Laneaxis Token: Driving The Future Of Trucking And Logistics

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    Hi guys,

    Come see review on:::


    IMG_20180423_233830_826.JPG-Laneaxis Token: Driving The Future Of Trucking And Logistics

    The LaneAxis interaction platform leverages Blockchain technology, and more specifically, auditable immutability and traceability of records to act as a bridge between carriers, shippers, trucks, and regulators. AXIS tokens act as a provenance and trust protocol for data across disparate semi-trusting organizations.

    The platform is built over a high performance enterprise blockchain, with the AXIS utility token required for blockchain entry, IoTs installed in trucks, client side applications and integration platforms to integrate
    with legacy systems.

    The LaneAxis implementation of the Hyperledger is a decentralized ledger technology that brings together the shippers and the carriers as the nodes. When a shipper creates a request, which includes shipping details such as pickup point, destination, and carriage load etc., the request is updated on all nodes. The LaneAxis bot is also a node, and is distinct in that it possesses all the permissions to access information privy to the channels of the Hyperledger.

    IMG_20180423_232320_398.JPG-Laneaxis Token: Driving The Future Of Trucking And Logistics

    The LaneAxis bot creates a list of carriers best suited to undertake the contract, then forwards it to the shipper. This list is created from the total number of carrier auto-acceptances and the manual acceptances. This list of recommendations is created by the LaneAxis bot, based on a patented algorithm that uses multiple factors such as distance from pick-up point, rating of the carrier, and rating
    of the shipper, by applying specific weights to these factors. The algorithm ensures that the list of the recommendation of carriers is not uniform, but includes a mix of experienced as well as new carriers. This is purposefully encoded into the algorithm to protect the long-tail.

    The shipper receives this list and makes the most suitable choice. In case the shipment order is accepted by only one carrier, the LaneAxis bot automatically assigns the shipment to that carrier.

    Once a shipment contract between the shipper and the carrier is finalized, the Shipper is responsible for creating a new channel by creating a genesis block. The shipper must also add the respective carrier to the channel. This channel contains a shared chaincode with the shipper and the carrier acting as the nodes which will endorse the trip initiation and completion related transactions on the Hyperledger.The LaneAxis bot is also a part of this channel by default and is responsible for calculating the internal reputation scores based on all activities in the Hyperledger and risk

    Since shippers might need multiple shipments to be
    transported and the carriers might be transporting
    shipments of more than one shipper, the Hyperledger allows each shipper and carrier to be a part of multiple channels. The information contained within one channel cannot be accessed by another channel, even if the shipper and carrier are the same, as long as the shipment is different. Thus, each channel is a distinct unit and contains information pertinent to one shipment only. The drivers and other such ancillaries can be assigned as optional nodes to a particular channel by the carrier. However,this step is optional and not mandatory. The driver can be added to the channel only after the shipment contract has been finalized between the shipper and the carrier. If the driver has been added to the
    channel, he/she can accept the details from the shipper on behalf of the carrier. If the carrier does not add the driver to the channel, the driver receives the trip related information
    from the carrier’s node and transmits information back to the carrier’s node via REST APIs.


    IMG_20180423_232415_442.JPG-Laneaxis Token: Driving The Future Of Trucking And Logistics

    To increase incentivization for proper actions by participants in the ecosystem, and to facilitate fair trade,LaneAxis will utilize the AXIS Token. Utilizing the token will incentivize trade partners to participate fairly within the regulatory framework.

    Benefits of AXIS tokens include:
    have a good graphics for below 5 benefits

    1. Data Access for fair participation and trust

    2. Regulatory Readiness by providing document validation in the system

    3. Facilitate transactions in the network

    4. Decrease operation expenditures

    5. Token Value - As the token is utilized, its utilitarian value will increase, while the cost for all participants will decrease


    IMG_20180423_232301_132.JPG-Laneaxis Token: Driving The Future Of Trucking And Logistics

    The LaneAxis app will have one primary network, and further will have separate channels for every trip between the shipper, carrier and the drivers. The transaction privilege will depend on the CA access rules as well as by channel membership.


    IMG_20180423_233532_853.JPG-Laneaxis Token: Driving The Future Of Trucking And Logistics

    This is the key blockchain network of LaneAxis which mandates all shippers and carriers to act as nodes.
    This network needs a minimum of 2 nodes to bootstrap, with all public transactions generated over this blockchain. These transactions include: booking request, booking bid, booking confirmed, delivery started, expected time for delivery, delivery confirmation and internal reputation scores.


    Blockchain Transaction
    ■ Post Shipment Request
    ■ Manual/Auto Acceptance Shipment Request
    ■ Manual/Auto Confirmation of Shipper
    ■ Trip Completion Information
    ■ Payment Confirmation
    ■ Reputation Score for Carrier and Shipper
    ■ Checkpoint Touch Base Confirmation
    ■ Trip Cancellation Request

    Channel Transaction
    ■ Selected Bid and Agreement Details
    ■ Pickup Confirmation
    ■ Geo Location Data
    ■ Checkpoint Touch Base Confirmation
    ■ Delivery Confirmation Transaction
    ■ Trip Cancellation Transaction
    ■ Payment Confirmation Transaction
    ■ Peer Rating Transaction

    Common-Chaincode Transaction
    ■ Pickup Confirmation
    ■ Checkpoint Touch Base Confirmation
    ■ Delivery Confirmation Transaction
    ■ Trip Cancellation Transaction
    ■ Payment Confirmation Transaction
    ■ Peer Rating Transaction


    Payments will be handled by a cold wallet with all LaneAxis ERC20 tokens to be used as payment in exchange for services on the platform. Upon beginning the trip, the shipper would be verified for sufficient balance of tokens, and the shipment cost would be debited from the shipper’s wallet. Upon completion of the trip, the tokens will automatically be transferred to the carrier.


    IMG_20180423_233555_406.JPG-Laneaxis Token: Driving The Future Of Trucking And Logistics


    The “AXIS” token will serve as the gateway to LaneAxis’ immutable ledger, digitally bolted to the LaneAxis blockchain. The “AXIS” utility token will function as an API access key, as well as a means of transacting services, features, and rewards within the LaneAxis blockchain ecosystem




    LaneAxis Token Sale

    Facebook LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management

    LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management

    Twitter LaneAxis VFM (@LaneAxisVFM) | Twitter


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