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Join Upcoming Hivazinc 2018 Digital Skills Conference

Discussion in 'Blogging | Nigerian Webmasters' started by D-termined, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. D-termined

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    Hello Jackobians and Guests reading this, I present to you


    IMG-20180913-WA0025.jpg-Join Upcoming Hivazinc 2018 Digital Skills Conference
    There's an upcoming digital conference you can't afford to miss as led by HIVAZINC Technology Institute.

    The conference is all about developing minds in 5 areas of digital skills.

    Deep learning in:
    • Software Development Technologies
    • Web development technologies
    • Web designs technology
    • Digital marketing and Research
    • Ethical Hacking and cyber securities

    It features two sessions. The first session will be carried out on the lecture portal online.

    The first session is a prerequisite training to the subsequent session.

    Lectures run through November - December. Then, examination takes place online

    Those who passed successfully in the examination will be mobilized for the second session which is 3 days conference.

    Certificates will be issued out upon competition of the conference.

    This is where they'll meet directly with experts in their various digital skills.

    In the three days conference, incentives will be given too, thorough practical training, feeding will be catered for.

    It's gonna be a wonderful event with added advantage.

    Registration starts September, this month, and will run through October ending.

    For more information, join the group below.


    The conference Handbook is also available
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