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Mooncash Launching Tomorrow 21st March 9am

Discussion in 'Ponzi' started by Elvace, Mar 20, 2017 at 8:28 PM.

  1. Chrisvan

    Chrisvan Jackobian


    1. How can I transfer my information from the previous site to the new site.

    2. How can I solve my Pending Unmatched GH and pending Unrematched GH issues.

    3. How many Percent Should we PH before we can GH in GHW Xclusive

    4. Will the Accounts blocked on old platform be unblocked after participants move.

    5. Will I need to PH before I GH in the new Get help worldwide Xclusive Site.

    6. Can i login to the new GHW Xclusive site with my Old Login Details?. Solution - NO!, Old Accounts will not work directly in Xclusive, Please create a new account.

    How to Migrate Successfully to

    1. Visit the New Site

    2. Click Create Account.

    3. Fill in your registration details (using same email as your old account) *Use as Referral Email.

    4. Click Sign Up.

    5. Go to your mail and Activate.

    6. Now Login to your account and click Migration.

    7. Click Link Account.

    8. Click next and enter details of your old account.

    9. Click next and submit request.

    10. Click Link Account, Click Next, Copy the code sent to your email & paste it.

    11. Click Next and all your outstanding GH and PH will appear for you to review.

    Please wait for the system message signifying a success or migration failure.

    If you have Migrated successfully, you will find your Pending GH under "Receive Help" click on "Outstanding GH"

    How to CREATE E-PIN
    Click My Account
    Click on Change/Set E-pin
    Click the Next Button
    Enter your pin carefully (DON’T EVER FORGET IT)

    How to add Bank Details
    Click on MY ACCOUNT
    Click on Register Bank Account or Register Bitcoin
    Click Next
    Enter Details carefully
    Then Submit

    On your dashboard, Click on “Unverified,

    Write down the code and await call from a member.

    I want to assure everyone that very soon all this questions will be answered by the GHW X admins. In a couple of hours, the admins will display updates on our dashboard regarding the questions above.

    While we wait, I advice we keep on participating in the GHW X forum – To register and login click
  2. Elvace

    Elvace Rookie!!!

    remember people, its 9am!!
  3. Elvace

    Elvace Rookie!!!

  4. Elvace

    Elvace Rookie!!!

    I dont know of those group, but you can like their page on facebook. They are MOONCASH on facebook
  5. Elvace

    Elvace Rookie!!!

    its When the site launches by 9am, you can the access them
  6. Nathaniel Great

    Nathaniel Great Jackobian

    pls d link u dropped is not opening.
  7. Elvace

    Elvace Rookie!!!


    Due to the update/maintanance of the platform, we will be coming live soon today. Our engineers are steady trying to make sure we have no issues so as to avoid immediate upgrading when we take off. We are doing this to give you guys a smoother and hitch-free website. Be patient and remain connected with us. Mooncash is here to stay for good.

  8. chocoB

    chocoB Jackobian

    It's opening at my end but it's still on countdown
  9. chocoB

    chocoB Jackobian

    Is it not 9am again?
  10. Browneyes

    Browneyes Jackobian

  11. Browneyes

    Browneyes Jackobian

    New site Alert!!!
    Welcome to new Fund- generating site!!! Its new, Its Fresh, Its
    Hot!!! It pays very fast n Its here to stay.
    Register now n Recoup all ur lost funds!!!
    Genuinely tested n Trusted!!! Owned by a Team of intellectual Foreigners...
  12. Elvace

    Elvace Rookie!!!

    Same here..But I got a valid info they may not be launching as planned by 9am. But still launching today though
  13. wazo

    wazo Jackobian

    I see many people money going to d moon today, lol
  14. wazo

    wazo Jackobian

    Always watch out for secured site o
  15. Dr fay

    Dr fay Jackobian

    So when is it launching?
  16. wazo

    wazo Jackobian

    Shuu! 100k to get 20k, correct mehn, lol
  17. Yayra

    Yayra Rookie!!!

    Guys are you tired of loosing money ?
    Are you tired of greedy admins paying themselves waaay too much before merging their participant ?
    First time ever on jackobian that a ponzi site admins are not interested in paying themselves first.
    Loads of scammers on jackobian guys watch out, just very few of them are trustworthy.
  18. nicky Ay

    nicky Ay Jackobian

    OK ooo
  19. Jbfred

    Jbfred Rookie!!!

    20% is abt to hit our space.....launching by 5pm sure is for d good of all
  20. slyb

    slyb Jackobian

    There is hidden agenda here!
  21. Smooth99

    Smooth99 Rookie!!!

  22. Smooth99

    Smooth99 Rookie!!!

    A new sige is launchimg by 1pm
  23. Smooth99

    Smooth99 Rookie!!!

  24. Smooth99

    Smooth99 Rookie!!!

    With 10,20,50,100k packages
  25. Smooth99

    Smooth99 Rookie!!!

    Reachoutforum is a peer to peer scheme which give you x2 of your donation within 0-48hrs of making payment and confirmed

    ReachOutForum is the first of it's kind with an unlimited bandwidth that can contain any amount of members.
    24/7 call support
    24/7 Facebook support
    24/7 Twitter Support and announcement page
    24/7 E-mail support
    24/7 Telegram support manned by 4 admins.

    We are here To establish reliability, consistency and continuity within our network. As we do well to broadcast this platform
    LOYALTY to your investors, LOYALTY within our network.
    The packages are:
    1⃣10,000 >20,000
    2⃣20,000 >40,000
    3⃣50,000 > 100,000
    4⃣100,000> 200,000

    ALL 1:2 MATRIX
    Stay tuned❗️

    Help lines:-
  26. oojose

    oojose Jackobian

  27. oojose

    oojose Jackobian

    Join and never regret
  28. Jaybye

    Jaybye Upcoming

    That's lie Number 1.. Tell me more.
  29. Elvace

    Elvace Rookie!!!

    Not quite sure but I'll keep you guys posted on here
    It might be late today or early tomorrow
  30. Elvace

    Elvace Rookie!!!

    lmao..abrg oo my ribs dey pain me.
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