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ICO Mib Coin: Creating An Opportunity For Individual To Mine

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by zedzed, Aug 18, 2018.

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    As narrated, the progress and development of blockchain based cryptocurrency have proven that the future will testify a decentralized, comprehensive, and efficient global ecosystem.

    MIB Coin are coins that will provide opportunities to an individual, to take part in mining and to associate with more businesses when ever an individual is using mobile device through an innovative SmartX blockchain platform.

    The Blockchain network of MIB Coin is said to be retain by a smartphone hash. Supposed a smartphone is working twenty four hours a day for a year, it will use approximately Ten dollar worth of electricity. Correlate to the power consumption of the current blockchain miners, this will be 99.24% improvement, presenting greater eco-friendliness, lower cost and higher accessibility.

    This clarification will enhance mining participation in locations with unstable power production such as Central Asia, Africa, South America, and South East Asia and even in countries where wide range mining is taking place.The SmartX blockchain network can bring a meaningful reduction in the extremely high power consumption rate that often causes social problems, resulting in social cost savings needed to maintain the blockchain.


    MIB will be having Blockchain research lab, create top-tier Blockchain Technology, real life and business related cryptocurrency to usher or forward the development of Blockchain Ecosystem.

    The first MIB Blockchain based Token, DONOCLE will be bestowed as well as anticipating other variousTokens along with Big-Data based Cancer-Treatment-Information Utility Token and Hydrogen Vehicle Operating System UtilityToken. MIB will be backing several Tokens to enlarge the ecosystem and powered its structure.


    The Mobile SmartX Blockchain Platform(MSXBP)solves enormous power consumption problem via Eco-friendly Low power Mining type and process Blockchain Network with least or minimum cost.

    Additionally, MIB will integrate Blockchain Distributed-Computing Technology to run Consensus and Proof work done in Mining Peer level that will bring solution to
    fundamental speed, parallel processing, and block other dangers such as like 51%Attack.The ultimate goal is to have all functions of PC Nodes run on Mobile Unit.


    It’s definitely not a committed mining machine such as ASIC or GPU. It is a mining on the smartphone.

    It was type of mining that was precise to just assured nations and affiliations are at display accessible to all and additionally, everybody can participate.


    The team have present the mobile mining concept into the blockchain and create an environment with the minimum maintenance cost for a blockchain network. Their aims is to extend into diverse businesses with the SmartX blockchain platform created for mobile devices.All together with the expansion of decentralized technology, MIB will be creating a new world of opportunities while at the center, connecting
    meaningful businesses in the real world. Any developer can built a new blockchain business in MIB and such, will connect with other businesses to design another new ecosystem.


    MIB Coin ( is meant to be mined specifically on mobile phones and cannot be mined by intense mining machines. It requires 99.24% to mine MIB coin which is less preparing power contradict with
    customary diggers, it requires less power and the aggregate cost of the procedure is decreased in a way that can never be observed. This is basically phenomenal in light of the fact that it goes past cost diminishment by being absolutely and definately eco-accommodating and practical.

    MIB will be available for Mining by any individual from any where at any time as far as there is access to web in association with mobile phones.

    The app will be available for download on application store.The mining is quick and easy that even a little child can do. The process is transparent and causes no danger or harm to gadgets.


    35% of the token will be kept in capital stores

    Another 35% will be utilized for the progress of SmartX Blockchain, Smart Contract, DAPP, token stage, related stage and security.

    10% of the token will be utilized for marketing operation, book keeping, true blue and definitive purposes

    10% of it will be utilized for MIB’s general marketing, online life and checking

    Then, 10% will be utilized to set or create strategic accomplices, offices, and business changes.


    Website: Mobile Smart coin,MIB COIN

    Whitepaper: MIB_whitepaper_EN_v2.1_2018.07.16.pdf

    Twitter: MIB Coin (@mibcoin) | Twitter

    Facebook: MIB Coin

    Telegram: MIB COIN Official Community / MIB COIN 공식 텔레그램 그룹방

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