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Jackobian Golden Guidelines For A Progressive Community!

Discussion in 'Site News' started by Prezzy, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. adebiyi michael

    adebiyi michael Rookie!!!

  2. hauza12

    hauza12 Member

  3. wokemz

    wokemz Member

    Noted thanks
  4. klip

    klip Rookie!!!

    Hi everyone, am klipn hope it will be worthwhile here, thanks Admin
  5. jimmy

    jimmy Member

    No pro bro
  6. ABK

    ABK Rookie!!!

    Well noted
  7. Ifeoma Nnabugwu

    Ifeoma Nnabugwu Rookie!!!

  8. Adetayo

    Adetayo Member

  9. I concur very well done
  10. Adigun

    Adigun Member

    Nice and very loveable. I will try my best in abiding by the guidelines, thanks admin.
  11. Sun

    Sun Rookie!!!

    Wow Precious, i must commend you for nice job here. who would have thought you could achieve this fit within a short while? i can recall vividly how we started with kinwap, galaxykins, and now Jackobian (abi na jackie chan). We will make sure that in no distant time, this would be among the top 10 forums in Nigeria.

    Please, how many links can one put in a post inorder not to spam?
  12. Desmond

    Desmond Upcoming

  13. eyinafe taiwo

    eyinafe taiwo Rookie!!!

    So how does it goes because am new here
  14. Right

    Right Rookie!!!

    Good, noted.
  15. Jjamani

    Jjamani Rookie!!!

    Seen.. .
  16. star

    star Rookie!!!

    OK. Thanks
  17. ZawMyoSat

    ZawMyoSat Rookie!!!

    Nice Sir
  18. Jaybee

    Jaybee Rookie!!!

  19. Famakinwa omoladun

    Famakinwa omoladun Rookie!!!

    Please how does this platform work,
  20. dondan84

    dondan84 Rookie!!!

    Well noted
  21. Kalu Okwara

    Kalu Okwara Rookie!!!

  22. 9ice4me

    9ice4me Rookie!!!

    Tnks it is well understood
  23. Heywhydot47

    Heywhydot47 Rookie!!!

    Not bad...
  24. Ude ejeri

    Ude ejeri Rookie!!!

    How do i ph
  25. paul joshua

    paul joshua Rookie!!!

    Please a friend of mine made payment for grade 2 since yesterday and the person he paid to has confirmed, he is yet to be paired, please help, the email is joshkeyz20@gmail.com, thanks. I have tried calling the customer care lines. Both are not going through
  26. Romantic4

    Romantic4 Rookie!!!

    O my God my money don go be dat
  27. wezzy

    wezzy Member

    is there any problem by commenting de post
  28. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

  29. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    will prefer you tell the story your own way after a while but assure you that you are among good people!
  30. wezzy

    wezzy Member

    prezzy###@ do u remember starboyz
    Prezzy likes this.
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