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Make 50% And 10% Bonus In A Month With Mmm West Africa

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by deefresh00, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. deefresh00

    deefresh00 Jackobian

    Mmm west Africa is a platform meant or invented to bring all west Africa countries together, transactions take place amongst west Africa countries only. Mmm westafrica give participants 50% of the initial amount being donated. Another cool thing about Mmm west africa is that when you are being matched if you get to make the transfer within 12hrs you get 10% bonus and if you make it within 24hrs you get 5% bonus of the amount being donated
    You also get 10% from referral.
    I think this is a wonderful platform for you to embrace. Given that Mmm west is still a new bird as, I think it is better to begin early. Those that started Mmm early enough in their various county has gained a lot now.
    In Mmm west Africa you cannot complete your registration without a referral e-mail, unlike Mmm in other countries, which means you must put a email of somebody that has already registered in this platform as your invite. Else you can't complete your registration. You could use my email as your referral.
    My email:
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  3. Atarhe

    Atarhe Upcoming

    Yes oh join others now while it is still fresh people are getting help and writing their letter of happiness

    Once you join you get 50% extra on your PH plus 10% speed bonus, 5% promotional income and 10% for refferals

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