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Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrency News (HAPPENING!)' started by gbolahan, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    you can't park on the card...sorry bro
  2. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Hi guys ,it been a while i updated,let me quickly updated you with what i got here.

    -The card is still in pre-order and people are still ordering this card.

    - the beta version of minexcoin wallet is available and this wallet will be integrated with minexpay,transactions within this wallet takes just few seconds.
    Check the test version here Skeleton more info will be later
  3. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Unfortunately, you cant park and keep the coin on card at the same time
  4. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Hi guys,glad to be back to update you about what is going on with minexcoin. The card ordering is still progressing and they have seen a huge interest in the card as we have more than 6k people from 200countries who have pre-order the card,out of these 6k people some have paid and some have not paid.The most interesting part of it is that we have 1300 people who have pre-order the infinite card but only 1000people can get this card because only 1000 pieces of the card will ever exist while others will go for other card like platinum,Gold and standard.

    The KYC will start anytime from now and it will take up to 6week for verification to complete. upon receiving your card and activating it with require amount to be locked on the card,you can start using this card anywhere anytime where VISA card is functioning. This may take like 2month(September) to actually come to reality.

    In the past week,minexsystem release minexpay FAQ and from these FAQ there is an interesting part of it which is:

    How does MinexPay work?
    All MinexPay cards are issued by our own offshore bank with an international license (category B), established and managed by MinexSystems. By ordering a MinexPay card, each client becomes a participant in the trust fund and, at will, transfers their assets to be managed by the fund............

    This is a good news,minexsystem has banking license (category B) and according to Boris(CEO) he made us to understand that he has received all necessary documents associated with the license.moreover, some minexcoin holder visited minexsystem office and the impression was good about minexcoin.

    The beta testing of web wallet has started and the transaction within the wallet is instant just 3sec. This is wow!!! and thumb up to the team. you can test the wallet here Minex Web Wallet and drop your test wallet address for test coin(note: test coin has no real value)

    This are the latest developments about minexcoin and so far they are really making progress and working vigorously to launch their first working product(minexcard) and more news to come.

    Note: This is not investment advise.
  5. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Guys...minexcoin is going to be listed soon on hitbtc,you can confirm it yourself on hitbtc system health using the link below.

    System health status / HitBTC

    More listing are coming too
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  6. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

  7. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    MinexPay Report | Week 4: Reaching new Highs!

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion

    It’s been close to a month now since the launch of MinexPay. During this time, weekly reports became both anticipated and appreciated events for our dear community. Maintaining the tradition, today we share with you not only the card statistics but some details about the upcoming releases. So take 5, sit comfortably and enjoy the ride!

    New highs in sight!
    You will probably not be surprised if we tell you that preorders statistics continue to perform very well. This week, an additional 2797 pre orders were registered, putting the total amount of MinexPay preorders to 9366 cards! It appears appropriate to say that next week, we are breaching 10.000. Who said incredible? Well, we agree…

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    MinexPay Cards Pre-Orders, total (19Jul 2018–26Jul 2018)
    Note :Surely Many of you are curious about ordered cards. We will share those numbers tomorrow.

    Going global!
    Each 24 hours, about 400 people from more than 200 countries throughout the world are pre-ordering MinexPay cards. The trend is now confirmed. An acceleration of the cards spreading has been noted and is not about to stop. Regarding the statistics of cards, let us have a closer look:

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    MinexPay Cards Pre-Orders by types, total (19Jul 2018–26Jul 2018)
    What we can say here is that the number of infinite cards is skyrocketing ,but skewing numbers a bit. Indeed, only 1000 of them will be available. Therefore, half of those preorders will probably be redirected to platinum.

    Upcoming Launches
    We are excited to announce the launch of the 3 support features that will allow to increase sales efficiency, improve card accessibility and develop MinexPay awareness.

    Instabuy : on the 27th of July, the INSTABUY feature will be launched.
    Refferal : on the 27th of July, the referral program will be fully functional
    Cashback: on the 27th of July, the cashback program will be launched.

    We are aware that our community is waiting for a detailed description of those features. However, we decided to have a separate article reserved solely for the purpose of describing instabuy, Referral and Cashback functionalities. 1 more day to have the full pictures isn’t too much to ask, is it? Just bear with us and prepare your friday afternoon!

    Kind reminder, there are only 1000 infinite cards. Hurry! Once the thousand’s payment for the infinite cards is received, we are closing their sale for good. Follow this link to finalize your order.

