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ICO Menapay: The New Islamic Cryptobank

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by zedzed, Aug 8, 2018.

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    According to the website
    MenaPay - Crypto made easier than cash MenaPay replaces traditional payment methods with a blockchain-based, fully backed cryptocurrency to provide a secure and transparent payment gateway enabling transactions for every aspect of daily life.

    It is the first, completely backed blockchain-based payment gateway in the Middle East and Africa.

    MENAPAY is a blockchain based payment system that functions through a Cryptocurrency token. In addition with mobile phones and desktop software, this automation will provide opportunities for people to collaborate with money, invest and pay using self-service machines and to utilize personal smart phones and computers that have access to the internet.

    The project comes along with it's own distributed platform. As it was observed, this system is very much
    peculiar from the ordinary traditional banking method Every user can use the service either through the mobile application or the desktop application

    This project does not use encryption for payment rather, it uses a digital token that is transparent, secure, fast and inexpensive and can pass through the block chain from one node to another.

    They are developing the most commonly used crypto in the MENA region. MenaCash crypto will work through a private blockchain solution to eradicate volatility and to assure transactions to be more faster than old financial instruments such as credit and debit cards.

    The token Menacash, will make use of ERC20 and it will be use to shear most of the revenue and profit of the MenaPay platform and it will be available for crowd sale.

    It will generate revenue from the fees from peer to peer and peer to merchant transactions and cash-out fees from Merchant to Foundation and...

    Every MenaCash transaction between P2P to
    Merchant will be awarded by a MenaPay token.

    Menapay will reach 1Billion USD market cap by 2019 through:

    By reaching five million active users so, gratitude to
    exceptional merchant

    Through campaigns and strong local marketing.

    By building an offline reseller network to enable easy entry to the cryptocurrency world.

    Achieving the support of prestige creators in the region
    such as women in the tech industry, politicians, artists and social influencers.

    Investors who create Menacash transaction to merchant may be rewarded by MenaPay token.

    MenaPay will be Onboarding premium merchants who are contributing special discounts only for MenaPay.

    MenaPay have build an offline reseller network to allow easy and manageable entry to the crypto world.

    They have acquire the support of effective developers in the region such as women in the tech industry, politicians, artists and social entrepreneurs.

    Local banking tools are not extensively used in the Middle East and Africa region, due to the cautious practice of Islam and the poor banking system.

    The project is a Non-Bank and user friendly mobile payment App and Arabic Language support that provide easy and quick onboarding to let users safely enter the cryptocurrency world.

    The differences between Menapay and Menacash is that Menacash Token serves as private blockchain and native currency of the ecosystem while Menacash are tradable.

    1 MenaCash will forever be equal to 1 USD and moreover, merchants will be able to cashouts from the MenaPay foundation.

    Four hundred million of the Tokens will be created and 64% of the coins is for the community.

    MenaPay tokens will be allocated to individual from mining reserve. A particular ratio of the transaction fees will be used to fill the mining reserve with MenaPay tokens.


    Website: MenaPay - Crypto made easier than cash

    One pager:

    Telegram:MenaPay Community


    Twitter:MenaPay (@menapayio) | Twitter

    Medium:MenaPay – Medium

    Instagram:MenaPay (@menapay) • Instagram photos and videos

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