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Hot Earn 100% Of Investment In 15days! Not Hyip

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by Authority, Dec 9, 2016.

Moderators: Emma24, philipj, zedzed
  1. Derobbie

    Derobbie Jackobian

    This just MMM forget about the name!

    Better question should be how long they gonna stay in power?
  2. Authority

    Authority Well Known

    I have been assigned with someone who will PH to me.....ha has until tomorrow Earn 100% Of Investment In 15days! Not Hyip
  3. coolhacks7664

    coolhacks7664 Active

    So authority as of now we'll have to wait for 24hrs to see that you have finally ghed as in the money in your wallet anyways i 24hrs time we'll know if it's 100% legit
  4. Authority

    Authority Well Known

  5. Morgan Cracky

    Morgan Cracky Rookie!!!

    hello nigga
  6. testimony011

    testimony011 Jackobian

    No need to doubt guyz... it is paying and still very much available... not good stays for ever though but if we keep asking questions and we don't take the risk to get the biscuit now, we may end up hanging later when greed would have enter this tin just like mmm nigeria got choked..... My proof of GH again.... talked with the other person on call and he told me he was having network issues thats y he hasn't done d needful.... Invest now if u want to...

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  7. Authority

    Authority Well Known

    Morgan afa
  8. Authority

    Authority Well Known

    I have been paid Earn 100% Of Investment In 15days! Not Hyip Earn 100% Of Investment In 15days! Not Hyip
Moderators: Emma24, philipj, zedzed
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