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Official Improved Policy For Screening The Best And Paying Ponzi Schemes On Jackobian

Discussion in 'Jackobian News (Official)' started by D-termined, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. luckyjojo

    luckyjojo Active

    Nice development . 1 to 2 good sites is ok in a month . Sites that will last for months not daily . No need of posting new ones daily if we have tested one that is paying unless there is a good reason for it .The Nigerian student pocket should also be put into consideration when picking or selecting these sites. At least donations from 2k and above should be considered so that every one having interest can participate not starting with outrageous amounts we that we can't spare
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  2. zubem

    zubem Upcoming

    The problem is from we jackobians. It might interest you 2 know dat jackobians are noted for fake fast ponzi scheme. A friend told me that fake sites are mostly advertised here in jackobian. so, its high time we patronize already existing platform and forget all these newly launched sites.

    Immagine, all the ponzi schemes with cash, naira, double, or tripple attatched to its name are all fake. they does not last beyond two weeks. Think of a ponzi with such name that has lasted for more than two weeks. Reply if you remember one
  3. blower

    blower Upcoming

    Wen will this policy be implemented?jst today alone I already saw about 5 newly launched site about to go live. U guys should action this policy like right nw, cos we have lost of money here and dat doesn't speaks well about ur platform @admin#jacobina!peace out.
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  4. Tolulope Alli

    Tolulope Alli Rookie!!!

  5. Iseiyanu

    Iseiyanu Jackobian

    @blower Please be informed that there are several that may be advertised daily, but the only sites approved by the admin will be communicated by the @admin
    This is to minimise the lost of faithful @Jackobian(s) to the bearest minimum.
    Although, you may also have or know trusted sites, even after dropping in on the general forum, kindly get in contact with the @admin for verification and validation.
    Please be rest assure that @admin is doing a great job to make everyone here laugh last and makes the fraudster cry last and long.
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  6. LOVETH25

    LOVETH25 Jackobian

  7. LOVETH25

    LOVETH25 Jackobian

    I agree with you Ernest Kay. one site is ok not even site that last a week let's work together and join a site that can even last a month. we need a site that has good platform not the one that u can not click on anything except to see who u are paying; a site that has customer care and help line I mean functioning numbers we can reach the admin with to complain if we need any help; a site that does not block people after payment; I site that peer immediately; a site with 2hours count down to make payment 6hours is too much. WE NEED JUST ONE RELIABLE FORUM. THANKS.
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  8. pama obus

    pama obus Rookie!!!

  9. Oddy

    Oddy Jackobian

    D new devt will be okay but d truth is, 40percent fault is from d admin while 60 is 4rm d fake participant, hw are u guys going to eliminate dat, cos most jackobians will still see d site nd register with no intention of paying, thats d main issue sef.
  10. Ay04z

    Ay04z Active

    people DAT have receive in twinkas and refuse to recycle,or if u have not do it before kindly go back and let storm it and see the magic how it will fast again....those guys are real Dan all diz Nigerian fake ponzi....
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  11. LOVETH25

    LOVETH25 Jackobian

    maybe we all should go back to twinkas
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  12. Yasssss!!!

    Yasssss!!! ... Da Awesome!

    LOL :):) So true, the 2hrs sites, click on the facebook and ssee it take you to anywhere. No support, nothing. Just ridiculous, and people re putting their banking details on such sites. SMH. I'm waiting for the policy to be implemented. Sick of seeing fake sites promoted on here every hr.
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  13. itse

    itse Rookie!!!

    @Kenny n @determined I dropped u a personal conversation.
  14. prinzemdy

    prinzemdy Upcoming

    this is a very good platform for jackobians because the truth is there are many sites that are genuie but they don't have the publicity yet people are getting paid daily while the fradulent ones have got the name and all but people keeps lossing money on them nice platform keep it up preezy
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  15. Toluwanikayode

    Toluwanikayode Jackobian

    Nice development
  16. ada17

    ada17 Jackobian

    nice least 1-2site in a week...
  17. Kinglevi

    Kinglevi Rookie!!!

    So,which sites r we expecting tomorrow?
  18. prospero 1

    prospero 1 Jackobian

    That is a good development I really think it will make a positive impact in this group but then when are we implementing this change in the system
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  19. Eden

    Eden Jackobian

    This is a good development to all Jackobians, I have been looking forward to this type of approach and I just prayed that this lasts longer. Kudos to the intiator(s) of this great idea, Long live, Thanks
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  20. Agino ekugbene

    Agino ekugbene Jackobian

  21. Tess

    Tess Upcoming

    Good one, can't we do something like twinkas where you have just one package and we keep recycling than having other sites coming here to scam us, you don't know those that are genius and it will surelyrics be difficult to know
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  22. precious Fregene

    precious Fregene Well Known

    NICE POLICY....always working towards progress
  23. Buzore

    Buzore Jackobian

    @rookie... I thought sites were meant for @Kenny or @determined to verify.... Guys are tired of losing so much and gaining little or none at all
  24. Toluwanikayode

    Toluwanikayode Jackobian

    Pls everyone shld read this

    *Who are the real scammers?*
    Those people who put their idea, money and sweat together to help people in need ?
    OR those people who will see a new platform and join, then after getting their first payment, they would disappear without recycling.
    *For example, you PHed 10k for 20k, and you register pay your 10k and you got 20k, remember two people paid you.*
    *Then when you leave without recycling, without providing help after getting help, who pays those two people that donated to you?*
    *This websites don’t generate money, they only help in circulating the money.*
    *Then when you leave after getting help and you didn’t think about those who donated to you, you’re the real thief, you’re the real scammer, you're selfish.* Be honest with yourself.*
    *Recycle after getting help, Keep the system alive by providing help again after getting help.*

    *Recycling is very important in this business.*

    *I Support RECYCLING.*

    *Do you support RECYCLING?*

    *If you do, then share this message and let’s educate people together.*
    Toluwanikayode cares!!
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  25. Prechi

    Prechi Rookie!!!

    Will like to call any Admin. But I can't see any number. I'm there is this one I just did and I have invested again. it pays 50% in 5days. I think it will be a good idea if it's also introduced here. Because the 100% also tend to contribute to many failures.
  26. agbaje

    agbaje Active

    I totaly agree wit u and to add more.then if u stil want to invest in the old site that is faithful like twinkas and other then u can pick one of them and do so for the future seperate from the only new one that all of us are investing thanks
  27. Noid

    Noid Rookie!!!

    2 sites a week is very much welcomed. That will guarantee its sustainability due to the traffic it will pull in.
  28. Noid

    Noid Rookie!!!

    You said it all my brother. I support recycling not collect and then run!!!
  29. Stephen Clement

    Stephen Clement Rookie!!!

  30. Stephen Clement

    Stephen Clement Rookie!!!

    A new site is yet t0 be launch...www.

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