Mining Profitability Returns On Hashflare But With 'scrypt' Alone

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    I logged in to hashflare and saw this .
    Screenshot_2018-06-19-06-38-03.png-Mining Profitability Returns On Hashflare But With 'scrypt' Alone Screenshot_2018-06-19-06-37-47.png-Mining Profitability Returns On Hashflare But With 'scrypt' Alone

    It simply means that mining on hashflare is becoming profitable again but only the Scrypt contracts so far.
    I hope this extends further to the bitcoin mining sha-256 contracts soon!

    Meanwhile, I believe that this is largely due to the bitcoin price increase recently!
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    How's the maintenance fee? cos I've deduced that it's the only way one can determine whether or not a coin will turn out profitable. Hashflare maintenance fee is the highest compared to every other cloud mining companies out there, so sorry I like hashflare so much but they've not been doing enough for customers.
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    CHECK THIS BRO: Is Hashflare's Maintenance Fees The Highest In The Industry?
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