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New Opportunity For Jackobians To Financial Freedom

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by Miketoreno56, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Miketoreno56

    Miketoreno56 Rookie!!!

    Has anyone benefited from the investment offers from

    They are a mining company located in Luleå, Sweden. They claim to provide 50% profit on investment weekly with minimum investment of $20.

    The main advantages over other mining pool are that :

    1) They have access to cheap electricity source, 100 percent of the power supply there is Green Energy – i.e., energy obtained from the many hydroelectric power plants in the region (and also one of Europe’s largest onshore wind farms nearby).

    2) The mining facility is located in Luleå, where the average annual temperature is 2°C means keeping equipment cool won’t consume a lot of resources.

    3) They don't mine using graphic cards, they make use of the best currently-available hardware that is specially made to mine bitcoin. These miners are called ASICs, or “application-specific integrated circuit chips”. Right now, the best ASIC miner is the Ebit Miner E10 made by Ebang. Graphics cards are effective for mining some other cryptocurrencies, but not BTC.


    1) The 50% return doesn't guarantee you a profit in the worse case scenario, since the payout will be in BTC. Example if you invested $1000 with them at $5000/BTC and after a week or there about, price of btc dropped to $3000/BTC, since you are going to get your return in BTC, your return won't be $1500, so the volatility of bitcoin might affect your profit.


    It is said that this company mines about 20 BTC daily ,in which an estimation of 70% is paid out to investors while the some part of the remaining 30% goes into acquiring more miners to accommodate new investors and also for maintenance of the ASICs Miners.
    An Antminer S9 with hash rate 14.0 TH/s costs $3,000 to acquire, so the the investors money are pulled together to acquire the miners, if 30 investors make an investment of $100 each, the investments are pulled together to acquire a miner and the output is distributed among the investors as stated by the company.

    Personally, i think this is a good investment opportunity we need to look into , if you are interested in becoming an investor, you can join using my referral link


    They also have a telegram group if you need to make inquiries

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