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Official It's Money O'clock As Thelasthyip Rises From Jackobian! God Is With Us!

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Nigeria Community' started by Prezzy, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy GrandMaster Admin

    First of all, we thank God for arrival of Thelasthyip! You should say a word of prayer for this platform by Jackobians, for all good people. [seriously:rolleyes:]

    Since the idea of a Jackobian HYIP, one which will not crash by God's grace was born, things have been different for me and basically everyone involved. Even the developers have had little rest if any. ;)

    Well, now, she's alive!
    You can check it out @ :p


    We will notify you when you can start registering.

    From the initial stage, Jackobians and a lot of other people who truly understands what HYIP really is and how it functions as well as how it mostly ends Have been skeptical about the idea of a Jackobian HYIP and how it may affect Jackobian in the future.

    We intend to do things differently and last as long as we have loyal members. Hence, Jackobian HYIP will last only as long as WE the users wants it to last and this by the grace of God, is going to be really long, really long, long enough to develop into something that won't be able to crash BY GOD'S GRACE.

    Hence, we the Admins will do our best to make sure that the structure of the website is strong to bear what's coming and unforseen events by carefully tuning the Deposit plans and such Internal issues.

    Also, we all as users of have our own duty of being loyal parts of this system, inviting new people to join and not being GREEDY.
    Yes, greed is the only way by which we can crash and we hope to eliminate it or at least reduce it to the minimum.

    Yes, we will make money, yes, but Gradually! ;)

    That's what differenciates us from other HYIPS. All members will make money but not the normal 100% in 2 days. :cool:

    It can take as much as a month to earn as much money as you invested in Thelasthyip and the reason is clear. :)

    However, there are different plans that will ensure that tangible sums of money is obtainable from Thelasthyip while still maintaining the longevity of our HYIP!

    Yeah, we don't have much funds anyway as Thelasthyip is sharing the Hosting package meant for alone and will in the future move to its on private home for more stability and to serve better!
    So, we will definitely go offline few weeks or months from now BUT ONLY FOR A FEW MINUTES DURING WHICH THE WEBSITE WILL BE MOVED TO A SUITABLE HOST.

    I humbly request your patience at such moments and urge you to always remember that
    This HYIP is created with Students, Jackobians, Nigerians, Africa and the world at large in mind and we are dedicated to making it work at the cost of everything we can sacrifice!
    So, don't panic, chill and let us do the work because we can't allow the efforts of fellow students or anyone at all to go to waste.
    Besides, God's on our side so we have nothing to worry about.

    Lastly, I want to ask one thing of you.

    What are your suggestions about Thelasthyip?
    You can suggest anything including the payment plan [rates]

    What are your tips?

    What will you like us to implement?

    What should we avoid?


    Am more than anxious to hear and reply to them all and should you want to speak with me directly over any issues you consider HIGHLY IMPORTANT, just ring me with 07037238225
    Let's make this work... With One Jackobian, One Nigeria, one world, one Hyip & one Love!!!

    These are important updates which are shared as comments but also brought out for more exposure!

    1st Nigerian Mine around the Horizon with TLHYIP
    Obviously, we may meet our end some day soon if we don't find a really smart way to invest and keep growing as a community!
    I have thought about it too and have also come up with a plan which i trust will work perfectly. Of course, other similar options will be adopted so long as it works to keep us going forward!

    We are dealing Bitcoins and it most sense for us to Invest in Bitcoins too!

    Of all investments which we can get started with, there is one we have carefully planned that's just on the edge of launching and am sure you will love the Idea too! - Bitcoin Mining in Nigeria!

    We have always wanted to mine bitcoins in Nigeria but we have faced incredible difficulties beyond what Nigerian students like us can handle which mostly lies with financing but thanks to TLHIP, this will be more easier to tackle.
    Kindly read this thread: Bitcoins Are Running Away From Nigeria.. With Naira - Help Catch Them!

    It's very important that you check that because it contains the plan we wish to work with.
    So, we will set up a the first Nigerian Bitcoin mining site in order to make sure that our HYIP is stable enough to serve any mass of people.

    We are most likely going be increasing our capacity in the future but we hope to start with as little as possible. Just so you may know, such a Mining farm as we hope to start can cost close to 2 million naira but we have faith that we can be able to handle such projects with the help of TlHYIP.

    How will this help us?

    It's clear, with the Mine, we hope to generate enough Bitcoins to serve the community and ensure that we never go bankrupt.
    If things go as planned, the mine will also enable us to INCREASE THE DAILY PAYOUt from TLHYIP and that will be great!

    Will this even be possible?

    Sure, at this point, the inmpossible nature of a project is one of those things that attract us so in the future we hope to Bring Bitcoin Mining to Nigeria and also encourage other companies to do the same!

    That's the plan and i will love to hear what you have to say about it:rolleyes:

    In order to make thelastHyIP sustainable, we will introduce SITE FEES... The Upcoming Mine will help us reduce the SITE FEES with time or outrightly remove it.

    The idea of the Admin fees is HIGHLY UNDERSTANDABLE. We have a lot of thing to cater for including an

    - active support system
    - website maintenance and upgrade
    - possibility of improving plans
    - Promos
    - lots more.

    All these will come from the Site fees.
    That's what i meant by it's understandable and won't be too high too.
    It will be what we need to keep the site not just running but also GROWING!