    We‘ll keep it short for today and let you prepare for tomorrow! Stay tuned and follow us on all our social media channels!

    Twitter | Telegram | Reddit |Steemit |Facebook
  8. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Announcement: Launch of Instabuy, referral and cashback programs

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion

    Today is the 27th of July and our dear community has probably noticed the changes in our communication and work processes. We keep getting better at meeting our deadlines! In the life of a startup, deadlines should not be immovable constraints if they endanger the quality of a product. However, by continuously delivering on our promises (or at least doing our best), we intend to further develop the relationship of trust between Minexcoin and our beloved users. Indeed, your strong and infallible support is the wind beneath our wings that entices us to do better, to be better.

    Therefore, without further delays, we are proud to announce the launch of the 3 promised MinexPay complementary features.

    Launch of Instabuy

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    Screenshot of Minexcoin’s Instabuy page
    Proof of accessibility

    It may sometimes be a hassle to buy a coin, especially if it is not yet available on major exchanges.
    Regarding MinexPay, customers that are not from the community may be reluctant to undergo such a procedure. Therefore, why not make it simple, fast and accessible to get some Minexcoins?

    Meet Instabuy!

    A fast and easy to use feature that will allow our users to get MNX without any hassles. In less than 3 clicks and 30 min after final confirmation, you will be able to get Minexcoins. Convenient you say? we agree!

    Instabuy users just have to send their BTC (or BCH) to the designated address and receive the associated MNX (The supply of MNX will come from Minexcoin’s own funds). Once the transaction is verified and validated, the same amount of MNX will be bought from exchanges and taken out of the market. We endure the hassle, you experience the pleasure!

    As you may see at the top of the screen, you have the “How it works” section that will provide further explanations. However, rest assured that we made it simple and intuitive for your comfort. Should you still have any question, our efficient and always available customer support will be thrilled to answer them!

    Note: Please check the crypto addresses you enter (BTC, BCH or MNX) so that you make no mistake prior to final confirmation. Always ensure that no fund is lost by sending it to the wrong address!

    Note 2: Transactions will be operated manually at first, in order to make sure everything is working accordingly. Also, transaction size is limited to the maximum of 1 BTC worth of cryptos per transaction.

    You will find here the link to Instabuy.

    Launch of the referral program

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    Screenshot of the referral page
    Be Paid to spread the word!
    Word of mouth has always been a powerful tool to spread information. Being able to generate a viral effect is paramount for mass adoption. What would you say if we told you that you will get paid for doing so? That’s right, we have build a referral program that allows you to earn 5$ paid in Minexcoin for every card order that occurred after following your link.

    As you see the interface, clean and easy is what comes to mind. You will be able to track the progress of your referrals and earn MNX consistently.
    This referral program combined with the 20% cashback for every customer is a powerful incentive on both sides (referral maker and buyer) and will undoubtedly improve the spreading efficiency of MinexPay.

    Influencer affiliates
    Minexcoin has been approached by a number of YouTubers, bloggers and affiliate marketers regarding MinexPay. They will be able to leverage their sizeable audience and ability to generate engagement with the use of the referral program. We welcome any influencers that would be interested in this endeavor.

    Launch of the cashback program

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    Screenshot of the personal cabinet on
    Many of our users have experienced for a long time now the joy of parking their coins in Minexbank. This has allowed them to generate a stable return and benefit from incredibly competitive interest rates. This has without the shadow of a doubt been the cornerstone of Minexcoin’s reputation. The current monthly rate is about 5,83% and the equivalent in quarterly rate is about 8,5% per month.

    Buying the card now generates returns!

    How about we tell you that buying your pre-ordered MinexPay card will generate more revenue than parking your coins in the Minexbank? Would you like that idea? We are proud to present you the cashback program, designed to incentivize our community to order their card early!

    For the next 20 days, our community will enjoy a 20% cashback (paid in Minexcoin upon card activation) when ordering their card. After the 17th of August, the cashback will be reduced significantly. Therefore, hurry up and finalize the order of your card!

    Note: It goes without saying that all MinexPay customers who already bought their card will benefit from the cashback program as well. Please check your control panel on MinexPay, you will see the bonus MNX amount displayed there.

    The 3 products will be available in the coming hour. Enjoy their functionalities and on behalf of the entire Minexcoin team, we wish you a delightful weekend!

  9. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Lately,the communication has changed as Peter(vice president @minexcoin) do gave us daily updates about what is really going on in the telegram group. Below is the update for today.

