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Must Read: How To Survive On Naira Lift

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by Jaflash, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Kraid

    Kraid Rookie!!!

    Who got paid via correctalert? I saw d post and decided to invest but since yesterday morning I haven't been matched for payment
  2. Kraid

    Kraid Rookie!!!

    Oh, tnxx
  3. Gina

    Gina Upcoming

  4. Dave Junior

    Dave Junior Upcoming

    Nairalift is not performing as promised. 1k seems small, but multiply 1,000 by 50,000 persons. The guys don hammer...
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  5. Abdulkabeer

    Abdulkabeer Jackobian

    God purnish you,thieves,na so all of una dey talk ,all our money are gone,plus including the useless naira lift,,words for the wise ,you better Dont join ​
  6. Dave Junior

    Dave Junior Upcoming

    Too many Scams out there Bro....
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  7. Toluwani

    Toluwani Rookie!!!

    Ive registered over a week now yet no downline
  8. Prezzy

    Prezzy GrandMaster Admin

    lols, that's the key
  9. Prezzy

    Prezzy GrandMaster Admin

    please show them the crypto way bro
  10. Dave Junior

    Dave Junior Upcoming

    Honestly @Prezzy. We need to educate more young people to diversify there portfolios. The greed of Ponzi is wrecking us. It's the worst form of gambling. You always feel the next one will pay off, and you sink in,more and more. When you loss all, you still borrow with the mindset of "to recover".

    STONEHEART007 Jackobian

    Who says Twinkas is no longer paying? This is fallacy and malicious ploy to discredit Twinkas. Twinkas is very much alive and still pays.
    What people need realise is that some packages are faster, also with the 1:3 matrix U earn more than previously 1:2 i.e now U earn triple of what U donate. But with exception to #100,000 package. I.e in 100k package U earn 20k and that is the fastest in payment. 50k and others pay well too. If U are desirous to make money without fear, then Twinkas is your destination. Use this link to join and better your lot
    Twinkas Nigeria

    Twinkas Nigeria
    NB: In twinkas U can also check the speed of payment. Join Twinkas and then thank me later.
    Twinkas Nigeria
    Twinkas Nigeria
  12. Dave Junior

    Dave Junior Upcoming

    I agree with you there @wazo . But as young chaps, lets maintain good and honest relationships with people. We all think we are hiding behind one smartphone or labtop. But i tell you, it's a small world.
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  13. ada4real

    ada4real Jackobian

  14. Mademaks

    Mademaks Rookie!!!

    Naira lift is the only on my mind
  15. Jaflash

    Jaflash Upcoming

    NairaLift is paying, they are just only slow now, i understand ur points guys, can these schemes be eradicated?

    Talking about Crypto, everytime i invest in Crypto i always end up losing dem.

    Its only in naira i have managed to earn.

    God help us all
  16. Dave Junior

    Dave Junior Upcoming

    @Prezzy @Jaflash @Kenny Some say there is a science and deep technicality when investing in Crypto, that's why only a few have made a kill of it.
  17. Jaflash

    Jaflash Upcoming

    Not only about technical knowledge, it depends on good money available to invest in Crypto currency.

    Take for example, the best way to gain in Cryptocurrencies is thru mining. If u don't have a good amount to start mining u will be wasting ur time.

    The only thing damaging ponzi scheme is the Hit and Run mentality
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2017
  18. calix

    calix Rookie!!!

    plzzz registered yesterday nd ws confirmed also yesterday bt am still in level 0......nd plz wen am i goin 2 b marched... i nid ansa ohhh
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  19. calix

    calix Rookie!!!

    nd i cnt refer sum1 2rw my link....i dnt understand ohhhh nid sum talkin or advice on wat 2 do
  20. Jaflash

    Jaflash Upcoming

    Copy ur link and share, make sure ur username ends it.
    Contact the admin if situations permit

    Note: During registration the person must click "Get Sponsor" before they submit the registration.

    Was that helpful?
  21. yokai

    yokai Rookie!!!

    Your payment took four hours without referrals mine is over 24 hours afterpayment was yet to hear or see anything.
  22. Abdulkabeer

    Abdulkabeer Jackobian

    Oga ,they are not paying oooo,mine is a week ago now,no pay
    jaydee4u likes this.
  23. Lisak

    Lisak Jackobian

    I hope y'all will come back here to change your position on NairaLift when you eventually get paid. Because I am on level 2. And I have just been paired with 4 people that will pay me.

    It might not have been as fast as I'd have loved. But, then, some people cyber-attacked nairalift because of their greed. Before the attack, it was paying in hours. It is slow now because the attack slowed it down, causing doubts in people's mind. Slow or not, I'd rather I lose 1k to nairalift than lose my previous ious btc guy or 10k to some scam guy.

    BE smart guys, invest wisely

    Last edited: Mar 15, 2017
  24. Abdulkabeer

    Abdulkabeer Jackobian

    We no register again. Na by force, you dey market your link yoo moofuka
  25. Borode

    Borode Jackobian

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  26. MissD

    MissD Rookie!!!

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    Attached Files:

  27. Nwajionwea eze larry

    Nwajionwea eze larry Jackobian

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  28. Eric Breezy

    Eric Breezy Jackobian

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  29. Jaflash

    Jaflash Upcoming

    Nairalift gives you 2 in 1 opportunity for first stage 1, You get downlines through ur direct link or through auto matching by the system. So who can't wait for auto matching from d system can use his/her link to get referrals.
  30. wazo

    wazo Jackobian

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