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Messi Vs Ronaldo: What Statistics Say About Them

Discussion in 'Sports' started by charlhxe, Mar 13, 2018.

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    {filename}-Messi Vs Ronaldo: What Statistics Say About Them


    Known for his goal scoring abilities which has been critical about him, Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese senior team captain that currently plays for Real Madrid Football Club. He has also played for Manchester United but was sold to Real Madrid on a then world record fee of 80 million pounds.

    Cristiano Ronaldo is popularly known for skills such as no look passes, leg overs, and so on. He comfortably uses his right foot but pays attention to his left. Ronaldo is also good with the use of head in scoring due his height. This has made fans to term him 'one of the most complete players ever' and also it is an advantage over his rival Lionel Messi.


    Regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, Lionel Messi is an Argentine senior team captain who also plays for the Catalan club giant, Barcelona. He was trained in Barcelona and grew up there. This often makes him remark Barcelona as his home.

    Lionel Messi is known too for his goal scoring and dribbling abilities. His short height made it possible for him to have enough stamina due to closeness to the ground. His body language and ability to read the minds of opponents is what makes him unique on the field of play.



    Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 641 goals in 898 appearances as a professional footballer for both club and country (562 for club & 79 for country), giving him a goal ratio of 0.71. While Lionel Messi has a total of 600 career goals in 747 appearances (539 for club & 61 for country), giving him a goal ratio of 0.80 for both club and country too.


    Cristiano Ronaldo Topped the chart with a tally of 44 free kicks scored as a professional footballer While his rival Lionel Messi has a total tally of 33 free kicks scored.


    Cristiano Ronaldo in his career has been involved in 102 penalties scoring 81 and missing 21 While Lionel Messi has played 77 penalties scoring 54 and missing 23


    Lionel Messi has a total of 44 hat-tricks while his rival Cristiano Ronaldo has a tally of 49.


    Lionel Messi has a total assists of 246 While Cristiano Ronaldo has a total of 205 assists.

    UEFA LEAGUE GOALS including UEFA super cup

    Here Cristiano Ronaldo topped the chart with a total of 118 goals in 154 appearances out of which he scored 11 penalties and 7 hat-tricks also assisting 39, giving him a goal ratio of 0.77. While Lionel Messi has played 122 games, assisting 26, with a total goal of 98 including 8 penalties and 7 hat-tricks, giving him a goal ratio of 0.80.

    Summarizing everything from the above statistics, who do you think is the better player?
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