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New And Paying, Tested And Working, 100% Profit In 7hours!

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by shellcom, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. shellcom

    shellcom Jackobian

    *INCOME BOOSTER{filename}-New And Paying, Tested And Working, 100% Profit In 7hours!*
    100% ASSURANCE

    Make 100% of your cash in just 7hrs you dont need to wait for 30days for same returns....
    this is perfectly possible with
    *INCOME BOOSTER{filename}-New And Paying, Tested And Working, 100% Profit In 7hours!*

    *All you need to do is to join our WhatsApp page and you won't regret you do*


    *All you need to do is join through the link and provide details in this format.*


    *Please note that it is important you have the above requirements for the smooth running of the group*

    *Presently we only provide help of 5,000 subsequent times it could be increased with higher returns.*

    *Provide Help of NGN 5,000.and get help NGN 10,000*
  2. henzy

    henzy Jackobian

    [28/12, 10:59 a.m.] ‪+234 808 685 6924‬: Started Launching 24th december: peer to peer donation
    *MMM UNIVERSAL 150% per 10 days(capital included)* Bitcoin users only

    *Referral is not compulsory, no need to join a team, nothing like levels*

    ★ No. 1 MMM Universal Strong Helping System In The World
    Join World Best Funding System
    World No 1 Social Mutual Aid Fund

    Registration here:

    MMM Universal

    -PH Minimum $10 - Maximum $500
    -Auto confirmed live blockchain technology
    -No Rejection
    -No Fake Account
    -100% Honest Admin
    -100% Honest System
    -No Locking
    -Bonus 5% to Provide help
    -Growth of 15% Daily
    -No - Task
    -No - Re-commitment
    -10% Referral Bonus 1
    -3% Referral Bonus level 2
    -1% Referral Bonus level 3
    All Big Leaders think yes this is the Plan will go for Long run -
    *Register here*

    MMM Universal

    *Note*: After registration, login to your account, click on provide help. Delete the $10 in the box and enter the amount you want to pH and wait to be matched

    *Example: if you provide help of $10, you will get help of $15. If you pH $20, you will gh $30 after 10 days; if u pH $200, you will gh $300* after 10 days etc..... If u do pH big u gh big.........

    *After registration, remind me to add you to the WhatsApp group*

    ✔I give my referrals a global website where they can advertise their businesses and links for free✔
    [28/12, 11:43 a.m.] ‪+234 802 660 6637‬: Don't fall victim of desperate people using whatsapp to cycle money. Don't lose your naira easily under false promises of 12hrs or 24hrs cycle. Someone will fall victim when the equilibrium distabilizes....and *It could be you*

    Invest wisely and watch it grow. E-cooperative is paying well if u can do the needful. Join with #1k and earn over #200k in a few weeks of committed effort

    ✔ Little or no risk
    ✔ Website is available for monitoring your gvrowth
    ✔ Cash is paid straight to your local bank account
    ✔ Team support is available
    ✔ Join me here

    E-Cooperative InfoHall

    *Only Click a link if you are ready to pay*
  3. shellcom

    shellcom Jackobian

    please stop spammin
    please stop spamming my thread, you may be banned
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