    About Instabuy : the Bug has been fixed, final testing of the updated version is on its way, ready to deploy tomorrow

    About KYC for Minexpay : we are ready to announce the date. KYC will start at the end of the week. Friday 100%, and we are shooting for Thursday.

    Full solution implementation has been tested, we are finalizing the details.

    We will make the proper announcement about that tonight

    We will also publish the article about what Minexpay means for the ecosystem.

    The effect of the cards on the mnx flow is probably not fully grasped by the community, but it will be very intense.

    I will create a twitter account, similar to Binance CEO to update on all small/major technical news and developments (we can’t publish articles for everything)

    That way, you will get infos almost in real time

    As I said before, we have a moral contract with you guys, where I make sure we keep 100% of our promises (give or take)

    And we are also going to start projecting minexcoin to the international scene. You’ll hear all that pretty soon
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  10. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Trading on HITBTC is very close.
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  11. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Keep it up guys
    Nice one gbolahan
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  12. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Thanks boss
  13. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

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  14. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

  15. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Minexpay KYC will begin on Friday
  16. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    some updates on the latest developments:
    - INSTABUY is back online.
    - We are almost ready to deploy KYC. Should happen sooner than anticipated.
    - Cashback for those who bought their card previous to this program is operational already! Please confirm for those it may concern!
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  17. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    IMG_20180802_135258_524.jpg-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion

    The card is very near now.....
  18. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Pay With Crypto - MinexPay

    Hey guys,this is what we have been waiting for

    We are excited to announce the launch of the KYC/AML procedure for MinexPay on the 2nd of August, 1 day earlier than anticipated.

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    Improving our communication line, both frequency and content, has certainly been a very hot topic within the Minexcoin community. In an effort to satisfy that demand, we have made the necessary changes in our structure and shifted our focus towards the international scene. Our newly developed way of sharing our vision and most importantly delivering on all our promises has consequently led to a contract of trust between Minexcoin and our community, and we enjoy it!

    Debut of the KYC/AML campaign
    Today, the 2nd of August, is the day where MinexPay enters a new phase of development and gets one step closer towards becoming a reality (in the eyes of our community). KYC/AML procedure is officially launched!

    You will have the pleasure of discovering the new tab on your MinexPay account "Personal info" where the required document will have to be uploaded.

    • Proof of identity: we require an official ID (passport or government issued ID).
    • Proof of residence: we require an official document (utility bill mainly, driver’s licence…).
    Partnership with sum&substance
    We have chosen sum&substance as the official KYC/AML solution provider for MinexPay. The software used to verify identities is intuitive, user-friendly and very efficient. No doubt, you will enjoy the easy procedure and fast processing! Once your identity and proof of address have been verified, your status will be updated on the mainframe and visual confirmation will occur.

    What is next?
    You have done your part, and we thank you for that! You will only have to wait for the official delivery of your card. We would like to remind you that the activation period for MinexPay will begin in late August — early September, therefore a bit of patience is needed.

    We wish you a successful KYC/AML verification and don't forget to follow us on all our social media channels to stay updated!
  19. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    MinexPay Report | Week 5: A new dimension!

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion

    We will start the 5th report by saying what needs to be said: what a week! Our community will most certainly agree, we have never been as active as we are now. The weekly report had to be pushed back 1 day further due to “high intensity publishing” on our medium channels, how do you like that?

    Product releases, events, news and milestones have paved the way for a hectic week with loads to share. Buckle up minexcoin community, and see for yourself!

    Effective is the right word!
    As the 5th week has passed, we will start to be more factual as nobody will be surprised anymore. It has become a routine to enjoy the numbers and check the progress.

    This week, 2890 pre-orders were added, setting the total number of pre-orders at 12256 cards! We said we would breach 10k, and so we did!

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    MinexPay Cards Pre-Orders, total (28Jul — 2Aug 2018)
    About paid card, it appears the number hasn’t been shared for a while. We will do it in this article, towards the end of it. Patience is due!

    Regarding the statistics of cards, let us have a closer look:

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    MinexPay Cards Pre-Orders by types, total (28Jul — 2Aug 2018)
    No surprises here either, numbers are growing as usual, with similar proportions as the weeks before.

    Launches detected!
    This week has witnessed the launch of Instabuy, Referral and Cashbackprograms. Needless to say that we wanted to spoil our community and it appears we managed to effectively do it. After a few hickups with Instabuy, the feature is now fully functional and our users gladly enjoy the easy access to MNX. They also noticed with great satisfaction the balance of MNX displayed in green, representing the cashback'ed amount of MNX.

