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My Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Companies|services To Invest In 2017

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Nigeria Community' started by Prezzy, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    I know it can be slow and maybe even annoying sometimes but Cloud Mining is something that have picked my interest for one reason: It mostly offers a life time contract so i consider it a long time investment!
    Hopefully, on will start reaping in months and years to come. Meanwhile, i have searched out some mining companies and have invested in them ahead of 2017. You should do the same if you need a means of making money with bitcoins that lasts unlike the HYIPs

    I will go ahead and list some of the best Mining Companies you can invest in.
    I have tried all of them myself and they are real good

    List of Best Cloud Mining Companies in the World

    1. HashFlare
    They are simply the best for me. They can be trusted though their maintenance fee is sky high but you can trust them to mine for you and you get paid daily. I can simply say that i trust themk with my money!
    Check here to see how am doing with HashFlare: Hashflare.io, Here I Come Mining With My Tools!

    2. HashPoke

    These guys are also awesome. They got a lot of attention for their free 20GHs.
    That lead to a lot of doubts so i decided not to fund my account until i read a lot and watched some videos too. I finally confirmed nthem real and worthy of trial so i invested in hashpoke about 36 hours ago!
    Kindly Click here to Register on HashPoke with My Link
  2. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    3. Genesis-Mining

    Very trusted and am equally using them as my strong BackUp!
    Am earning little here and their cost per hashrate is very high so i guess i only invested very little into this company.
    Presently am earning about 0.0001BTC daily.
    Hopefully, it will sum up to something in the future. I equally hope to invest more here as soon as i can!

    Many people consider Genesis mining the only legit company when it comes mining and i can still remember that the website, Hobbymining could not even compare them with anyone

    Kindly Click Here to Register on Genesis Mining with my Ref Link
  3. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    4. Minr.BZ

    This is a scam as far as am concerned but am investing in them because it takes just a month for you to get your money back and i think i can risk that! Few days into the program already and already got about 9% of my money back.
    I can only describe them as Professional scammers... don't go their if you can;t risk it buddy...

    Kindly Click here to Register with my Link

    Read the Minr.Bz Thread on Jackobian here
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  4. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    Last edited: Jan 1, 2017
  5. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    That's what i got for my best cloud mining companies.
    I haven't really tested some of them myself but i did some research before investing.

    If you ask for my advise, i will say
    Did i miss any legit company?
    do you have any to add up?

    Please do cos am still on the look out for the Best High-paying Cloud Mining investment opportunities out there.

    Also, i will be updating my results in due time.
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  6. gbolahan

    gbolahan Upcoming

  7. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

  8. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

  9. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

  10. Pathferm

    Pathferm Member

  11. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    What's that all about?
  12. gbolahan

    gbolahan Upcoming

    The GHS 3.0 is for antminer S7 while GHS 4.0 is S9 they has lowest maintenance fees but it has limited contract.
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  13. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    Alright boss . does the S7 have limited contract?
  14. gbolahan

    gbolahan Upcoming

    Yes but no more selling S7
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  15. Simeon Udoh

    Simeon Udoh Member

    I don't know about anyone else but I think cloud mining is dead already.
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  16. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    You better hop in and join the team else you may find yourself doing that when it actually gets late.

    I doubt if it's going to be unprofitable anytime soon though
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  17. Simeon Udoh

    Simeon Udoh Member

    I doubt that too. Goodluck Boss.
  18. Simeon Udoh

    Simeon Udoh Member

    None of the Cloud mining companies are honest enough to payout according to contract agreements. I don't see anybody getting an Ant Miner and everything (Electricity +Bills also) and offer FREE (or Cheap )mining to investors.
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  19. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    You don't really know how this works do you???

    Hashflare.io, Here I Come Mining With My Tools!

    Yeah it's unrealistic to give you those things for free that's why we have to pay for them.
  20. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    @hashflare, I pay more than half of my earnings for hardware maintenance each day bro.

    We pay for the maintenance not the purchase. I guess the one time fee is for the purchase
  21. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    The only thing am not comfortable with is the lifetime stuff.

    How can you run the stuff for lifetime? It doesn't make much sense
  22. Simeon Udoh

    Simeon Udoh Member

    Lol Nothing runs forever. That's One thing I'm sure Of.
  23. Simeon Udoh

    Simeon Udoh Member

    I understand The Payment Part. I've been into Cloud Mining too until I discovered How It really works
  24. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    Mhh, tell me what I don't know bro
  25. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    Alright, am changing this thread to my official thread for updating my Statistics for Mining Activities.
    I think this way, I can reach to most people that are interested in mining.

    Hopefully, am not going to crash this thread with my updates.
    No, I won't.

    The purpose of sharing what's going on with my Mining activities is simply to encourage new people to also invest and start earning top.

    How I Intend to earn with Cloud Mining Myself

    It's a risky business so I chose to test out several platforms. Not just that, I also intend to spread my investments across these platforms to ensure I don't run into issues that I don't want in the near future!

    I don't know exactly how much I started with but then, I started a few weeks ago and here I am right now...

    Updates will start rolling in soon.
  26. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    Mining Collection - Harvest Period

    Today is the first day am doing a round up for my collections and it's really cool. Even though it's small, I think I like it very much.

    Here's what it looks like..

    Hashflare.io payout
    hashflare.io payout.png

    Genesis-mining mining payout

    I got my first payout from genesis-mining today! It was really cool. Initially, I had no address attached to the account so it kept accumulating until now.

    I woke up to see the 0.59 dollars resting in my account. It's the result of mining for several days but am OK with it. I mean, until I upgrade of course.
    genesis-mining payout.png

    Here's the proof. I also got paid by minr today!

    That was about 0.0011btc
  27. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    Don't clap, look or stare at those pics!
    Please please pls... Grab some bitcoins today and head over to any of those companies... Invest a dollar or two and... That's how it starts.

    Add up your money daily and you are on your way to 1 dollar daily!

    That's how I believe it works so get started doing something buddy.
    Just don't forget my links at the first post in a hurry!
  28. Simeon Udoh

    Simeon Udoh Member

    Nice to see your making Progress @Prezzy Goodluck
    Prezzy likes this.
  29. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    Thanks boss. I had a lot of doubts in the past like you do have now.

    I hope you see the light and come out of that soon bro
  30. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

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