ICO Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain

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    IMG_20180513_164116_532.JPG-Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain

    Since Bitcoin was introduced in 2009 and had been rapidly developing for these several years,people found that Bitcoin has more potential than just be a kind of electronic currency.

    More importantly, blockchain, the underlying technology of Bitcoin, has the unlimited capacity even more valuable than Bitcoin itself as it can be applied in the development of dierent kinds of application, which have the same
    characteris- tic i.e. decentralization.

    Built on the ethereum blockchain, Kurecoin is a financial solution from Africa and this vision was given birth to by a team of visionaries who saw the gap in the financial services sector in Africa and as a result, deemed it fit that with the knowl- edge of the blockchain technology,
    entrepreneurs and individuals can have a better and easier life

    Kurecoin is a new decentralized cryptocurrency built with a proof of stake algorithm for investors and the entire
    cryptocurrency community in the kureCoinHUB ecosystem.

    Kurecoin is aimed at solving banking, trading and exchange challenges faced with the ever growing cryptocurrency users globally. As a valuable digital asset, Kurecoin’s value shall
    appreciate as the community in the kureCoinHUB increases across the globe. The low maximum supply coupled with the token being a utility token, is expected to kick off inflation from the ecosystem but at the same time, welcome a healthy growth and better valuation of the coin.


    IMG_20180513_151225_864.JPG-Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain

    Kurecoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency built with proof of stake algorithm (PoS) offering the entire cryptocurrency community a seamless and secured mode of transactions for investors within the KureCoinHUB ecosystem and other major exchanges.

    Kurecoin has already secured over 5 partnerships worldwide, with more partnerships being finalized each day.

    {filename}-Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain


    {filename}-Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain
    Guaranteed Security
    With the Proof of Stake mining of Kurecoin the network security of the blockchain is guaranteed.

    {filename}-Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain
    Strong Community
    Positioned to aggregate millions of users by the end of 2018 and beyond.

    {filename}-Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain
    Global Transactions
    KurePAY card can be used anywhere in the world.

    {filename}-Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain
    The platform structure allow participant to invest at their own pace.

    {filename}-Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain
    Seamless & Exchange
    Peer to peer exchange of kurecoin to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on KUREX platform..

    {filename}-Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain
    Profit Sharing
    Periodic profit sharing from Kurecoin bank and kurecoin exchange to coin holders.


    IMG_20180513_164134_675.JPG-Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain

    KurecoinHub is a platform for financial activities both in cryptocurrency and in fiat which give users the option to buy and sell and bank cryp- tocurrencies. The platform also oers collateral free loans in fiat to users that bank their assets
    on the platform. Using Kurecoin hub, users will be able to bank their cryptocurrencies and periodically get dividends on each of the crypto- currency they have banked on the platform.

    The idea behind the banking feature on the hub is based on the fact that we certain the value of an asset today will not be the same in 5– 10 years. With this knowledge, liquidating assets at year X would be a poor financial decision by
    year XY. Our banking system gives users the opportunity to save their assets and also receive periodic dividend.


    IMG_20180513_164153_106.JPG-Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain

    KurePay is a trifecta payment system solution that is built using the Blockckain technology.

    This includes an E-wallet, payment gateway and a debit/credit card. Our E-wallet is built such that users can conveniently fund their wallets through local bank accounts, debit/credit cards,USSD, cryptocurrency wallets and selected global e-wallet companies. A transfer option is also
    available to the above except the USSD. A DCC (dynamic currency conversion) is deployed when a transfer of one currency (digital) is done to another (fiat).

    The second aspect of the Kure Pay is the pay￾ment gateway which works together with the E-wallet and will be a plug-in system for SMEs,E-commerce, NGOs and organizations looking to receive funds from users with varying pay￾ment options from credit cards, internet banking systems and cryptocurrency wallets.


    IMG_20180513_164253_524.JPG-Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain

    Kurecoin blockchain features will provide smart contract, hyper ledger application and smart contract audit solutions.

    As a team, plans are being put in place so that in the next few years when Blockchain based solutions are required for every business,entrepreneurs would easily build on us or integrate our product to their product/service for scalability.

    IMG_20180513_164225_529.JPG-Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain

    Token Distribution





    TOTAL TOKEN SUPPLY 100,000,000.00 KRC

    {filename}-Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain

    IMG_20180513_164342_641.JPG-Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain

    IMG_20180513_151619_014.JPG-Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain

    IMG_20180513_151640_819.JPG-Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain

    IMG_20180513_164323_838.JPG-Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain


    IMG_20180513_164208_426.JPG-Kurecoin: The New African Ethereum Blockchain

    website Kurecoin Hub

    Telegram Kurecoinhub

    Twitter KureCoin Hub (@KureCoinHub) | Twitter

    Facebook Kure Coin Hub


    Reddit kurecoinhub (u/kurecoinhub) - Reddit

    Github Kurecoin
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