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Just In [new Concept Dapp Game] 0xracer: A Team Game Competing For The Ultimate Jackpot

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by BitBullet, Aug 27, 2018.

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    0xRACER is a brand new team-based pot lottery game, unlike any other. Users are grouped into teams based on the first byte of their ETH wallet address. #team0x01234567: 0x0..., 0x1..., 0x2..., 0x3..., 0x4..., 0x5..., 0x6..., 0x7.
    #team0x89abcdef: 0x8..., 0x9..., 0xa..., 0xb..., 0xc..., 0xd..., 0xe..., 0xf.

    1. The team with the highest buy volume when the clock expires wins the pot.
    2. The pot is divided among the winning team members, proportional to a weighted share of team volume.
    3. Each team has a different share price that increases at a rate of 102% per ETH of buy volume.
    4. Every new buy adds time to the clock at the rate of 1 second/finney. The timer is capped at 24h.
    5. You can also reduce the clock at the rate of 1 second/finney, but this does not count towards your share. The timer can't go below 5 minutes with this method.
    6. Referrals and dividends are distributed by team. 50% of each new buy is proportionally split between that team's members.
    7. New seeded rounds with new teams will begin on a semi-regular basis based on user interest. Each game will use a new contract.
    8. In the unlikely event of a tie, the pot is distributed proportionally as weighted shares of total volume.
    9. The minimum buy starts at 1 finney and increases with share price. No maximum.
    10. There is no maximum buy, but large buys receive proportionally fewer shares. For example: 1 x 100 ETH buy (33,333 shares) vs. 100 x 1 ETH (55,265 shares).
    11. No contracts allowed.
    12. Users can withdraw earned dividends from referrals or pot wins at any time. Shares cannot be sold.
    13. The round will automatically open based on a preset timer.
    14. The contract will be closed no sooner than 100 days after the round ends. Any unclaimed user funds left past this time may be lost.

    A. This game is designed to support multiple modes of play.
    B. Get in early and shill your team to collect divs.
    C. Manage risk by playing both sides of the fence.
    D. Flex your whale wallet by front running and reducing the timer.
    E. Piggy back on big players by making sure you're on the same team.
    F. Gain a larger share of divs by supporting the underdog.
    G. Buy smaller amounts to maximize your share count.

    FOMO and pyramid games are over. This is the beginning of the new wave of moneymaking ethereum games.

    This is an experimental game in distributed psychology and technology. You might lose any ETH you send to this contract. Don't send more than you can afford to lose.

    Join here: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
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