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Lasercoin Lending Crypto - Jackobians, Pass Your Judgement!

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by Prezzy, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Don't forget to click here if you wanna join Lasercoin: Laser Coin

    We have known lending coins for a while now and we know that there are the good, the bad and the awesome among them. Actually, they are sort of new and they already seem like they are gonna collectively distort the market capitalization of Bitcoin itself. lasercoin is new and a friend just sent it to me on Whatsapp this evening. I decided to check it out and here, i wanna share what i find. Also, i will love us to further the research and share our own thoughts on the crypto.
    Ultimatley, we wanna know if it's a go or a no!

    Meanwhile, here are the previous lending coins we know about:

    1. Bitconnect: Live - My Bitconnect Lending Investment - Is It Profitable?
    Bitconnect lending is the very first. it eventually gave birth to a stream of like coins such as listed below.

    2. Hextracoin: Live - My Hextracoin Journey - Duke Of Crypto Lending Investments
    Hextracoin has ended their ICO and are yet to start paying their users actually, but it is looking real good which is why i just bought some hextracoin(learn now).

    3. Regalcoin: Is Regalcoin A Scam? + How To Register + Benefits Of Referral System!
    Am beginning to like regalcoin lending and have also made some profit from there actually. Great coin, pumping seriously too!

    4. Elektracoin: Scam!

    5. GoldRewards: How To Purchase Goldreward Ico Tokens With Myetherwallet
    Ongoing ICO. expecting something great from them too.

    6. Lasercoin! yes, we will find out very soon.

    So, what is Lasercoin all about?
    You already know. lending. lols

    but what's special about Lasercoin?
    well, there is nothing Lasercoin has that we have not seen in other coins. i think it's ok to say that lasercoin is a carbon copy of Hextracoin!
    but then, Hextracoin was a shady copy of Bitconnect so we are still good.

    Lasercoin ICO
    for the first stage of ICO, the coin is going to cost $0.9 then it will progress all the way to about $1.15 before the end of the ICO.

    you can participate in the ICO from within the platform. Lasercoin is looking at a possible 5 million coins to be sold during the ICO which is going to mean 5 million dollars for them... I MUST SAY THAT CAN BE SUPER TEMPTING!

    The lasercoin ICO will start in a day's time.
    Wanna Register for Lasercoin? Click here: Laser Coin


    That scares me a bit.
    they don't have any ads running anywhere. their facebook page has just about 2 likes and they don't have any page on facebook and so on.
    even the existing bitcointalk thread is opened by someone who wants to make an enquiry about their second website.
    Yes, there is a second website, that is blank.
    here's what it looks like:
    upload_2017-11-8_2-16-29.png-Lasercoin Lending  Crypto - Jackobians, Pass Your Judgement!

    As for country, i think Laser looks very much like an Indian site to me from what i see in the dashboard and the time shown on the website.

    Do i trust Lasercoin?
    i don't trust the coin at all but i didn't trust Regalcoin when it first came out so, it doesn't really mean anything much at this stage. at the very least, i expect some advertising efforts on the parts of the admins now

    Is Lasercoin Scam?

    Probably not!

    What's my investment strategy then?
    I will wait to see how they act in the next few hours/days as well as seek more information about the company and then if it's encouraging i will join!

    am just looking for something encouraging about them!

    Don't forget to click here if you wanna join Lasercoin:
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  3. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

  4. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    am still checking on this coin and honestly, it's looking like a seriously dangerous investment.

    nobody anywhere is talking about it. it's just so quiet and there is hardly anything on bitcointalk about the platform.

    so crazy. i don't think i can proceed with it until i see real humans doing the same
  5. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    plus other lending coins use to chose .cO
    somehow, they think that the best is .ONLINE
  6. Prezzy

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  7. Prezzy

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  8. Prezzy

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    Please keep away from investing guys
  9. philipj

    philipj GrandMaster Crypto Guardian

    Lasercoin is a project from laseronline. Report reaching me from someone I warned not to invest, told me they have stopped paying. Sighting attack on bitcoin mempool as excuse for their inability to pay. Laseronline is gone.
  10. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    They're still in ICO stages. They are not meant to be paying yet
  11. philipj

    philipj GrandMaster Crypto Guardian

    What happened to ethconnect? Hope I got the name right
  12. philipj

    philipj GrandMaster Crypto Guardian

    I meant laseronline have stopped paying. They are also the originator of lasercoin ICO that is yet to kickoff