Live My Steemit Journey: 0 - 200 Steem!

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  1. Prezzy

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    After so long... am!

    I finally decided to invest some time in STEEM after i have known if for so long. I just signed up for an account and i hardly know what to expect from the community however am positive that something really good is going to come out of this venture that's why am inviting you on my journey with STEEM a.k.a STeemIt! In this thread, i will share with you.. the things i learn and the things i do on STEEMIT in order to earn and grow my money... that's what it's all about right?
    Do some stuff, share some posts, some comments and make your money and that's what i plan to do.

    Why did i decide to Join SteemIT after keeping calm about it for so long?

    I have seem people promoting the crypto and i have also seen the crypto rising for a long while now and it looks like something that holds much promise for the future so i want to secure my own and keep!

    Today, i made a very important post about Social / Community Cryptos and what i have noticed about them. Steem Happens to be one of the two Social cryptos that i mentioned so that was an extra trigger to do something about it.

    Secondly, I have invested in Bitconnect and i have seen how the crypto is doing well. I started a thread on my journey with the crypto and you can check it out here: Live - My Bitconnect Lending Investment - Is It Profitable?

    Where am I Now?
    Here :

    upload_2017-7-7_12-41-29.png-My Steemit Journey: 0 - 200 Steem!

    and that's the crazy thing about the platform, It's as though they review every sign up or something!
    How is that even possible please???

    Well, i have been able to create my own account and am yet to receive a second mail as they indicated that i would receive and i hope to receive it soon so i may complete my registration and start doing my thing!

    Speaking of things,

    What am i going to be doing on STEEMIT?

    I hope to be sharing my Jackobian posts over there too of course, there will proper attribution to the original post here.
    If they allow that, then that's cool.
    If they don't, we will still be able to figure out a way to contribute to the community and make some money doing so.

    I think i need a plan.. like How Many STEEM coins am i searching for?

    Am not sure yet but we should be aiming for something like $200 worth of steem in as little time as possible!
    Better pegged at 200 STEEM!

    Steem value presently?
    Have a look at this:

    upload_2017-7-7_12-47-0.png-My Steemit Journey: 0 - 200 Steem!
    It's a good thing that the crypto is not yet very costly as that means that some pumps are still coming and i stand a good chance of making some money when they do AND YOU TOO IF YOU KEY IN NOW.

    Do i really believe in STEEMIT?

    Yes i do.
    SteemIt will grow into something big although it's already big anyways but am expecting much more growth from them and i hope not to be disappointed!

    meanwhile, i wait for my account to get activated and i will keep you guys updated... as it goes.

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    @Prezzy Kindly provide us the link to get registered on the steem..
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  4. Prezzy

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    I will do that once I get into my account.

    Hopefully they have a referral link.
  5. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Guys am finally in full time here!

    Screenshot_2017-07-08-21-13-12.png-My Steemit Journey: 0 - 200 Steem!

    Updates coming soon
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  6. philipj

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    Nice one. If there is a referral link, please provide it so I join
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  7. Prezzy

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    This is for Steemians

    According to byteball, they've studied the Steem blockchain well and they love what they saw, so they decided to airdrop some byteballs to us. Yes, everyone of us. This is what I literally call free money.

    You can check byteball out, it isn't just any coin. It's listed in most exchanges already.

    The airdrop will be done based on the steemian's reputation score. A reputation above 40 gets a $20 reward, reputation above 50 gets a $40 reward, above 60 gets $80 while a reputation above 70 gets $160 reward.

    Your reputation score comes in handy here. And if you have a lower score, don't bother about that yet, you can earn more via referring.

    How to go about it.

    Download the byteball wallet

    Setting referrer cookie

    it's just 7mb and it's available for all devices.
    After installing, click on "Chat" on the homepage and click the "Bot store" icon.

    Scroll down and choose "Steem attestation bot".

    Then, you begin your chats with the bot. You will be welcomed with a long message asking for your address, click on the blue icon at the bottom left of your screen and click on "Insert wallet". Your wallet will be dropped.

    Then, the bot will ask if you want your username stored publicly or privately. To enable funds being send to your Steemit username too, you should choose Public.

    You will be asked to verify your steemit account. You will be redirected to Steemconnect where you can log in your keys. It's safe in there.

    Once your account gets verified, you proceed to payment. You will need to send 49000bytes to claim your reward.

    I'll be sending 60,000 bytes to each user that hasn't registered. Download the wallet through this link

    Setting referrer cookie

    and follow all the steps mentioned here. Let me know when u get to the payment so I can send you the bytes.

    Contact me on Whatsapp to get the free byte token to use for your registration
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