    The analysis of the referral program has not been conducted yet due to higher priority tasks. Did you enjoy these features as much as we did?

    Note: As we signed a trust contract with our community, we will show proof that the corresponding MNX have been taken out of the market via the exchanges. Trust is always going to be the cornerstone between the community and our team!

    A new sense of reality
    What else is there to talk about if not the newly introduced KYC procedure? The MinexPay project has set foot in the realm of reality with the delivery of this milestone. No doubt that setting up a GDPR regulated process of identity verification shows our investors how committed and serious we are. The sum&substance tool is easy to use and very intuitive.

    The first days might need some troubleshooting to tweak several of its parameters, in order to encompass all cases. Not to worry, an efficient support process has been put in place to handle these initial but normal tasks.

    About Paid cards
    The current number of paid cards is at 800. This means 800 of MinexPay customers have already sent the associated MNX in order to get their card.
    Our advertising process is efficient and shows a high conversion ratio regarding preorders.

    We are now dedicated to increase conversion to paid cards, which numbers can be explained as follows:

    • It is still not easy to get Minexcoins.
    • Many community members have Quarterly parkings engaged.
    • The project is still at the “pre-order” stage, and needs social proof.
    We will continue developing the INSTABUY tool to further facilitate access to MinexPay cards and allow a card purchase in less than 5 minutes! Once the quarterly parkings end, we should see a sharp increase in the paid numbers.
    Also, the first cards issued and sent to MinexPay customers will permanently materialize the project and reassure anyone still left with doubts!

    That is all for today people, remember to finalize your order and follow the next developments of Minexcoins. Exciting news are to come! Follow us on social media to keep updated.

  20. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    MinexPay Report | Week 6: The trend goes on!

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion

    As we’re sure you’ve been following us, this week, compared to the previous, may have appeared relatively easy-going to you. In fact, What can appear as easy is usually the result of preparation and hard work. But let us share that story at the end of the report and proceed with the awaited numbers.

    Card statistics
    It’s been 6 weeks since we presented the MinexPay VISA crypto cards to the world. Quite a bit of time, right?! Enough to train for an Iron Man race! During these 6 weeks, 13940 MinexPay card pre-orders have been made. However, this week presents a slight decrease in the weekly growth, (1684 instead of 2890). Fulfilling our duty of transparency, we are sharing with you the details: for unknown reasons, Facebook has banned MinexPay ads. It goes without saying that we have promptly engaged discussions with everyone’s favorite social media to resolve the situation swiftly.

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    MinexPay Cards Pre-Orders, total (3Aug — 8Aug 2018)
    As expected, the overall trend has remained the same. More than half (58.6%) of all new preorders went to the standard cards and thus the number of pre-ordered blues is nearing 7k now.

    {filename}-Minexcoin Development Updates And Discussion
    MinexPay Cards Pre-Orders by types, total (3Aug — 8Aug 2018)
    Purchased cards

    As to the paid cards, discount and referral programs are both producing their first results, the number of purchases is 901, which is 124 higher than that of the previous week. We are still in the process of optimizing access to the cards and acceleration MinexPay’s adoption!

    How are the KYC and referral proceeding?
    This week, we will also add the topic of KYC approval, shall we? After a few hiccups with radio buttons and the list of accepted documents at the beginning, which we promptly fixed, the process continued without a hitch. At a present moment, 475 people have started the KYC process. 375 of them have successfully passed it and are now waiting while AML/CFT check is being conducted.

    The last piece of numbers for today will be about referrals. So far, there have been 468 registrations made after following the referral links. Interesting start, and we want to thank YOU, our treasured community, for spreading the news. However, we understand that the current rewards of the referral program need to be more attractive, in order to develop a viral effect.

    The key here is finding the right balance between incentivizing advocate and the referred friend, hence we are exploring a number of solutions that will significantly improve the program.

    Among them:

    • Giving out a certain amount of fund, such as 10$, to the referred friend.
    • Increasing notably the reward for advocates.
    • Making the reward that advocates receive proportional to the friend’s purchase, e.g. a percentage on the price paid.
    • Creating the solutions where the advocate receives a percentage on the referred friend’s subsequent spendings.
    • Giving out an additional reward to the advocate if a referred friend passes certain spending milestones, e.g. 0.5k, 2k, 5k, etc.
    • And many others as well as various combinations of the previously mentioned.
    Of course, we can’t make any modifications just yet as our 20% cashback program is a significant motivation of its own, and as time passes, we will design the most efficient program!

