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    LevelNet is a project that combine essentially all existing anti-virus technologies into one simple, user-friendly application.

    LevelNet system gives opportunity to
    participants to share threat data globally there by allowing the whole system to become much faster,smoother and smarter than any ordinary security cybersecurity provider can today.

    LevelNet system do increases or boosts the capabilities of any user installed anti-virus program. If an individual or user does not have any security applications installed,then they can use the benefit of LevelNet and its distributed network platform and act as a self-standing application.

    Nowaday’s cybersecurity solutions are limited. As one of the main providers finds a threat, it will often take critical time for that knowledge to be distributed to the total system. New malware takes benefit of this window of time to infect the greatest number of devices. LevelNet developed a great global,and immediately responsive system to stop more malware earlier than it was here


    Technology joining together a fragmented market

    Creating a new business model for cyber-
    security products

    Independence from a specific security
    service provider

    Aggregating threat information

    Center for Monitoring Threats Identified at
    End points.


    LevelNet system do gives cyber security measures against any suspected files,viruses threats detected by any of anti-virus and cybersecurity software applications present on the LevelNet network.

    Untrusted files or viruses and threats can be removed or deleted mindless of whether there is installed antivirus software at the particular endpoint.

    It is compulsory for a network where every user exchanges information about IT security incidents (viruses and any other computer threats) found on their device with other users in real time.

    The above procedure is done to avoid an attack directed at any device connected to the network. Network users aknowledge to exchange such information beforehand.

    Threat confirmation is performed by supervising the reaction or response of security systems installed on the user’s device. The reaction is analyzed by the client programs that are located both on the user device and outside of it on other nodes of the network.

    After the completion of the analysis, users are notified of the threat. Users gets threat notifications in such a way that looks like a prepared bundles of information with various network protocols in place.

    The original source of the notification can be either the user device with an installed client program or other network nodes carrying functional features of the program responsible for notifications.

    The client program then blocks the threat for all notified users through specialized program features that is, alerts, and other features then scan for the direct sources of the various threats.


    LevelNet Bussiness Model is a self-updating platform with certainly better a single AV package on its own:

    Customers will be able to combine the shared protective power of all their cybersecurity programs.

    This remarkably increases the rates of threat detection and thus the overall security of the

    LevelNet offers Corporate customers,
    a participation in the Network with additional features such as Private API and SDK.

    It's predicted that the LevelNet Network will reach over 100 MLN connected devices within the next 5 years.

    LevelNet’s business model granted a system of free distribution for up to 2 years. Once the
    goal of reaching a customer base of one MLN members is Concord, then the LevelNet will pivot to a freemium model with the provided breakdown:

    69% unpaid users.

    25% of users paying $0.99/month nominal fee (for additional premium features)

    5% of users on a $9.99/month plan

    1% of users on a $99.99/month corporate plan.

    LevelNet will ensured premium services for corporate users at prices ten times lower than other products currently available in the marketplace, these premium services include:

    Private an API for the uploading of a particular files for an immediate check (which generate
    higher than expected threat detection rates).

    SDK tools to provide opportunity for
    customization for large corporate clients (customers will archieve from best-in-class threat detection and threat awareness).


    LVL tokens holders have a membership status that gives access to LevelNet services and
    software. LevelNet provide to participants in the non-investment phase the following options:


    Long time use of the LevelNet application and other LevelNet services for ordinary users, without additional payment for premium features.


    As explained in the Business model overview,

    LevelNet contribute not only the free distribution of an endpoint security application, additionally LevelNet at one tier offers paid subscriptions for the use of LevelNet’s API and SDK for corporate clients.

    The same subscriptions packages are estimated at $50k peryear.The system "LevelNet " will give opportunity for token holders or owners to exchange the tokens purchased during the Token Offering for a subscription plan, which then can mainly be used by the owner or sold to others.


    It's only LVL tokens that can be converted into a subscription. LVL tokens exchanged for subscriptions are afterwards destroyed. In exchange for the tokens, a key file is provided which allows users to activate
    LevelNet services.Nevertheless,it contains information about the subscription plan type.


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    Twitter LevelNet (@LevelNetwork) | Twitter

    Facebook LevelNet

    Telegram Levelnet.co ICO - cybersecurity protocol

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