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Jackobian Has Over 10k Registered Members.. We Can All Become Millionaires If We Work Together

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by drizzy009, Jan 11, 2017.

Moderators: Emma24, philipj, zedzed
  1. dbaddestboy

    dbaddestboy Active

    But I know I will get it at lower price now.
    I will give feedback here.
  2. drizzy009

    drizzy009 Active

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    Prezzy Btc buzz has has only two levels... After earning on level 2.. start again
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  3. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Featured Threads:
    I think I like this much. It makes sense.
    @Tess what's your say?
  4. drizzy009

    drizzy009 Active

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    btc buzz.png-Jackobian Has Over 10k Registered Members.. We Can All Become Millionaires If We Work Together

    This one would definitely work, since there are only two levels
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  5. dbaddestboy

    dbaddestboy Active

    So what is the next step
  6. drizzy009

    drizzy009 Active

    Featured Threads:
    Y'all should talk now.. I gave a 2level matrix suggestion
  7. dbaddestboy

    dbaddestboy Active

    I think a self matrix is better.
    We do not even need website
    If people can come together and start matrix within our self
    We will just make it short
    Start with any amount we conclude at.
  8. dbaddestboy

    dbaddestboy Active

    When people cycle out ,they will come in back to boost others too.
    You understand?.
    The first level should be 3 downlines
    Second level should be 9 downlines
    Since we have many members.
  9. Mrwezzy

    Mrwezzy Jackobian

    Nice idea.. My only problem would be people that will join and Fail to make payment when they're matched... They'll slow down the system... If we can Find a long lasting solution to this, then we're good to Go
  10. wokemz

    wokemz Upcoming

    Nice job, i have talked about this severally. Am so happy we are getting there. I would prefer the 2×2 matrix
  11. dbaddestboy

    dbaddestboy Active

    I have created one
    Its 2x2
    Manual pairing
    No website
    Everybody that finish level 2 will start from level 1 again to keep it moving.
  12. dbaddestboy

    dbaddestboy Active

    What we all are waiting for has come



    Your only sure way to make money through matrix system.

    2x2 matrix with 2 levels only.

    You start with 0.004 BTC(N1,560) and earn 10 BTC(N10,140) daily


    LEVEL 1
    0.004 × 2 = 0.008 BTC
    Upgrade : 0.006
    Profit :0.002

    LEVEL 2
    0.006 × 4= 0.024BTC
    Profit : 0.026 BTC

    People that finish stage two,will recycle and start again to help boost others.

    We recycle until we all make many bitcoins.

    If we get 50 people it is enough, since we are recycling.


    Message me if you are interested

    WHATSAPP CONTACT: +2348102473671

    I will not drop group link so that unwanted people will not enter the group and start spamming.

    We're building our team to enable us beat what happens in other matrix where only the people that starts it gets to enjoy.

    If you're interested indicate by dropping your name and phone number.

    Endeavor to fund ur wallet and also invite your friends...

    Best regards,

    This is the right and most transparent platform to earn Bitcoin and Dollars daily.
  13. prince5005

    prince5005 Upcoming

    Featured Threads:
    I understand you...
    Let all of us unite and join this peer to peer donation website,no need to refer

    Turn just 0.02BTC($16) into 160BTC($145,000) in 2 months
    -Cheap start-up
    -One team-one link strategy
    -No referral links(No need to refer anyone)
    -Instant (automatic) activation
    -Only 5 levels to earn 160BTC
    -Peer 2 Peer donations
    -No more referring or waiting for confirmations

    Hurry up & register because the program is still new & lots of people are rushing into it already.
    Go to

    ATTENTION: After registration, expire time is only 4 hours to upgrade to level 1, so if you do not have at least 0.02BTC now,do not register yet.

  14. drizzy009

    drizzy009 Active

    Featured Threads:
    Without website how would it be managed. It would be too much work
  15. dbaddestboy

    dbaddestboy Active

    That is the easy one.
    Website matrix downlines can be missing, you can also miss donations.
    Here it is only two levels
    It makes it easy
    People will recycle.
    On and on again,
    If we hit 20-50 today
    People will be finishing 2 levels ones day
    That why I wanna gather people first.
    It will go smoothly.
    I think of it before starting it.
  16. drizzy009

    drizzy009 Active

    Featured Threads:

    Ok... May be you should post a thread about it... I'm in the group already
  17. prince5005

    prince5005 Upcoming

    Featured Threads:
    Why dont u guys join
  18. Tess

    Tess Upcoming

    I need someone to answer this question before you agree on the matrix you are joining.

    For 2*5 matrix, how many people are needed for the first person to cycle out, and

    For 2*2 matrix, how many people are needed to cycle out
  19. drizzy009

    drizzy009 Active

    Featured Threads:
    6 people
  20. Cabolt_x

    Cabolt_x Jackobian

  21. cyborg07

    cyborg07 Active

    Featured Threads:
    BTC BUZZ is short and very fast! Easily achievable if we all do it and recycle. Pls put me directly under you if we are running it :( @Prezzy
  22. cyborg07

    cyborg07 Active

    Featured Threads:
    10 is what we are all looking for. just 2*2. join with 0.03 and finish with 0.2. Do it again and again and again and again as long as people are joinig and recyling. We will all be cashing out.
  23. sam max

    sam max Upcoming

    you can set the payment deadline t o 6 to 10hours, anybody who doesnt pay within the time frame will be purged, but the biggest problem with one-link matrix is that they dont last because everybody shift
    you can give them 6 to 10hours to make payment after registering, if they dont pay they will be purged from the system.
  24. drizzy009

    drizzy009 Active

    Featured Threads:
Moderators: Emma24, philipj, zedzed
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