat to 9mobile, I thought they'll improve. There is relatively no difference between them and Etisalat. My only happiness is that they maintained Etisalat's legacies.

    The only time you can enjoy 9mobile is when you are using it to browse. Their 2G network is really trying unlike Airtel's. Talk more of their 3G and 4G LTE respectively. Just like MTN they are also stingy in terms of gifting data.

    Now pointing to what we Nigerians call ' OJORO', 9mobile is unceasingly improving in this area. You'll load N200 airtime and speak for just 3 mins and that's all - just like that. Your money will disappear. They gift bonuses, that is true - let the bonus finish first and then you'll be like; " I thought I had some bonuses, how come did my main acct. money finish? I didn't talk much na.." Then one mind will be telling you; "call their customer care." you'll be like "yes! I must call them... today today!" You then waste your precious time to call them, only for them to explain to you 'how the python swallowed 36 million naira.' You have no other option than to believe them and load another card.

    After my experiences with this people, I just learnt my lessons. If not that it is my official network ehn! I would have deleted it from my life.

    , I'll say that the best networks would be adjudged based on the purpose they are used for. Primarily, for making calls and browsing.

    In my own view, I think the best network on average both in terms of making calls and browsing is MTN. Despite their poor data and bonus gifting, they have this quality instinct that differentiate them from other networks. Like I said earlier, " People will always go for quality than quantity."

    You can also say your mind depending on how each network has favoured you. Your opinions would be accepted. All the best from @charlhxe
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  2. Gad

    Gad 神は良いです Tech Geek

    To me 9mobile is the best....

    Nice write-up bro
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  3. Foxfi

    Foxfi Jackobian

    MTN us the best
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  4. Abasiofiok Bassey

    Abasiofiok Bassey Verified Moose Mod

    Mtn is the best
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  5. charlhxe

    charlhxe Well Known Mod

    Seems like you browse a lot?
  6. charlhxe

    charlhxe Well Known Mod

  7. charlhxe

    charlhxe Well Known Mod

  8. njideka

    njideka Active Mod

    Mtn is the best
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  9. Slim Shady

    Slim Shady Jackobian

    That makes it two
  10. charlhxe

    charlhxe Well Known Mod

    Yes, probably for me too..
  11. njideka

    njideka Active Mod

    but airtel can give data that can last a week when you subscribe with 100.
  12. charlhxe

    charlhxe Well Known Mod

    Other networks too have weekly subscriptions of N100.. Airtel shouldn't be exaggerated that much..o_O
  13. Barnabias

    Barnabias Leader

    Are u kidding me?
    Maybe you re using a Java phone
  14. Barnabias

    Barnabias Leader

    I think so
    When it comes to browsing 9mobile is great. Even their service is ok just that their tariff plans na shit
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  15. njideka

    njideka Active Mod

    No is not a java phone
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  16. charlhxe

    charlhxe Well Known Mod

    Very true. I've been using Etisalat/9mobile for like 3 years now.
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