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    Good morning Jackobians. It's early Monday morning and my first paper will be in a few hours. That means am already on my way back to the forums like in the days of old! *winks*

    I came online a while ago and saw something I'll love to share... Zee was talking about the different attitudes of people that make money nowadays and I decided to support with the different kinds of things that give people money nowadays ! I hope it educates you Further.

    She said...

    Nobody seems to be telling us the truth that; what made our forefather rich can no longer make us rich.* *Now I am telling you the truth.* *You only need more of financial education. You must educate yourself and you must start running, in order to recover the wasted years.*


    *1). The Ignoramus:* - *These are always not aware of opportunities. They don't read wide and maybe live in a small world of knowledge.*

    *2). The Passers-by:* *Just see or read but never pick interest. They always wish they got involved when it is already late.*

    *3). The Excuse givers:* - *
    Their interest is killed by fear, excuses and over - analysis. No risk takers , always mistrusting and prefer to keep money. They like to see cash in their pockets than in an investment - no fluidity.*

    *4). The Believers
    :* *Believe in the possibilities of an opportunity but take no action , or maybe just begin for some reasons without passion and conviction.*
    *5). Doers:* - *Those who put work to their belief . They have come to trust that which they believed, learn more while earning and earn more with focus and strategy. The better ones here apply faith and patience to watch and earn from little to mega success/profit.*
    And in response ...

    Using yesterday's methods in today's world is a sure way to get left behind.
    It does not take a lot to accept that the way people get rich has changed dramatically but it takes courage to accept it and faith to believe that today's methods will work if we adopt them.

    Networking has as much power as compound interest (in investing) but together they are some of the most ignored concepts in business.
    Those who discovered are enjoying the benefits

    Meanwhile, it's only a matter of time before everyone adopts the new means of making money. Those who have done so are already reaping.

    In my opinion, some of the modern means include...

    1. Compounding interests in Investments
    2. Networking (using social media as leverage)
    3. Cryptocurrencies

    I think that The next generation Billionaires are going to be coming from those.
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