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    {filename}-Konios Project Review

    The current arrangement in the cryptocurrency space leaves a lot to be desired. While many might have embraced the digital currency trend, a lot more are skeptical and would rather remain onlookers. And they have genuine reasons for their stance.

    No one wants to jeopardize the safety of their private information. But with the complex involvement of banks and the constant need to submit sensitive data in the current cryptocurrency space, there’s that odd chance of some nefarious individuals doing some damage. Yes, blockchain might have some security gimmicks, but it falls short of what is required to protect users. And when you consider the spate of hacks of exchange platforms in the crypto-space, you understand why there’s a need for more to be done.

    Another grey area which has many feeling lackluster about getting on the cryptocurrency train is the operational bureaucracy which the current structure in enmeshed in. There are too many demands required of people who are either just commencing their cryptocurrency journey as well those in the middle of essential transactions. This negates the values on which the blockchain system was founded. Also, these obstacles increase the delays which cryptocurrency introduction was supposed to eliminate in the first place.

    {filename}-Konios Project Review

    To cap it all up is the high transaction fees which the cryptocurrency community have become acquainted with. Miners and exchange operators couldn’t care less considering they keep smiling to the bank every time. This only points out why stringent action has to be taken if cryptocurrency is to be fully embraced by all and sundry.

    The Role of the Konios Project

    {filename}-Konios Project Review

    The pioneers of the Konios project understand the challenges bedeviling the crypto-space, and they have done some amazing work in restoring parity to a highly fragile setup. How? Their platform is a self-sufficient one. Users stand less risk of intrusion thanks to the innovative security gimmicks added. It’s goodbye to cumbersome transactional procedures, and welcome to speed and streamlined operations – only a few clicks guarantees a completed transaction.

    Enduring co-operations are the biggest challenge in the cryptocurrency. Konios seems to have that tackled with its ‘smarter’ contract which treats any anomaly quickly and decisively without delays. Also, fees are reduced to the barest minimum since the platform cuts off the middlemen ensuring users don’t have to worry about stiff transaction charges.

    {filename}-Konios Project Review

    Price 1 KON = 0,01 USD

    0 - 2 000 000 000 KON (+35% EXTRA BONUS)

    2 000 000 000 - 2 600 000 000 KON (+20% EXTRA BONUS)

    2 600 000 000 - 2 900 000 000 KON (+10% EXTRA BONUS)

    Accepted currencies
    Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin

    7% Allocated to Reward system

    5% Allocated to Team & Founders

    4% Allocated to Konios AG

    2% Allocated to Advisors

    2% Allocated to Presale

    75% Allocated to ICO

    5% Allocated Airdrop & Supporters

    {filename}-Konios Project Review

    Development 54%

    Advertisement 25%

    Legal 1%

    Administration 5%

    HR & Marketing 5%

    Liquidity 10%

    TOTAL SUPPLY => 5 000 000 000 KON

    {filename}-Konios Project Review

    {filename}-Konios Project Review


    Website => Konios Project Initial Coin Offering ICO

    Whitepaper => Konios Project Initial Coin Offering ICO

    Twitter => Konios Project ICO (@KoniosOfficial) | Twitter

    Telegram => Konios Project Official

    Facebook => Konios Project

    Bitcointalk Thread => [BOUNTY][ANN] Konios Project $2m TO REWARD

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