Last Year, Jackobian Had A Few Millionaires, In 2018, Can We Create More?

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    2017 was indeed a blessing right? Sure it was. This year, we will do much more. Trust me. all we have to do is keep focus, keep evolving and most importantly, STICK TOGETHER!

    upload_2018-1-7_7-10-24.png-Last Year, Jackobian Had A Few Millionaires, In 2018, Can We Create More?

    full gist coming..... soon...

    Thank God for 2017

    We have always been about progress here on Jackobian. perhaps, it's because this forum is run by Nigerian students who of course, wanna make money, the only difference being that we wanna make it in a clean way. Last year, 2017, i can count a number of people here on Jackobian that got assets worth millions of Naira and to be honest, it was not a mistake.
    sure there is a bit of luck there but for these guys, i can testify that they really worked for it. don't worry, am not calling names!
    personally, i am blessed as well in more than one way, and i think that the biggest blessing is in the kindof people that God is sending our way here on Jackobian. I mean, you can see that people truly want to belong through such threads as this: Official - Will You Come Work With Us @ Jackobian Head Office?
    With such support from within, we have everything we need to deliver.

    We aren't basking on past Glories

    Last year is gone and we have sure gotten more experience and Jackobians. The community is far more stable and we also have an office in Owerri.
    So, there is nothing keeping us from creating more millionaires and that is exactly what we wanna do.
    Beyond just that, we have a lot of programs that we have left behind on Jackobian which will receive life this year such as the scholarship event.

    Crypto millionaires proper....

    I know that it's fairly easy to become rich using cryptocurrency than using the normal means online and the good thing is that it's all legit.
    This year, working with crypto Guardians as led by @gbolahan we will be dealing more directly with programs that will help Jackobians and by extension, Nigerians to catch up and become rich with cryptocurrency.
    Here in owerri, we will be looking at offline evangelism as well. you can understand what i mean by offline evangelism better by going here Crypto News - Virtual Currency Girls Spreading The Crypto Love In Japan Via Entertainment!
    Ultimately, we aim to achieve an atmosphere here on Jackobian that allows for easy transition into the cryptocurrency world and also continuous support from experienced users so Nigerians can make some money online with crypto.

    This atmosphere will enable us to incubate more Millionaires among us and am pretty sure that as many as are that believe, will indeed achieve this year, some in febuary, some in march and some in December while some in January, yeah, this January.


    I just want you yo have that mindset ok.
    anyone can be rich with crypto and you as well can right?
    However, you need to take action and the one i require of you is to
    • Yeah, if you do not join, you are out of this.
    • If you do not use the information, you are still out.
    • If you do not communicate with people that knows what you need to know for whatever reason, you are slimming down your chances of succeeding EARLY.

    Lastly, if you feel it is worth it, invite someone to Jackobian. tell them that we are ready...cryptoWISE & otherWISE!

    remain blessed Jackobians!!!
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  3. Prezzy

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    thanks for liking bro. @gbolahan you are doing pretty good for yourself. many people need our help. i am sure we will give back to the community together this year.
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  4. gbolahan

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    Lolz...That is why we are here bro,to help each other. More millionaire will be created for sure with the help of God and the work has started already bro...just check bounty section here
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  5. Crypto-Babe

    Crypto-Babe Upcoming

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  6. Barnabias

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    I joined crypto train August 2017,
    The journey so far as been awesome
    How I wish I've joined earlier
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  7. Benedict pepple

    Benedict pepple Well Known

    It has not been long I started understanding what I learned from @Prezzy here: @JACKOBIAN.COM I am sure I am going to use it well this year by God's grace.
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  8. Alma Zamarly

    Alma Zamarly Jackobian

    I hope that i can join the crypto industries when it is just a penny worth, now really a million worth. That is something unimagineable. Thanks for this inspirational post.
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  9. Celestine Ejideaku

    Celestine Ejideaku Jackobian

    I want to be among the millionaires ooooo. Carry me along
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  10. Prezzy

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  11. Prezzy

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    Sure you will. Just stay close and don't be a ghost member. Lols
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  12. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Uhm. We are heading to billions and trillions an whatever comes after that.
    Trust me you are good as long as you take it seriously now
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  13. Celestine Ejideaku

    Celestine Ejideaku Jackobian

    No ghost member.
    Just need to get good opportunity on it
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  14. jesse

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    Nice one bro @Prezzy
    I pray I become 1 this year by the grace of God........ @gbolahan
    You are really doing a great job bro God bless ya
    Plz @gbolahan I need ya help concerning some basics
    Thnkx so much bro
    Plz I knw it sounds weird but here is my whatsapp number 09099125646
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  15. gbolahan

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    Alright bro
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  16. Prezzy

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    you are welcome pal
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  17. Gr8. We sure heading there 2018 a better year.
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  18. Gr8. We sure heading there 2018 a better year.
  19. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    amen bro
  20. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    amen bro
  21. jesse

    jesse Active

    Plz am still waiting @gbolahan
    For security reasons dats why I didn't request fr fr num
    Plz am waiting boss
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  22. Chriswazo

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    lol, who wan kidnap am?
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  23. Prezzy

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  24. jesse

    jesse Active

  25. justimagine

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    Been a while I good to be back....thumbs up Prezzy
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  26. D-termined

    D-termined TEAM LEADER Protector

    We will make more money this year...

    Cryptocurrency is the way to future... More coins are coming up.

    If you are yet to joined, here is a message to you;

    It is high time to kick start now and start making big in the world of crypto
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  27. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Thanks man
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  28. nafiussg1

    nafiussg1 Jackobian

    If you have any WhatsApp group add me
  29. nafiussg1

    nafiussg1 Jackobian

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  30. Invinciblebright

    Invinciblebright Rookie!!!

    Pls how do i open a Bitcoin wallet?
    Add me on whatsapp on 09050291218