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SHARE THIS! Jewish Rabbi Proves Nnamdi Kanu Is Messiah Of Biafra People

Discussion in 'BIAFRA' started by Prezzy, Nov 4, 2018.

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    {filename}-Jewish Rabbi Proves Nnamdi Kanu Is Messiah Of Biafra People

    For the first time in the modern history of Judaism, something paranormal (or supernatural, if you will) happened. On that very day, a snake (serpent) appeared on the wall of the Jerusalem Temple and attempted to rustle a pigeon (a dove). If the rustle had succeeded, the serpent would’ve have most probably swallowed or killed the pigeon and that would have been tragic for mankind, particularly the Jewish mankind, whether in Israel or the Diaspora.

    In much of Jewish orthodoxy, the dove is a symbol of peace, of liberation, and of freedom to fly away from danger and oppression. Conversely, the snake is a symbol of destruction, of corruption, and of death. And in the unique circumstance of this very incident, the triumph of the dove signifies the triumphant coming of a Messiah, whether for the entire Jewry or for a particular segment of it.

    Now, to go straight to the point, the snake versus the pigeon phenomenon signals one thing and one thing only, and that is: the imminent triumph of Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra (the dove) over the oppressive Nigerian State (the snake) that, since 2015, has become so much suffused by anti-Judeo Christian and radical Islamic designs by Mr Buhari.
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