    Instabuy news
    The community has expressed the will to get information about INSTABUY volume and total exchanged MNX. While we understand that need and absolutely share the sentiment for transparency, preventing market manipulation remains the top priority.

    Also, proving that we effectively bought back the exchanged MNX is a more delicate than one would think. Therefore, efforts are made to design the right process of proving the purchase with a limited amount, for now. Once the experiment is successful, we will disclose the overall strategy for Instabuy.

    Follow us on social media to stay updated!

  21. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

  22. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Peter was in just concluded blockshow conference,below are some networking he does for minexcoin

    Hello to the community from Las Vegas

    As many have seen, i have been focusing 100% on the conference.

    These last 2 days have been very intense, more on the networking side, following up with discussions, strengthening relationships, answering to invitations, planning future events with those we bonded with and so. Pure art of networking

    There has been some very interesting developments, in the following domain :

    - several key crypto business advisors that have awesome credentials, the potential to give outstanding counsel, and bring in a wide panel of investors and partners.

    I have been able to depict a very attractive picture of Minexcoin, along with full transparency on the challenges we are facing. If those guys agree to join the advisory board, which they will (with good work on my end), accelerate our journey and open us a new land of opportunities.

    - we have been introduced to the person who handles hitbtc/binance/Okex listings. Do I need to explain why this is purely awesome? (Networking intensely with him and strengthening relations)

    - following a casual talk, 3 businesses have shown great interest in Minexpay.

    a) one of them is a regular freelance platform that will migrate to blockchain and cryptos, in order to reduce the insane fees the freelancer sustain (>20%) when being paid. They would now get paid using cryptos, and are in need of a FIAT gateway : MinexPay.

    Currently 10k users, the ambition 1 millions users next year, potentially all with a minexpay card. Can you imagine what we are talking about here?

    b) the CEO of GameCredits has shown the same interest for MinexPay. He has tried to partner with last year’s crypto card projects (TenX, Monaco ...) but stopped the process since none of them where Visa/MasterCard approved.

    Their community will be huge in the future

    c) à business in the process of creating tokenized security exchange in Switzerland has shown the very same interest as well, after understanding how MinexPay works.

    They even showed interest in partnering on the banking side of MinexPay, which is huge. Discussions have just started. A partner like that is a pure gem
  23. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    The summary of today’s news and statements

    Regarding MinexPay cards

    ▪️AML/CFT sections will be added to the website today
    ▪️The first lot of cards will be sent out in September.
    ▪️After you receive a card, there’s a possibility of 1-2 weeks long lag before you will be able to use them. We are working so that it won’t happen, but there’s a slight chance it still might.
    ▪️The card price is fixed. If the price of MNX grows to the point where the card price becomes not competitive, we are going to reconsider it.
    ▪️The card issuer will be announced next week
    ▪️Their are no additional fees for currency conversion. (Foreign exchange fee 0%)
    ▪️Card deliveries are free and will be done worldwide, with only exceptions being Crimea Region of Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria.


    ▪️We’re still negotiating with HitBTC. If we don’t reach consensus, we will consider delisting and listing on another exchange from top-10
    ▪️There are currently 80+ people working on the project, 48 of them are coders.
    ▪️We are not working on any listings right now, save for HitBTC one.
    ▪️The information about the upcoming Instabuy buybacks will not be announced. We will make announcements about buybacks only post-factum. With proofs.
    ▪️Instabuy buyback algorithms and general strategy will not be disclosed
  24. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    AML has started,the last step before getting your card ship to your home
  25. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Hello has been long i updated here,Here are some update for us.

    First batch of minexpay crypto debit card will be shipped
    this month probably mastercard, visa card will follow later.

    This card will be available in almost all country where visa and Mastercard is accepted.

    How minexpay works
    -The card is design in a way that no crypto touches the card.
    -There is an offshore bank with category B banking license, located in a country where crypto is legalize .
    -This bank has credit facility
    -At the point of payment with the card,the bank exchange the crypto to fiat using the credit facility available and send fiat to the card. (The cryptos are later exchange on market to replenish the fund)
    -No government can see crypto in your card
    -you can withdraw your local currency through ATM (No exchange fees)
    -payment is instant and No waiting for 6confirmation.
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    zedzed Grand Mod

    Wonderful update here bros.Keep it up
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  27. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Hope you are still parking
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  29. Prezzy

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    looks like it's time to gett some minex
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  30. Prezzy

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    should i wait to see how minex performs first before that?
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