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Man Sends A Shocking Emotional Birthday Message To Wife

Discussion in 'Love and Romance' started by naijaspicy, Aug 9, 2018.

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    {filename}-Man Sends A Shocking Emotional Birthday Message To Wife

    A very emotional video for a birthday message as seen on facebook is currently trending online where a man named Fidelis Ozuawala decided to share the emotional and lovely birthday wish to his wife and mother of one, Exodus Fidelis Odion who celebrates yet another fruitful birthday on 09/08/2018.

    The caption to the original video on Fidelis' facebook profile, may seem very contradictory to what would be the video's content, no wonder so much side attractions from far and wide went on for the video.

    The caption reads

    it's good not to take family issues to Facebook especially when it's between you and your spouse, Odion Exodus, see this time around eehn, the whole world must hear this, am fed up trying to keep this out from public, i usually wouldn't want to do this, it's a long story, that's why i made it up in this 1 minute video so the whole world can have their say on this - Peace Out #FidelisOzuawala.

    WOW!!! that's way too dramatic, who could pull such on the public? while others found this too touching, some others are feeling this was just too much as in really extreme to show care, love and affection, did he (Mr. Fidelis) actually cry In this video?, well love works in mysterious and lovely ways.

    What do you guys have to say about this message? Is this extreme? use the comment below and share.
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    Funny dude. Nice one