    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
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  2. Prezzy

    Prezzy GrandMaster Admin


    The message above will change when it's safe to invest.

    Now.. Your TRUE comments please:)
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  3. Prezzy

    Prezzy GrandMaster Admin

    Just in case you are wondering, testing follows now and the website will be ready for use in at most 5 days!
    Maybe just 2 days

    Thanks for understanding
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    IAMHESSTEEM Upcoming

    thank God we have scaled another milestone. Kudos @Prezzy
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    IAMHESSTEEM Upcoming

    i just visited it to see the looks and i am saying that ''upcoming''
    Prezzy likes this.
  6. Prezzy

    Prezzy GrandMaster Admin

    Thanks for coming in here buddy. It's another exciting moment for us all.

    What's your say and important.. Your suggestions?

    How do we keep this alive bro?
    Dorlipi likes this.
  7. drizzy009

    drizzy009 Upcoming

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  8. Noel Nelz Asap

    Noel Nelz Asap Active Bot!

    why wont i comment. hehe ...
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  9. emmanuel

    emmanuel Active Mod

  10. drizzy009

    drizzy009 Upcoming

    @Prezzy I was hoping you'd create a mlm bitcoin 1link 1team website.... Where all 9k members of jackobian would register on.... If there's a jackobian mlm website like that ehn starting with 0.002btc donation... And half of the total of jackobian members registers and donates to the person they are paired with without recruiting... Everyone here would gradually become millionaires in days, weeks, months

    Jkins What's your say
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  11. sango ilorin

    sango ilorin Well Known Mod

  12. Freshbae

    Freshbae Jackobian

    Bitcoins only???
    Prezzy likes this.
  13. teledola

    teledola Upcoming

    • Investment Plan
    • Minimum Amount $500

    Does it mean one cant invest below $500?
  14. Johnbosco

    Johnbosco Jackobian

    Prezzy likes this.
  15. Benniechat

    Benniechat Jackobian

    YEAH! I agree with you. It won't be that good if its a all bitcoin thing.
    Prezzy likes this.
  16. amby09

    amby09 Jackobian

    Well I gave up on hyip and in bitcoin in general after I was cheated of all my money.i got to learn about bitcoin from this great site and with the enthusiasm of becoming rich I bought a few coin online plus the little I got from viewing adds in some websites and invested but it's all gone and that zest and enthusiasm is no longer there. Jst feel like this bitcoin coin stuff isn't meant for me as it's being very difficult for me to start again from scratch..not trying to discourage anyone O cause what doesn't work for Mr.A might work for Mr.B hence my tip for you oga pressy is this... Be open to your investors i-e, always inform them of any changing situations hence making the system reliable. Secondly, you should offer only Reasonable returns. Then use only original scripts and designs thank you
    Dorlipi likes this.
  17. amby09

    amby09 Jackobian

    Not praying it gets to this point but one has to consider all possibilities cause no matter how strong it would be there's still a chance of collapse then if it happens *.If you see that you can't pay all promissed profit then you can close the program and pay only to users who have more deposited than returned Then all should be happy and you could reopen program after understanding your previous mistakes.
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  18. chooma

    chooma Jackobian

    correct bro prezzy, you have done well...

    my suggestion?..
    prezzy in order for this to last long and serve it's purpose brother i am suggesting the following:

    1. there should be a maximum amount of investment, this way no bad belle person would put millions of naira into the system and cash out everybody's money thereby crashing the system.
    2. recommitant, who ever gets help, shoul make sure to provide help within a particular period or risk being blocked for life, this way money still remains in the system and flows around.
    3. there should also be allowance for investing in local currency, this way people who are not too internet savvy can participate, afterall it was meant for them too.

    with this points observed i believe thelasthyip would be the best in the world, hereby closing the gap between the rich and the poor

    i tell you welldone ,cos you have done well
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  19. electrode

    electrode Active Admin

    No ,that's part of the default dummies stay tuned
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  20. Chikere Asogwa

    Chikere Asogwa Jackobian

    $500 minimum all round???? 480 hours all round??
  21. teledola

    teledola Upcoming

  22. electrode

    electrode Active Admin

    The site is still under construction everything you see on it now are dummies
    Prezzy and teledola like this.
  23. electrode

    electrode Active Admin

    Very good idea bro ,but please hold this thought for now adon'tont let it go away because there is going to be a very big open suggestion box soon :D stay tuned
  24. teledola

    teledola Upcoming

    Prezzy likes this.
  25. Collinberg

    Collinberg Active

    We are waiting,Prezzy just dey do us longer throat
  26. Collinberg

    Collinberg Active

    The site makes sense die.. $500 minimum investment but Prezzy invested $10
  27. valfrost

    valfrost Jackobian

    But can we register
    Prezzy likes this.
  28. Jheaboiy

    Jheaboiy Jackobian

    can u pls drop ur e-mail @admin,i v some important things to discuss wit u concerning this project.Thanks
    Prezzy likes this.
  29. precious Fregene

    precious Fregene Active

    Hmmmmm.... Dats all I can say... @Prezzy me as u partnership
    Prezzy likes this.
  30. precious Fregene

    precious Fregene Active

    But Bitcoin not again.. Well I will join d new economy
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