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Official Improved Policy For Screening The Best And Paying Ponzi Schemes On Jackobian

Discussion in 'Jackobian News (Official)' started by D-termined, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. shinning

    shinning Jackobian

    My opinion
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  2. Babyneky

    Babyneky Jackobian

    I am suggesting one site every week. In a month we will be having 4 sites. And before any of them will be launched, those in charge will make sure that 1 or 2 of their admin is on that sites thread to be resolving and answering Jackobians issue.
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  3. Iseiyanu

    Iseiyanu Jackobian

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    Great Jackobians.......

    Good Evening.

    Am of the opinion that this great forum should form a CID department where the Bankers in here in collaboration with the Admins... will be able to securely and secretly confirm only to the admin the accounts participants here are merged to pay. In so doing, the Admins... will be able to professional advise the community here if they should go ahead to pay or not.

    However, this is not to totally eliminate the fraudsters but will significantly reduce the total numbers of the evil guys and also, exposed them.

    @admin & co. I am nominating myself to be part of the CID if the idea is welcome. However, there must be proper screening of those to form the group which I have some secured measures we can follow so as to maintain professionalism.

    Thank You,
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  4. Dave Junior

    Dave Junior Active

    Head of CID unit. @Prezzy @Kenny over to you ..
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  5. Gbise isaac

    Gbise isaac Upcoming

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    Am in with you dave and prezzy
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  6. phunkie

    phunkie Active

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    well said
  7. phunkie

    phunkie Active

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    its about time......i like this
  8. Emmy Fresh

    Emmy Fresh Jackobian

    perfect ideas..
  9. rukky sam

    rukky sam Rookie!!!

    I Think this is the best solution to scam site
  10. Princess damzd

    Princess damzd Jackobian

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  11. Princess damzd

    Princess damzd Jackobian

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    Pls alhaji.... No talk like day, one site for infinity ke.. Forvwetin Na Ave u forgotten d Yoruba proverbs DAT says: ONA KAN O WOOJA NI......
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    CRACKHACK Well Known

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    Am very happy , about this , atleast 50% and the wise people will be safe , from hit and run site or 1hour sites whatever they call it, .......
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  13. tsino

    tsino Jackobian

    please 1 site a week is the best, it we all stick to one site in a week it will be very reliable , the only thing is that those site must be secured and must be able to accommodate enough member so there wont be need to go for unnecessary upgrade
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  14. Abiben

    Abiben Jackobian

    wow this is a nice development, it will so good to publish atmost 2 reliable site . personally i have lost alot of money to all these ponzi advertized in this forum.
  15. declan

    declan Jackobian

    We hope for the best from this awesome development
  16. viteks

    viteks Upcoming

    Great move!
    All we need is just one confirmed, paying site per week. That's d only way we can all benefit maximally.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2017
  17. viteks

    viteks Upcoming

    Just 1 site a week. Thats d only way to discourage this evil trend where one individual or group will keep churning out dozens upon dozens of sites every day just to scam ppl.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2017
  18. Trump

    Trump Active

    This is a clarion call i've been advocating for a long time here.

    I'm so relieved because this deliberation happened at the time I felt defeated in the campaign and contemplated quitting ponzi for good.

    Now is the time to put those words into action.

    To the mods that will pilot this affair, please ensure that any site dropped here forthwith should be secured (https).

    We have really thrown caution to the wind by pursuing money without minding if our personal data is secured. Giving out our account details to yahoo boys to toy with.

    It's not going to be an easy work, so i suggest this thread should be opened for more suggestions.

    Scammers always have a way to fight back but together we'll crush them.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2017

    BOBBYLEE Jackobian

    Hi everyone
  20. Havilla

    Havilla Jackobian

    Good one I must say
  21. Havilla

    Havilla Jackobian

    But to be sincere Nigerians are actually the reason why most of this schemes fails they are just so inconsistent which is not good for the system
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  22. Havilla

    Havilla Jackobian

    Imagine? Then u just get once and run off without recycling to help sustain the system?
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  23. Yasssss!!!

    Yasssss!!! ... Da Awesome!

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    Well, thats a start, let's see how well you implement your new policy.
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  24. justibk

    justibk Jackobian

    And what is that supposed to mean? Please get your facts right, it's not by force to comment.
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  25. Jblastmp

    Jblastmp Upcoming

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    OK guys.. Ponzi really dealth with me badly.. But ponzi that was great like nnn.ghw and twinkas lasted for long time and I believed many people earned from it... So here I think 3 wonderful program like nnn. Ghw. And twinkas will be awesome

    I also think that once such site is achieved no more program should be posted only those site should continually reposted everyday. Until when the site stops paying another new trusted ones will then be posted to replace them.... That way numerous sites won't be published on the site everyday.. If only 3 programs that are paying is continually posted here every member will be involved but when too much program keeps showing up.. People starts moving from one to another.... That's my opinion if we want ponzi to work here....
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  26. k.benzema

    k.benzema Rookie!!!

    i think 2 site a week is d best protocool
  27. acemide

    acemide Jackobian

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    nice please check your conversation with me we have some issues to talk about
  28. acemide

    acemide Jackobian

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    there is a very genuine ponzi scheme
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  29. Eby0246

    Eby0246 Jackobian

    Yeah let's get one or two a week......I've been a victim of Jackobian telegram group several times dey keep bringing fake sites and keep staging people to say dey ate recycling.....pls stay away oooo..
    They are not d same as d website......they are fraud ooooo...please one or two well researched least that can pay for a week......
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  30. Crissy

    Crissy Rookie!!!

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    This is really Nice and I pray it works perfectly.
    Some sites are just created to dupe people within hours after their launch, how will u identify them and keep people off cos it seems ponzi pays 'like d earlier d better'

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