Hot Opera News Hits 1 Million Downloads In Africa

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    {filename}-Opera News Hits 1 Million Downloads In Africa

    Opera’s news app, Opera News has reached 1 million downloads across Africa just four weeks after it launched in Jan 9, 2018.

    Opera News is also the preferred news app in Kenya on Google Play Store according to analytics service App Annie ranking it at number one.

    “Opera News is already on track to become the number one news and video app in Africa,” said Jørgen Arnesen, Global Head of Marketing and Distribution at Opera. “Over the coming year, the way people consume news and videos will change completely. We are proud to lead this transformation with Opera News.”

    The company had announced its ‘Africa first’ initiatives in December 2017 which aim to implement new internet solutions in Africa “before anywhere else in the world.”

    “We are thrilled to see more than a million downloads of the app and that we rank above other apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Messenger in Kenya,” said Arnesen. “This milestone is a testimony to our commitment to deliver high end tech products to Africa first.”

    According to App Annie, Opera News is also the most downloaded application in Nigeria, Tanzania and Ghana.

    “Opera News is currently the most downloaded app in Kenya and among the top 10 across the African continent, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. According to information from the Google Play Store, the app has received over two thousand user ratings, out of which 80 % are five stars,” the company added.

    In May 2017, Opera announced US$100 million to facilitate its expansion in Africa and grow the continent’s digital economy.

    The company recently opened its Kenyan offices in January this year and it is currently looking for a content editor in Kenya to push the Opera News content.
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    I think that most of the money will go into advertising
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    That's massive
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    Sure... That's their main source of revenue
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    Yea bro