ICO Lavenir:lending Platform Devoted To Sustainability & Long-team Growth Potential

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    {filename}-Lavenir:lending Platform Devoted To Sustainability & Long-team Growth Potential

    Welcome to the REAL Cryptocurrency Revolution

    A Cryptocurrency Lending Platform Devoted to Sustainability and Long-Team Growth Potential




    Lavenir is essentially a cryptocurrency lending platform where people can deposit cryptocurrencies onto the site and loan them to the site for interest payments

    The French term “La Venir” literally translates as “The Coming” or “The Future.” The unstoppable growth of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin has led us to a point where cryptocurrency trading need not be an unpredictable, extremely volatile affair as it once was. As cryptocurrencies grow in use and popularity, they are becoming recognized as real commodities to be traded in real time, with real profits to be made. As the world’s biggest financial institutions begin to trade cryptocurrency futures, and cryptocurrency exchanges gain more traction by the day, it is time for you to get in on this action in a simple, effective and brilliant way.

    Lavenir (LVR) is a lending platform that is the next step in the evolution of cryptocurrencies. Where the concept of cryptocurrency lending has been previously attempted with varying degrees of success, Lavenir brings together a perfect match of financial industry experience, design excellence, and seamless user experience. Now you can invest in professional cryptocurrency traders and receive a share of the profits made, based on a preset interest rate. If you are conversant with the process and feel of working with currency and commodity traders, LVR will be right up your street, and with good reason.

    The borderline-fraudulent claim often made by cryptocurrency trading services is that they use “bots” to execute profitable trades with wildly optimistic interest rates available for lenders. Lavenir makes no such claims and does not sell dreams to prospective investors. What Lavenir has is a team of real people with several years of experience in trading cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments including stocks and bonds. Lavenir aims to enable ordinary investors – regardless of their level of engagement with the cryptocurrency ecosystem – to create a stable and consistent pipeline of returns on their cryptocurrency investments and thus create a steady source of income to improve their lives.

    The major point of difference between Lavenir and other cryptocurrency lending platforms lies in its sustainability and long-term growth potential. In any fast-growing industry, there are likely to be a substantial number of fly-by-night investment schemes and unsustainable platforms promising unrealistic returns to investors who are over-sold on the possibilities. Inevitably, these tend to end up in disappointment as the unfeasibly high rates of return very quickly dry up, leaving a trail of losses and broken promises.

    The team behind LVR is a collection of credible Banking and Finance industry personalities who approach cryptocurrency investment with the same level of integrity and due diligence as Wall Street traders dealing in energy futures. Lavenir offers a range of investment terms and rates that match the long-term vision of the platform as a stable, secure and reliable way of delivering returns on cryptocurrency investments, and ultimately, a dependable source of income for investors.

    The interest rates offered on the Lavenir platform are typically lower than what would be found on BitConnect or comparable lending service, and this is deliberately maintained, to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the site and consistent returns for investors. Like any seasoned investment vehicle, the Lavenir strategy places a very hefty premium on the long-term and considers it better to offer investors moderate but sustainable interest rates than to compromise its ability to remain financially solvent.

    Unlike some cryptocurrency lending programs that have interest rates that fluctuate after the loan investment has been made, due to complicated, opaque formulas used in calculating returns, Lavenir interest rates are locked in at the time the loan is made and do not fluctuate. Furthermore, LVR interest payouts based on a locked-in interest rate are guaranteed on a day-to-day basis, which makes it an investor’s preferred type of destination – stable, predictable and consistent.

    This, of course, does not mean that cryptocurrency market fluctuations do not happen. As with any other dynamic market, prices remain constantly fluid, but the LVR investment strategy allows for such movement so that higher profit and lower profit days balance themselves out, and the site and the platform will profit long-term.

    Another reason why Lavenir is set to become the cryptocurrency investor’s preferred platform is that unlike many of its contemporaries that accept only Bitcoin, Lavenir allows investors to make deposits in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dash (DASH), Monero (XMR), Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP).


    Now the good part.How does it work?

    To summarize the entire process, an investor deposits their cryptocurrency to the platform in any of the afore-listed formats accepted by Lavenir. They then make a loan to the platform for that amount of cryptocurrency, and an interest rate is locked in. Loan terms vary from undefined to 365 days, and investors have the option to cash out their payment at any time.

    Lavenir’s network of professional traders then uses the investor’s money to trade and make a profit which covers the stipulated interest payment. At the expiration of the loan term, or at a time of the investor’s choosing, the principal cryptocurrency amount and its accrued interest may be cashed out, or the interest may be paid out and the principal amount reinvested, depending on what the investor chooses.

    The major types of cryptocurrency trading executed on the Lavenir platform are Arbitrage trading and price forecasting based on price chart analysis.

    The latter trading model is self-explanatory, while Arbitrage trading is essentially the instant trading of cryptocurrencies for a practically risk-free profit, based on the exploitation of regional price differentials. When this process involves trading on two exchanges, it is called a two-legged arbitrage, and Lavenir has a network of professionals who are skilled at carrying out this trade.

    Profits are shared with investors at an agreed upon interest rate. Interest rates are locked in at the time the loan is made and do not fluctuate. As referenced earlier, Lavenir cuts out the complicated interest formulas, temperamental interest rates and lack of earning guarantee for investors. Using a locked-in rate, actual trading profits made by the platform may fluctuate based on normal cryptocurrency market movements, but higher profit and lower profit days will balance out, and the site and the platform will profit long-term – which is great news for investors.

    At this point, it is imperative to point out that this service differs markedly from the type of loan offered on other platforms where investors must purchase a token issued by the site before they can lend, and then hope the value of that token appreciates to make a profit. With Lavenir, investors lend actual coins and receive interest on those actual coins.

    Although Lavenir tokens are not needed to invest on the site, Lavenir plans to develop an on-site cryptocurrency and fiat exchange where users can easily buy and sell LVR tokens. The tokens are simply held for ownership of the platform and to receive dividends from trading profits made by the site. A fee will be charged for each transaction made on the exchange, and these fees will also be shared with token holders.

    The offered interest rates range from 0.3%-0.5% a day (which aggregates to about 10%-15% per month), and interest is calculated and updated daily. Crucially, investors have the option to cash out their investment and withdraw at any time, a sharp departure from the practice of tying their coins down for a specified number of days which is customary practice elsewhere. This gives investors an extra level of flexibility and trust.

    If however, investors wish, they may choose a term for their loan at the time of lending, and the funds will remain on loan until that lending period expires. Investors who choose this option will receive bonus interest on their loan. Investors can have unlimited active loans at any given time. At the end of the loan period (if a loan period is selected), the amount of the investment plus interest earned is automatically credited to the user’s account.

    As mentioned earlier, it is possible to make investment deposits on the LVR platform using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Litecoin and Monero, and as the platform grows and evolves, coins may be added to or removed from this list to match the needs of investors.


    • No defined investment period (cash out any time): 0.3% a day

    • 90 Day Investment: 0.35% a day

    • 180 Day Investment: 0.4% a day

    • 270 Day Investment: 0.45% a day

    • 365 Day Investment: 0.5% a day





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