My Biggest 'trading' Loss(-96%), Lesson And Advice In 2018

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  1. Prezzy

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    Hello wonderful Jackobians. I hope we are all learning and earning in the crypto space right?
    I have something to share with us today which has to do with what i learned from one of the biggest losses i can remember in my history of investments in crypto!

    I don't know why am sharing this but at least i hope you learn something from it! sure you will.

    Take a look at Cobinhood Chart from coinmarketcap...

    upload_2018-4-28_15-21-32.png-My Biggest 'trading' Loss(-96%), Lesson And Advice In 2018

    Well, cobinhood happens to be an interesting project at least as at the time i purchased it. I knew it had much potentials as well as similar coins already in the same space but that's basically all that i know!
    Simply put, I didn't go ahead to check (research on) the other necessary info about the coin before investing and for this reason, i lost more than i would have believed was possible in this coin alone.

    I bought $300 worth of Cobinhood @ about $1.1 per coin
    Now, the same quantity of cobinhood is worth only $11 total!

    that's a -96% loss in trading.
    lols. i think i was dreaming of something close to +96%.

    and the lessons???

    It is obvious especially for those of us that have been into crypto for a while.
    No matter what you do, don't buy any coin while it is pumping especially this kinda pump as shown in the cobinhood chart.

    Need i write it severally?
    Nop. just learn buddy.

    @Barnabias @gbolahan

    # good to see u @Emerald #
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  3. philipj

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    Wao! A big lesson for everyone here.
  4. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    You are 100% right matter how good the project maybe
  5. Emerald

    Emerald Upcoming

    Crypto whales use P n D to make excessive profits.
  6. SIC

    SIC Active

    What's P and D?
  7. Emerald

    Emerald Upcoming

    Short for Pump and Dump
  8. jayzee

    jayzee Leader

    That's a great lesson to learn from. Big whales doing....
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  9. Aimgee

    Aimgee Jackobian

    This is the best and the latest in cryptocurrency world
    BitWorld Center
  10. Ay04z

    Ay04z Well Known

    tell. Me more...
  11. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    am glad we have viewers in here. i trust we have an equal number of learners
  12. Timmzy

    Timmzy Well Known Mod

    No be small loss
  13. Timmzy

    Timmzy Well Known Mod

  14. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    don't cry man... we have had better gains actually
  15. slim park

    slim park Active

    Can I add to this...plss.don't fall in love to any coin...
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  16. NEYOOH

    NEYOOH Active

    for every pitfdall lessons are to be learnt. .....I think XVG is making the waves now...
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  17. idrix

    idrix Leader

    That's volatility of crypto, the only good thing about it is that we always grow stronger when it happens.
    More gains ahead boss!
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  18. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    hmm. Ok
  19. Prezzy

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